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Choi Jin-hee (Hangul: 최진희 ), also known as Ginger (진저), was a student at Shinhwa School. She was the leader of Jin Sun Mi, a group made up of her friends Park Sun-ja and Lee Mi-sook. Jin-hee disliked Geum Jan-di and was jealous of the attention she received from the F4. She and her friends often bullied Jan-di as a result.


High school

Jin-hee attended the prestigious Shinhwa School with her best friends, Park Sun-ja and Lee Mi-sook. She became the leader of their group, which they named Jin Sun Mi.[1]

Bullying Jan-di

One day, Jin-hee overheard new student Geum Jan-di insult Gu Jun-pyo. She told her to "watch [her] mouth." After the Jin Sun Mi introduced themselves, Jin-hee questioned if she speaking about the F4. Jan-di was surprised to hear that the "jerk" from before was a member of the F4. Though annoyed by her ignorance, Jin-hee ultimately agreed to "let [her] off this time. A couple days later, Jin-hee watched Jun-pyo receive a cake from a student. She laughed when he smashed it into her face. Jun-pyo then took Jin-hee's handkerchief to wipe off his hands, much to her delight. After Jan-di received a red card, Jin-hee and her friends bullied her fervently.[1]

Physical appearance

In general, Jin-hee could be considered pretty. She had an oval-shaped face with average sized nose and lips. Her long, brown hair was worn in a variety styles, usually with some type of hair accessory. Jin-hee was seen mostly wearing her Shinhwa uniform, though she wore it differently from most students. She also dressed it up with accessories.

Personality and traits

Jin-hee was a snobby person like much of her classmates at Shinhwa. She worshipped the F4, especially Jun-pyo. Additionally, she was apt to say phrases in English such as "Oh my god."

Behind the scenes

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