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Chinese Television System, Inc. (Chinese: 中華電視公司; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Diànshì Gōngsī), usually abbreviated as CTS (Chinese: 華視; pinyin: Huáshì), is a terrestrial television station in Taiwan founded in 1971. The station is owned by Taiwan Broadcasting System. It aired Meteor Garden as well as its two sequels, Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II.

History with Boys Over Flowers[]

Angie Chai, who was producing variety shows at the time, was asked by her employer to plead with CTS to keep their show on air. When CTS refused, Chai asked to produce a replacement program. The result was the youth-oriented Meteor Garden (2001), which was based on the Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers.[1] The series was a success for the network, earning an average rating of 6.99%.[2] A miniseries, Meteor Rain, began airing on CTS the same year.[3] The following year, a sequel Meteor Garden II was broadcast by CTS.[4]



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