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Chu Ga-eul (Hangul: 추가을) was the best friend of Geum Jan-di, whom she had known since kindergarten. In high school, the two worked part-time together at a restaurant.


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Early life[]

Ga-eul met and became friends with Geum Jan-di in kindergarten.[2] Jan-di protected her from the son of the kindergarten's owner whom bullied Ga-eul.[3]

High school[]

Jan-di at Shinhwa[]

Jan-di: "I am a loner. I'm an outcast. But I'm thankful that I don't get noticed. Until I graduate, I'm going to stay a loner."
Ga-eul: "Who are you? What happened to our Jan-di? The one who protected me from the wicked son of the kindergarten owner, the one who fought against gangs in junior high. That was a girl who fought for justice, Geum Jan-di. But now?"
— Ga-eul is surprised by Jan-di's new attitude[src]

In late 2008, Ga-eul became immersed in the news coverage when Jan-di saved a suicidal Shinhwa School student. She then asked about the F4, whom Jan-di called the "Fly 4." After she began attending Shinhwa, Ga-eul was concerned that Jan-di would be a "loner." Despite having made a new friend, she revealed that she was an "outcast" but was okay going unnoticed. Ga-eul was surprised by Jan-di, wondering where her old self went.[3] A few days later, Jan-di talked with Ga-eul about her nearly being assaulted. When she began saying bad things about the F4, Jan-di said that one of them was "different." Later, Ga-eul was able to secure a trip to visit and work for her aunt. Jan-di was invited along as well. Down south, while on a fishing boat, the girls were greeted with Gu Jun-pyo's boat. He invited Jan-di to a party, which Ga-eul encouraged her to attend.[1]

Some days after her trip, Ga-eul was at work when So Yi-jung came in and asked about Jan-di. He brought Ga-eul to his studio, where he told her some "advice" to give to Jan-di about Jun-pyo. She realized he meant something like "Don't even look at a tree that you can't climb up." Yi-jung tried to calm her down, but she told him off before storming out. The next day, Ga-eul learned that photos of Jan-di with a guy were spread around Shinhwa. She, along with Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin, looked over the photos for clues on how to find the guy.[2]

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Chu (추) is a Korean surname, which could be written with one of two hanja. The hanja are (秋), meaning "autumn," or (鄒), meaning "state of Zou."[5] Her given name, Ga-eul (가을), means "autumn" or "fall."[6][7]

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