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"The kids that have come through this school are all missing something compared to normal kids. But, at the same time, they all have something that others do not."
—Kojima to Keito

Cat Street (キャットストリート () Kyatto Sutorīto) is a coming-of-age[1] manga created by Yoko Kamio following Boys Over Flowers. The series was published in Bessatsu Margaret, from July 2004[2] to September 2007.[3] It was collected into eight volumes by Shueisha.[4] In 2011, Cat Street was republished into a five volume edition.[5]

A television drama of Cat Street was adapted for NHK in August 2008. It aired for six episodes in total.[6] The drama starred Mitsuki Tanimura, Ryo Katsuji, Tomoka Kurokawa, and Ryo Kimura.[7] Cat Street was also adapted into two light novels by Kanae Shimokawa.[8][9] Internationally, the manga has been translated into several languages.

Sixteen-year-old Keito Aoyama has been a recluse for several years after being betrayed by a friend at a young age. She is introduced to the free school, El Liston, where she makes friends with Rei Saeki, Koichi Mine, and Momiji Noda. With her friends by her side, Keito gradually grows as she goes through new experiences.


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  • Keito Aoyama: the heroine of Cat Street who is a former child star. After being betrayed by Nako, she becomes a recluse until the age of sixteen. Keito finds El Liston and makes friends for the first time. Eventually, she learns to be independent, instead of relying on her friends. Keito also rediscovers her talent for acting and rejoins the industry. She develops feelings for Koichi.
  • Koichi Mine: a technology genius with a high IQ. He began going to El Listen after becoming disinterested in high school. Koichi left home at a young age when he began working freelance as a coder. He also has a stepsister whom cares about him a lot. After meeting Keito, Koichi develops a connection to her. He later starts his own tech company, Cockscomb, which he names after Keito.
  • Rei Saeki: a talented soccer player who stopped playing after an incident with his old team. He becomes Keito's first friend at El Liston. Through coaching Taiyo's team, Rei rediscovers his passion for soccer. He later develops a crush on Keito and they begin dating. Ultimately, Rei senses her real feelings and leaves for Brazil. He then joins a soccer team in England.
  • Momiji Noda: a young girl who becomes Keito's best friend. She was bullied for dressing as a gothic lolita, resulting in her dropping out of high school. Momiji sews all her own clothes. Despite her fashion sense, she usually finds herself attracted to "normal" boys. Momiji is the last of her friends to informally graduate from El Liston. She later works at a boutique selling lolita clothing.
  • Nako Sonoda: Keito's former friend whom betrayed her when they were children performing in Sunny Days. She continues her entertainment career, but finds it stagnating during her teenage years. Nako reconnects with Keito, who inspires her to take her acting in a different direction. When Keito begins acting again, she joins Nako's agency and the two become friendly.
  • Taiyo Harasawa: a former classmate of Keito's. As a child, he had a crush on Keito and tried to talk to her after the traumatic Sunny Days experience. Taiyo and Keito meet again as teenagers. Unknown to him, she develops a crush on him that is crushed when Taiyo begins dating his classmate, Hirano. His dream was to become a professional soccer player, but he later decides to be a teacher instead.
  • Kojima: the principal of El Liston. He went to jail for helping rich people get their children into good universities. After his son's suicide, he realizes the how bad he was before. Kojima then founded El Liston to watch over children whom were not attending high school for whatever reason.


Cat Street began serialization in the August 2004 issue of Bessatsu Margaret.[10] It ended with the July 2007 issue.[11] Kamio penned a special chapter in April 2008 to celebrate the television drama version of Cat Street being announced.[12] Later that year, she published another side story, titled "Sekai ga Owaru Wake Ja Nai" ("It's Not the End of the World").[13]

Volume listing[]

Foreign editions[]

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  • France: Cat Street was translated into French by the publisher, Kana.[27]

  • Spain: the manga was released in Spain by Planeta Cómic from 2008 to 2010.[36] The same publisher later released a four volume edition of Cat Street.[37]

  • Thailand: the manga was published in Thai by Siam Inter Comics.


Television drama[]


Cast of Cat Street

A television drama of Cat Street was first announced in March 2008.[68] It was developed by NHK for their "Drama 8" block.[69] Mitsuki Tanimura was cast as Keito at Kamio's request.[70] In supporting roles were Ryo Katsuji as Koichi, Tomoka Kurokawa as Momiji, and Ryo Kimura as an original character named Gota.[6] Cat Street aired from August 28[71] to October 2 for six episodes.[72]

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Light novels[]

Cat Street was adapted into two light novels written by Kanae Shimokawa in August and September 2008. The second novel has the subtitle, "Departure from Paradise" (楽園からの旅立ち () Rakuen kara no Tabidachi).[8][9] The novels follow the beginning storyline of the manga. Additionally, Kamio illustrated the covers.



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