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"Tsukushi, you've got to get into Eitoku Academy. The children of the other families here are all going to first-rate high schools."
—Chieko pressures Tsukushi into going to Eitoku[src]

Chieko Makino (牧野 智恵子 (まきの ちえこ) Makino Chieko) was the mother of Tsukushi and Susumu Makino. Her husband was Yasukichi. Due to the family's money troubles, Chieko forced her daughter to attend Eitoku Academy with the goal of her marrying rich. She, of course, encouraged Tsukushi to pursue a relationship with Tsukasa Domyoji.


Adult life[]

Chieko married Yasukichi Makino. They had two children together named Tsukushi and Susumu.[2] Yasukichi worked a normal job at a company. Chieko often lamented that he was never promoted.[3]

Tsukushi's prospects[]


Chieko and her husband cheer about Tsukushi and Tsukasa

"You're going to that party, Tsukushi! No ifs, ands, or buts! What on earth do you think we enrolled you in Eitoku Academy?! If you don't go, we'll kick you out of the house!"
—Chieko forces Tsukushi to go to Tsukasa's party[src]

After Tsukushi graduated junior high, Chieko wanted her to go Eitoku Academy. Though Tsukushi did not want to, her mother insisted since the other families in their building all had children going to "first-rate" schools.[4] In Tsukushi's second year, she began acting strangely at mealtimes. First, she started asking for extra helpings.[2] On another day, Tsukushi left her meal unfinished, leading Chieko to wonder if she was sick.[5] A couple days later, Chieko yelled at Susumu for not finishing his dinner. Her husband then asked for a raise in his allowance, leading her to yell at him instead.[3] A couple days later, Tsukushi stayed home with a fever. That night, the family was visited by Tsukasa Domyoji. Taken by his family name, Chieko invited him to dinner and later forced Tsukushi to walk him halfway home.[6]

Chieko and her husband later tagged along on Tsukushi's trip to Atami with Kazuya Aoike. Upon arriving, they went sightseeing at a shrine where Chieko prayed for Tsukushi to marry Tsukasa one day. They went to the beach next. A yacht approached, which turned out to be Tsukasa's. Shizuka Todo invited Tsukushi to a party. Chieko forced her to go.[7] Later that night, Tsukushi returned home and ignored Chieko's compliments about her dress. The next morning, she was dragging her daughter across the beach when Kazuya informed her about Tsukasa kissing Tsukushi. Chieko was excited about the development.[8] That fall, Tsukushi returned home disheveled and reported that she fell. Chieko was concerned, but reminded her "Blouses don't just grow on trees." Tsukushi then went straight to her room.[9]

Several days later, Tsukasa brought Tsukushi home after she became sick at a party. Chieko woke her up the following morning pleased about the events.[10] Sometime later on a Sunday, she and Tsukushi went out shopping. They stayed out for several hours until it started to snow. At that point, Tsukushi suddenly ran off to Omotesando.[11] A few days later, Tsukasa called Tsukushi's family to inform them that she would be spending the night at his home. Apparently, Chieko sounded happy over the phone.[12] Later, a load of furniture was delivered to their apartment. Tsukushi thought her parents had purchased it until Chieko explained that Tsukasa sent it. She had him take everything back.[13] The next day, Tsukasa called to ask permission to take Tsukushi to his family's island. She and her husband cheered.[14]

Hard times[]


Chieko devastated after her husband gets the family in debt

"Today, I heard Mrs. Tanaka gossiping. She said we're in over our heads, sending Tsukushi to Eitoku. But! When I told her Tsukushi was dating the heir to Hanazawa Trading, her jaw dropped! Even if we have to live on fumes, we have to tighten our belts to send her on to Eitoku University!"
—Chieko's determination for Tsukushi to continue attend Eitoku[src]

A few days after Tsukushi returned from her trip, Chieko overheard her telling Yasukichi that she was going on a date. Chieko asked "With Domyoji?," which Tsukushi denied. Due to her mother's pestering, she eventually told her that her date was with Rui Hanazawa, adding "Do you have a problem with that?" Chieko and her husband were both ecstatic since Rui was the heir to Hanazawa Trading.[15] A couple days later, she was upset about the family's finances being in the red again. She asked her husband "Why haven't you gotten promoted?" He told her "It can't be helped," to which she yelled "It CAN be helped!" Chieko then mentioned a neighbor who said they were "in over their heads" about sending Tsukushi to Eitoku. She told the woman about Rui and reveled in how her "jaw dropped" at the revelation.[16]

Her husband lost his job a few days later due to company lay-offs. The family moved into a new apartment, which was the cheapest Chieko could find. She told Tsukushi "Our future depends on you marrying somebody rich!" A couple days later, the family learned that Yasukichi borrowed money from a loan shark and then lost it gambling. Chieko told her husband she wanted a divorce, saying "I can't stand to live like this anymore!" Later, Tsukushi borrowed the money from Tsukasa.[17] Several days after, Tsukushi was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious with Tsukasa. A worried Chieko watched over until she woke up.[18] After Tsukushi was released, her mother attempted to cut her hair. Tsukushi suddenly shouted "I hate this!," startlingly Chieko whom felt that she was doing her best at it.[19]

Leaving Tokyo[]


Chieko waves goodbye to Tsukushi

Tsukushi: "She's got a lot to learn, if she thinks she can buy me off."
Chieko: "What are you talking about? I have a plan in mind! The parents have to die before their son. Instead of just the 50 million, we should snag the entire fortune! You've got to marry Domyoji. Then when his mother's dead, you rake in the fortune or my plan will have been for nothing."
— Chieko turns down Kaede for her hidden agenda[src]

A few days later, the family was visited by Kaede Domyoji, Tsukasa's mother. Chieko and Yasukichi quickly woke up Tsukushi, before hurriedly getting dressed themselves. They were extremely nervous about meeting Kaede, who revealed "I want Tsukushi to give Tsukasa up." She then presented them with fifty million yen.[20] Chieko rejected her offer by pouring a container of salt on her head. Kaede left after confirming the rejection. Tsukushi was happy about her mother's actions. However, Chieko claimed that she had a "plan" for Tsukushi to "snag the entire fortune" once Tsukasa's parents died. Upset, she started yelling at Chieko.[21] A few days later, the family was visited by Tsukushi's friend Shigeru Okawahara. Chieko said "She's back again. What's with that girl?" but still invited her to join them for dinner.[22]

The next day, Chieko asked Tsukushi if "things [were] going well" with Tsukasa. She answered "Not at all," revealing that his girlfriend was Shigeru. She also revealed that Shigeru was the heiress to Okawahara Group. Chieko then declared "We should have accepted that 50 million yen!"[23] Later, a friend of Chieko's offered her and her husband a live-in job. She accepted it due to Yasukichi's enthusiasm. They decided to leave Tsukushi in Tokyo so she could continue attending Eitoku. Chieko was worried that Tsukushi's relationship with Tsukasa would not progress in her absence. The next morning, they said goodbye to Tsukushi and promised to come visit her.[24] Three months later, Chieko sent Tsukushi a care package. She included photos of the family, all of whom seemed to have adjusted well to the country.[25]

Physical appearance[]

Chieko was a middle-aged woman, likely in her late thirties or early forties. She had noticeable wrinkles under her eyes, possibly stemming from the stress of worrying about money. Chieko's brown hair was cut in a bob style.

Personality and traits[]

Above everything, Chieko desired financial security for herself and her family. Thus she was disappointed that her husband was never successful in his job. She was not afraid to be vocal about her disappointments either. Chieko moved her focus to Tsukushi attending Eitoku with the goal of her marrying a rich man. She did not realize that this put a strain on Tsukushi. Chieko still loved her husband and children, only wishing for them to not have to worry about money one day.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • She and her manga counterpart are both named Chieko, but the kanji is changed from 千恵子 to 智恵子.



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