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Dao Ming Cheng (Chinese: 道明誠; pinyin: Dàomíng Chēng) was the father of Zhuang and Si. He was co-president of Dao Ming Group with his wife, Feng. Cheng lived in New York City with his wife to operate the company. They rarely saw their children, particularly Si who lived alone at their home in Taipei.


Cheng was born into the wealthy Dao Ming family. As an adult, he married Feng and had two children, Zhuang and Si.[1] Cheng and his wife were co-presidents of Dao Ming Group.[2] They lived New York City for the company's operations and rarely saw Si, who lived in their mansion in Taipei.[3] Cheng asked Si several times to come to New York and continue his studies there. Si refused but eventually agreed. However, when he finally came to New York, Si turned around and went right back to Taiwan.[4]

Personality and traits[]

His personality was suggested to be similar to Si's after a business rival exclaimed "Like father, like son!" The rival had attempted to get to Cheng through Si, who refused to talk business with him. Cheng and Feng were both successful at their jobs, but at the expense of their children. They rarely saw either of them.[3]


Cheng (誠)[2] can mean "sincere," "honest," "indeed," etc.[5] His surname, Dao Ming (道明), contains two characters from his manga counterpart's name. The characters mean "way," "path," or "road" (道),[6] and "bright," "clear," or "manifest" (明).[7]

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