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Not to be confused with Cindy Bishop.

Cindy (シンディー () Shindī) was a resident of New York City. She was a friend and housemate of Thomas. Cindy met Tsukushi Makino while she was visiting New York.


In New York City, Cindy lived in a building with her friends including Thomas. One day, Cindy and the others were celebrating a recent "catch" when Thomas brought Tsukushi Makino to their place. The "catch" unfortunately turned out to be Tsukushi's bag, which was stolen earlier. They continued celebrating, telling Tsukushi they were "grateful" to her.[1] The following day, Cindy and the others accompanied Tsukushi to the Domyojis' mansion. Cindy tried to persuade the guards with her "sex appeal" but failed. Tsukushi was let in when an old woman arrived. They all cheered her on.[2] The day after that, Tsukushi and Rui Hanazawa treated them to a meal. Cindy asked Thomas to see if Rui had a girlfriend since he was her "type." As soon as Rui realized he lost his wallet, Cindy and the others ran off.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Cindy was a tall young woman with a well developed body that she showed off with her clothing. Her wardrobe consisted of low-cut tops and short skirts. She had two tattoos, including one of a butterfly on her chest. Cindy had long, curly hair that was possibly blonde.

Personality and traits[]

Cindy was a boisterous woman who loved to party and have fun. She was easygoing, appearing to not take much too seriously. Nevertheless, she was just as kind as Thomas's other friends and quickly offered her help to Tsukushi.


Cindy originated as a shortened form of Cynthia, Lucinda or Cinderella. It became popular on its own in the United States starting from the 1950s. Cindy can mean "from Cynthus" (Cynthia) or "light" (Lucinda).[4] In Japanese, the name is written phonetically with katakana as シンディー (Shindī).

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