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This is a guide for editing Hana Yori Dango Wiki, but it is by no means complete. If you have any further questions please message the administrator, Samanthafan09. Please also read the wiki's general policies and the page on canon in the Hana Yori Dango universe.

General tips

  • Use source mode for in-depth edits and the VisualEditor for correcting minor mistakes.
  • Everything on the wiki should be sourced, whether it be a website online or chapter one of the manga or episode one of the Japanese drama. It should look like this <ref name="C1">Chapter 1, Boys Over Flowers</ref> or <ref name="E1">Episode 1, Hana Yori Dango</ref>.
  • There is also no room for rumors or speculation on the wiki, such as cast predictions. However, you are welcome to write about it in a blog post, make a post on the Discussions feature, send another user a message, or write a short comment on relevant pages.

Media titles


  • When using an infobox, source mode is recommended over the VisualEditor. Follow the usage rules listed on each infobox template.
  • Rules for certain infoboxes:
    • Infobox character - this infobox has been overhauled to move a lot of the information used only for manga characters, such as "Favorite food" to a special infobox Likes and dislikes (placed in "Personality and traits" section). Two leftover sections, "Horoscope" and "Blood type," are still only used for manga characters
    • Physical appearance - an infobox created mostly for manga characters and placed in the section it's named for. It lists "Height," "Weight," "Hair color," and "Eye color." For live-action characters, only height and weight will be used while their hair and eye color will remain in their main infobox.
    • Infobox person - used for anybody whom has worked on Boys Over Flowers media, such as Mao Inoue. It only includes the bare bones of information (for example birth date, occupation, who they play/voice). Height/weight, family, and blood type are not included.
  • See Category:Infobox templates for all the infoboxes used on the wiki. Most are more straightforward than those listed above.

Character names

  • Japanese character names are put in western order. (i.e. Tsukushi Makino instead of Makino Tsukushi). The lead-in of the article should look like this Tsukushi Makino (牧野 つくし (まきの つくし) Makino Tsukushi). Use the template {{Nihongo}} to do so.
  • Chinese/Taiwanese characters should be ordered last name then given name. Taiwanese names use Traditional characters, while Chinese names use Simplified characters. It should look like this in the article Dong Shan Cai (Chinese: 董杉菜; pinyin: Dǒng Shāncài). Please note that the wiki capitalizes all three parts of the name, while it may be romanized on other sites as "Dong Shancai" or "Daoming Si" instead, or even "Dong Shan-cai." The wiki has adopted this style to avoid any mistakes like "Dao Mingsi" for example. Use the {{Zh}} template.
  • Korean names are slightly trickier then even Japanese or Chinese since they can have several different readings. An online romanization tool could be consulted for some cases. Korean names should read like this, with the given name hyphenated, Geum Jan-di (Hangul: 금잔디). Use the {{Ko}} template.
  • There are no established rules for Thai names yet. Use the {{Th}} template.

Article structure


  • Character articles should be written as if the person was real and in past tense, meaning "was" instead of "is", even if the person is still alive.
  • Sections should be ordered as such "Biography", "Physical appearance", "Personality and traits", "Etymology" (currently optional), "Behind the scenes" (this section can acknowledge the real world), "Appearances", and "References".
  • To see how these sections are implemented see Tsukushi Makino, Dong Shan Cai, and Tsukushi Makino (drama).


  • All articles, excluding redirects and disambiguation pages, are added to Category:A to Z.