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"I've always seen you as being covered in thorns. Pricking others and pricking yourself. I hope that one day you'll be able to remove your crown of thorns."
—Lucio to Nobara

Crown of Thorns (いばらの冠 (いばらのかんむり) Ibara no Kanmuri) is a manga by Yoko Kamio. It is her first fantasy series.[1] The manga was launched in the May 2013 issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[2] It concluded in April 2014.[3] The series was collected into two volumes by Shueisha.[4] Viz Media licensed Crown of Thorns for a digital release in North America.[5]

The series is her third serialized in Bessatsu Margaret after Cat Street and Tora to Okami.[6] After Crown of Thorns ending in 2014, Kamio did not release a new manga until Boys Over Flowers Season 2, the sequel to her popular Boys Over Flowers.[7] Crown of Thorns is also Kamio's third manga to get an English release.

Nobara Fukami is the heroine of Crown of Thorns. She has a supernatural ability which is explained on her sixteenth birthday, when a man claiming to be a demon approaches her. They form a partnership that eventually develops into a friendship and then something more.


On her sixteenth birthday, a demon gives Nobara Fukami the ability to crystallize negative feelings into orbs which he then eats to become beautiful. He reveals that her new ability stems from a deal her grandfather made with him to extend her life when she nearly died as a child. Nobara initially resists working with the demon, whom she calls "Lucio" after Lucifer. The two, however, end up forming an equal partnership. Later, Nobara's childhood friend Seichiro Henmi sees her flying with Lucio. He has a demon of his own, named Lee, who wants Nobara instead of Henmi. She rejects him, deciding to stay with Lucio. Nobara later meets up with Henmi. He reveals that he used her during grade school in order to build good will among their classmates. Henmi then suddenly passes out.[8]

Nobara later asks Lucio his real name. He does not know since he has no memories. They visit Henmi at the hospital, where they find out he has turned into a demon. Nobara helps him by having him remember his name. When he returns to his body, he has forgotten her. Nobara figures that a similar thing happened to Lucio. She learns he is from an island in Sweden, but he no longer has a body to go back to. Lucio says his name anyway and disappears. In order to bring him back, Nobara makes a deal with Lee to create a hundred orbs. However, after figuring out his intentions, she absorbs them all herself and goes into a three month coma. Nobara wakes up and learns that Lucio is alive, but she has to find him. A year later, she saves enough money to go to Sweden. She reunites with Lucio who remembers everything.[9]


  • Nobara Fukami (深海 のばら (ふかみ のばら) Fukami Nobara): the main character of the series who has had the ability to see spirits since she was a young child. Her name means "wild rose" but her classmates call her "Thorny Rose" due to her blunt personality. She spends most of her time alone, due to her parents usually being away on business. Later in the series, Nobara develops feelings for Lucio.
  • Lucio (ルシ男 (ルシオ) Rushio): a demon who made a deal with Nobara's grandfather in order to extend her life. On her sixteenth birthday, he gives her the power to crystallize negative feelings which he then eats to become beautiful. He does not remember his name, leading Nobara to dub him "Lucio," short for Lucifer. His real name and origins are revealed towards the end of the series.
  • Seichiro Henmi (辺見 誠一郎 (へんみ せいいちろう) ): Nobara's childhood friend and a popular student at their school. He is the cause of many of her problems in grade school. Though she initially thought he had good intentions, Nobara later learns that everything he did was calculated.
  • Lee (リー () ): a demon who has been controlling Seichiro since he was a child. He wants Nobara due to her collecting orbs with ease. Lee also has a connection to Lucio which gradually comes to light.


Crown of Thorns began serialization in Bessatsu Margaret's May 2013 issue, which went on sale on April 13. The debut chapter also featured a color illustration by Kamio.[2] It ended on March 13, 2014 in the May issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[3] Crown of Thorns is available on the Hana Yori Dango app to read for free.[10]

Volume listing[]

Foreign editions[]

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  • South Korea: both volumes were translated into Korean by Seoul Media Group and released as "가시왕관" on June 30, 2015.[15][16]

  • Thailand: Crown of Thorns was published by Siam Inter Comics under the Thai title, สาวแกร่งเซนส์ดีกับหนุ่มปิศาจ.[19]


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