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"I won't let you quit Eitoku Academy. I'll do whatever it takes to see you through college. If we take you out of Eitoku, all my plans will be ruined. Our future depends upon you finding yourself a rich husband!"
—Chieko to Tsukushi[src]

Chieko Makino (牧野 千恵子 (まきの ちえこ) Makino Chieko) was the mother of Tsukushi and Susumu, and the wife of Haruo Makino. The family was not well off and experienced several financial troubles. Chieko encouraged Tsukushi to marry rich, one reason why she had her enrolled at Eitoku Academy. She subsequently often pushed her to pursue Tsukasa Domyoji.


Adult life[]

After marrying Haruo Makino, they went on their honeymoon to Atami. Chieko remarked several years later how "[they] were happy back then," also adding "that [was] when I thought [he would] be successful."[3] The couple had two children together, Tsukushi and Susumu. When Tsukushi was a child, she told her mom she wanted to be a princess. Chieko laughed saying "Not on your father's salary!"[4] She also saved money by having her children play outside, instead of buying them toys.[5]

Tsukushi at Eitoku[]


Chieko and Haruo are happy that Tsukushi kissed Tsukasa

"Tsukushi, you absolutely must get into Eitoku Academy. All the children of your father's coworkers attend first-rate schools."
—Chieko forces Tsukushi to enroll at Eitoku Academy[src]

Once Tsukushi reached high school age, Chieko forced her to enroll at Eitoku Academy, despite her protests. Chieko wanted to avoid the "shame" since the children of her husband's coworkers all went to good schools.[6] During Tsukushi's second year, she began acting strange, repeating "I'm a weed! You can pull a weed and mow it down, but it always grows back stronger than ever!" before school every morning. Chieko was worried.[7] Later, Domyoji Group heir Tsukasa Domyoji came to visit Tsukushi. Chieko and Haruo immediately fawned over him and invited him to dinner. Afterwards, she forced Tsukushi to walk him to his car.[8] That summer, she and her husband visited Atami with their daughter and her friend, Kazuya Aoike. Tsukasa, who was also on vacation there, held a party and Chieko forced Tsukushi to go.[3]

When Tsukushi returned from the party, her mother excitedly asked her about it. She ignored the question and went to bed. The next morning, Chieko dragged her to the beach where the other Eitoku students were. Kazuya tried to come to Tsukushi's defense by telling them about Tsukasa kissing her. Her parents only became excited with Chieko saying "It's in the bag now![9] That fall, Tsukushi came home from school in a disheveled state. Chieko was horrified and asked if she had been attacked. Tsukushi only cried in response, so the family gathered around to comfort her.[10] A few days later, Tsukasa brought Tsukushi home when she became intoxicated at Shizuka Todo's party. When Chieko woke her up the next day, she scolded her for getting drunk. Nevertheless, she was happy about Tsukushi getting closer to Tsukasa.[11]

Tsukushi's prospects[]


Chieko and Haruo cheer about Tsukushi dating Rui

"You should have seen her when I told her that Tsukushi was dating the heir to the Hanazawa Company! We're going to keep that girl in Eitoku even if we have to live on fumes!"
—Chieko resolves to keep Tsukushi at Eitoku[src]

The next Sunday, Chieko and Tsukushi went out shopping. Some hours later, Tsukushi suddenly rushed off saying that she needed "to make a quick trip."[12] She, however, did not return until the following morning. Chieko gave her a scolding for staying out the whole night.[13] Tsukushi ended up doing the same thing again just a couple days later. Chieko slapped her that time.[14] A few days later, Tsukasa called Tsukushi's mother to tell her she was spending the night. Chieko was ecstatic.[15] When Tsukushi returned home the next morning, Chieko and her husband were celebrating.[16] The next day, a load of furniture from Tsukasa was delivered, leaving no space in the apartment. Tsukushi had him take it all back.[17] Tsukasa later called her parents for permission to take her on a trip. They readily consented.[18]

When Tsukushi returned, Chieko and Haruo excitedly went to meet her. She asked about her "progress in [her] relationship" with Tsukasa. Tsukushi answered "That's not gonna happen in this lifetime.[19] A few days later, Tsukushi went out on a date. Chieko asked her several questions, including if she was "stringing two boys along." When Tsukushi said she was going out with Rui Hanazawa, her parents were happy because his family was also very wealthy.[20] Later that month, Chieko was distressed about their bank account being overdrawn again. She blamed her husband for not getting a bonus. Chieko then mentioned bragging to a neighbor about Tsukushi dating Rui.[21] A couple days later, she went to wake up Tsukushi and found her already dressed. She startled Chieko by standing up and shouting "Fine!"[22]

Hard times[]


Chieko cries after her husband loses a million yen

"I won't let you quit Eitoku Academy. I'll do whatever it takes to see you through college. If we take you out of Eitoku, all my plans will be ruined. Our future depends upon you finding yourself a rich husband!"
—Chieko to Tsukushi after falling on hard times[src]

Chieko's husband later lost his job due to the company restructuring. She was devastated since it also meant they had to move out of company housing. They moved into the cheapest apartment she could find. Chieko declared their "ray of hope" was Tsukushi marrying rich.[23] A couple days later, Haruo almost passed out from selling his blood. Chieko chastised him as it was not enough money to be worth it.[24] That weekend, Chieko noticed Tsukushi was getting ready to go out. She assumed it was a date with either Tsukasa or Rui and forced her to dress nicer.[25] Chieko was on her way home from the convenience store that night, when she ran into Tsukushi and Tsukasa. She dragged Tsukasa to their home and set up bedding for him and Tsukushi in the bedroom. She, Haruo, and Susumu slept in the kitchen.[26]

A few days later, the Makinos were featured on television after Tsukasa got into a public fight over Tsukushi. The reporter described Chieko as a "women shaped by hardship," and showed her fighting at a supermarket.[27] That night, Chieko learned that her husband had borrowed one million yen from a loanshark and the lost it all gambling. Chieko felt hopeless and declared that she wanted a divorce. Tsukushi told her not to be "hasty" and rushed off, promising to take care of it.[28] She soon returned with the money, but refused to say how she got it.[29] Tsukushi stayed at the Domyojis' for two weeks. Chieko was a little concerned since she had not contacted them. The family was surprised to see her competing in Teen of Japan on television.[30] That night, they celebrated when she finished at second place.[31]

The following night, Tsukushi came home with a child. Chieko excitedly said "He looks like he's from a rich family." Tsukushi reminded her that he was only five.[32] The next day, Haruo finally obtained a new job. Chieko was happy, despite the pay. She then encouraged Tsukushi to go on the Canada trip with the F4.[33] A few days after Tsukushi returned home, Chieko asked her whether she had a "fait accompli" with Tsukasa. Tsukushi blushed, thinking of something else. She then left for a middle school reunion. Chieko reminded her "Just don't get bitten by any bad bugs!"[34] The next day, she and her husband watched Tsukushi cry. It reminded Chieko of being young, saying "Tears and laughter, that's the stuff of youth." She thought Tsukushi was thinking of Tsukasa. Tsukushi yelled at them to not talk about him.[35]

Leaving Tokyo[]


Chieko pours salt on Kaede

Chieko: "Tsukushi, you know, I'm a little worried about leaving you behind."
Tsukushi: "You should be! That's how a parent should feel! I had no idea! This is all too fast!"
Chieko: "If we're not around to give you a nudge, I worry that you won't be able to bring Tsukasa here."
— Chieko decides to leave Tsukushi behind in Tokyo[src]

Some days later, Tsukushi and Tsukasa were both found unconscious. Chieko and her husband kept watch over her at the hospital.[36] Tsukushi was sent home a couple days later. Chieko cut her hair and ended up cutting too much off in an attempt to even it out. Tsukushi shouted "Stop it, already!!" Chieko thought she was talking to her and started to cry. Her husband comforted her.[37] Several days later, they were visited by Tsukasa's mother, Kaede Domyoji. She and Haruo put on their best clothes and woke up Tsukushi. Kaede offered them fifty million yen for Tsukushi to stop seeing Tsukasa. Chieko poured a salt container on her head and told her "Take your money and get out of here!"[38] After Kaede left, Chieko declared that "50 million is peanuts" and encouraged Tsukushi to marry Tsukasa.[39]

A couple days later, the Makinos' were frequently invited by Tsukushi's new friend Shigeru Okawahara.[40] Chieko was later surprised when Tsukushi informed her that Shigeru was Tsukasa's girlfriend, exclaiming "That little miss nobody from nowhere?!" Over dinner, Chieko was about to tell Tsukushi something but stopped herself.[41] After Tsukushi returned from an overnight trip, Chieko finally revealed that they had accepted a live-in job from a friend who lived in a fishing village. She decided to leave Tsukushi in Tokyo so she could continue going to Eitoku. Chieko also voiced worries that Tsukushi's relationship with Tsukasa would not improve since she would be there to "nudge" her.[42] After they finished packing, she left with Haruo and Susumu. Chieko promised Tsukushi that they would come to visit her.[43]

Fishing village[]


Chieko surrounded by a mob of villagers

Chieko: "We were so sure that you and Tsukushi were in a serious relationship."
Haruo: "That child never tells us anything, you see."
Chieko: "Well, common sense would have told us. The son of the great Domyoji family would never associate with the likes of our daughter."
Tsukasa: "I loved her very much. So much that I didn't care what happened to the Domyoji family."
— Chieko and Haruo talk to Tsukasa[src]

Ultimately, Haruo was unable to make money fishing due to chronic seasickness. Chieko was forced to send Tsukushi seaweed since they had no money. In it she included a letter asking her to "make do somehow."[44] In the village, the Makinos' were thought of as "freeloaders." Several days later, Tsukushi made a surprise appearance. Chieko found a necklace among her belongings, which she showed off to the other villagers.[45] Over the next couple days, Chieko had Tsukushi help her with her job harvesting seaweed. She continued bragging about Tsukushi dating Tsukasa, despite her daughter asking her not to.[46] The next day, Tsukushi asked her about a young man she had met. Chieko became irritated, telling her to stay away from "penniless" boys. She then walked Tsukushi to her part-time job.[47]

A couple days later, Tsukushi gave Chieko her salary in a cheerful manner. She commented to Haruo that her behavior was strange. Their landlady later confronted them about Tsukushi's alleged relationship with her coworker. The villagers gathered by the time Tsukushi came home that night. Chieko begged her to explain everything, so they would not be forced to leave.[48] Their landlady demanded for them to bring Tsukasa there. Chieko agreed to do so, asking for one more night. Once in their room, she asked Tsukushi to call Tsukasa. She thenadmitted to her family that she "broke it off completely with Tsukasa."[49] The following morning, Tsukasa showed up completely by surprise and paid off the Makinos' debt. The villagers immediately changed their tune, even trying to convince them to stay.[50]

The following day, Chieko and Haruo thanked Tsukasa for his generosity. They were embarrassed about assuming he was dating Tsukushi. Chieko said "Common sense should have told us." Tsukasa then admitted that he in fact did love Tsukushi, though it did not work due to their circumstances. After packing, Chieko and her husband got into Rui's car.[51] Back in Tokyo, Tsukushi's friend Shigeru offered to lend the family a condo to stay at. Appearing a bit sheepish, Chieko left the decision up to Tsukushi. They accepted it since they had nowhere else to go.[52] By the next morning, Chieko and Haruo had set up a table in the middle of the kitchen. They felt uncomfortable since the place was so big. Before breakfast, she told Susumu that they were going to register him at school later that day.[53]

Living separately[]


Makino family packing to move again

Haruo: "Oh, you're home, Tsukushi. Tsukasa's been calling you over and over."
Chieko: "It seemed to be urgent. Hurry up and call him back."
— Chieko and Haruo encourage Tsukushi to call Tsukasa[src]

Tsukushi was gone for two days. Chieko and her husband did not seem concern when she finally returned home. They instead made a fuss over Tsukushi's guest whom they mistook for Tsukasa.[54] A few minutes later, the real Tsukasa showed up with Tsukushi's other friends. Instead of questioning their current guest, Chieko quickly made herself busy with preparing tea.[55] A couple days later, she greeted Tsukushi and tried to give her that month's rent. Tsukushi just walked pass her, leading her mother to wonder if something was wrong.[56] The next day, Tsukasa called several times asking for Tsukushi though she was not home. Chieko and Haruo were both happy.[57] When she came home, her parents told her about Tsukasa's calls. They encouraged her to call him, but she only said "It's okay" and then ignored them.[58]

The following day, Chieko was attempting to balance the family's checkbook when Tsukushi arrived home. She yelled about them being poor and only having 100,000 yen left. Tsukushi eventually took the checkbook and calculator from Chieko. She then found several ways for them to save money for the month.[59] Two days later, Chieko and Haruo decided to leave the condo after he obtained a job as live-in help at a supermarket. Since their new place was too small, she and her husband found another apartment for Tsukushi and Susumu to stay at.[60] A few days after settling in, Chieko and Haruo were visited by Susumu who spent the night after he fell asleep. She then called Tsukushi to inform her about Susumu.[61] Sometime later, Susumu stayed with Chieko and Haruo while Tsukushi was away.[62]

Together again[]


Makino family work together to free the truck

Susumu: "Let's do all we can to keep Tsukushi in that school another year."
Chieko: "Dear, even with parents like us, our kids still turned out all right."
Haruo: "I guess so."
— Chieko and Haruo tear up at Susumu's resolve[src]

One day, Chieko and Haruo were taking inventory of the chain stores owned by the supermarket that they worked for when they came across Tsukushi and Tsukasa. The pair suddenly became teary-eyed at the prospect of them being together again.[63] Chieko and Haruo invited them to their place and insisted upon them spending the night.[64] Not long after, Tsukasa made a public announcement about going to America and his plans to return for Tsukushi in four years. Tsukushi and Susumu came to stay with their parents since the press had swarmed their place. Chieko and Haruo tried to hold back their excitement, remembering their mistake at the fishing village. However, after Tsukushi had left the apartment, they could not help themselves from shouting with joy.[65]

Shortly later, Chieko and Haruo had lost their jobs. She and her husband broke the news to Tsukushi by saying "A family really should live together." Chieko had tears in her eyes as she revealed that the family would not be able to afford Tsukushi's tuition for her third year.[66] Two days later, the whole family packed up both apartments. Haruo accidentally drove the moving truck into the gutter. Chieko, Tsukushi, and Susumu then pushed until it was free. Tsukushi then had to rush to prom but ripped her dress before leaving.[2] At their new place, Chieko and Haruo were feeling down about the situation. Susumu then said that he would get a part-time job and that they should do their best to keep Tsukushi at Eitoku. Chieko and Haruo teared up, realizing both of their children turned out well.[67]

Tsukushi's final year and beyond[]

Chieko and the others worked hard for Tsukushi to be able to graduate the following year. During this time, Rui often came to the apartment and stayed for dinner. After Tsukushi's graduation, she began attending Eitoku University since Tsukasa had paid her tuition in full.[68]

Physical appearance[]

Chieko was an average, middle-aged woman. She had short, dark brown hair styled in a blunt bob cut. Chieko later had it cut shorter, giving it a more layered look. Her wardrobe consisted of patterned shirts, cropped pants, and simple skirts.

Personality and traits[]

Being of a low economic status, Chieko's chief desire was for financial security. She had long given up on her husband becoming successful by the time Tsukushi was in middle school. She often criticized her husband for his lack of ambition, though they remained close as a couple. Chieko forced her daughter to enroll at Eitoku. Her reasons were first to impress her husband's coworkers and second to possibly land a rich husband. She became overzealous about Tsukushi's relationship with Tsukasa, which often caused trouble.


Chieko (千恵子; ちえこ) is a feminine given name with a variety of spellings. Her name contains three kanji meaning "thousand" (千),[70] "favor," "blessing" (恵),[71] and "child" (子).[72] Chieko's surname, Makino (牧野; まきの), contains two kanji with both using the kun'yomi pronunciation. The kanji mean "pasture" or "ranch" together.[73] Separately, the kanji mean "to herd" (牧)[74] and "plains," "field" (野).[75]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes


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Chieko in the anime


Tomoko Ikuta as Chieko



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