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"I'm so excited to draw Eitoku Academy again! I hope even those of you who haven't read the previous Boys Over Flowers books will enjoy this new series. Look forward to more volumes to come!"
Yoko Kamio, 2015[src]

Boys over Flowers Season 2 (花のち晴れ 〜花男 Next Season〜 Hana Nochi Hare — Hanadan Next Season) is the sequel to Yoko Kamio's Boys Over Flowers. It premiered online simultaneously on Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ and Viz Media's website on February 15, 2015.[1] The final chapter was published on December 22, 2019.[2] The manga was collected into fifteen volumes on March 4, 2020.[3]

The manga was adapted into a television drama, titled Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season. It began airing in April 2018 on TBS. Hana Sugisaki stars as the series' heroine, Oto Edogawa. Sho Hirano and Taishi Nakagawa costar as Haruto Kaguragi and Tenma Hase.[4] The drama is also a sequel to 2005's Hana Yori Dango.

The story begins with Oto attempting to her hide her family's poverty, while attending Eitoku Academy. Correct 5 leader Haruto tries to remedy the school's reputation by forcing poor students to withdraw. After meeting Oto at her job, Haruto slowly develops feelings for her. The series follows them through misunderstandings and changes.


After the F4 graduated, Eitoku Academy's popularity is at an all-time low. Haruto Kaguragi, who was saved by Tsukasa Domyoji in middle school, formed the Correct 5 with Kaito Taira, Airi Maya, Sugimaru Eibi, and Issa Narumiya to fulfill his promise to protect the school. They hold "peasant hunts" to rid the school of students who cannot pay tuition or donations. Oto Edogawa is from a bankrupt family and works at a convenience store. She desperately tries to hide her secret, but is discovered by Haruto. However, she learns about his obsession for mail-order items at the same time, which keeps her safe. Haruto worries about her revealing his secret and spies on her at work. He ends up saving her from a coworker. He later asks her to go with him to pancake shop to repay him.[5]

Oto reveals that she is engaged, sending Haruto into a depression. Her fiancé is Tenma Hase, the student president of Eitoku's rival, Momonozono Academy. In the meantime, Airi, who is obsessed with Haruto, learns about Oto and outs her secret to the entire school. Oto resolves to leave the school and sets Tenma "free" from their engagement, which required her to attend Eitoku. Haruto is forced to consider expelling Oto, but cannot go through with it. Airi decides to do it herself and Haruto chases after her. They discover several students beating up Oto, before Tenma arrives to stop them. At the hospital, Tenma confesses his love for her. Haruto, meanwhile, agonizes over Oto getting hurt. After Rui Hanazawa gives him advice, Haruto is able to decide what is important to him.[6]

Haruto and Oto become friends once everything is cleared up. He forgives Airi, though he remains angry. Later, Airi apologizes to Oto and brings her and Haruto to one of her father's stores. She sends Haruto ahead to a café, while she locks Oto in the building's basement with Tenma. Haruto, alerted by Oto's absence, leaves to find her. A couple of days later, Kaito is searching for Airi, who has gone missing. Haruto is unconcerned but Oto is anxious to find her and gets mads at him. She eventually locates her at an abandoned factory. Haruto arrives soon, after finally realizing how Airi feels about him. The two girls become friends when Airi visits Oto a few days later. She brings Oto to resort, where she and Haruto are unable to make up again. He later meets model Megumi Nishidome in the hot springs baths.[7]

Megumi visits Eitoku to return Haruto's wallet. Despite his attempts to get her to leave, Oto sees the two of them talking. Haruto attempts to explain the situation, but she tells him "It has nothing to do with me." He becomes depressed by the sort-of rejection. Oto and Tenma later go on their monthly date. At an aquarium, they meet Megumi who reveals that she has developed a crush on Haruto. After talking to Megumi, Oto asks Tenma to start dating her for real. Later that night, Megumi visits Haruto at his home. She clumsily tries to comfort him by making him a meal. Her horrible cooking inspires him to confess his feelings to Oto right away. Megumi follows him to Oto's work, where he sees her with Tenma. Over the next few days, Haruto starts acting rashly. Megumi begs him to "stop hurting [him]self."[8]

After meeting at an amusement park, Oto, Tenma, Megumi, and Haruto decide to spend the day together. Haruto absentmindedly boards the Ferris wheel with Oto. He takes the moment to confess, though he is interrupted by a child who nearly falls out of the car below them. Haruto saves the child and falls onto a mattress below. Later that day, Oto visits him to finish their conversation. He finally confesses his feelings and she asks him to stop pursuing her. Haruto has little time to be sad though, when his friends tell him about the rise in Eitoku students being attacked. Some days later, Oto is targeted. Three young men attack her with spray paint, which accidentally gets in her eyes. Students from Momonozono, including Hitoshi Konoe, happen by and take her to the hospital. Tenma later asks her to transfer to his school.[9]

Haruto goes to Oto's work to check on her. They soon begin arguing and Oto informs him about her transfer. That night, Megumi confesses her feelings to Haruto again. He thinks about it, but decides that he is not yet ready to stop pursuing Oto. The next day, Oto receives a new uniform from Konoe. She goes to confront him about his pushy behavior, and finds him speaking to the men who attacked her. She tries to tell Tenma, but he believes her to be mistaken. Haruto finds her in tears on the side of the road. Tenma and Konoe reach her home just as Haruto and Oto are walking up. An argument ensues and Oto tells everyone to go home. Haruto stays and hugs her, when she tells him that she is not transferring. Tenma sees them and later challenges Haruto to compete against him in a martial arts competition.[10]

Konoe quickly spreads the news of the competition, making it into a showdown between Eitoku and Momonozono. Later, Haruto meets Sojiro Nishikado who helps him train. On the day of the contest, Haruto is surprised by the large crowd of students from both schools. In the first round, Tenma bests Haruto in judo. Oto, afterwards, receives a video from Konno which shows Konoe confessing to the attacks. Tenma happens to overhear it and his resolve is shaken. He loses the second round and does not show up for the third, allowing Haruto to win by default. He later asks Oto to meet him at a bridge though she refuses. She goes to see Tenma, who ends their engagement. They are then approached by three men and Tenma is stabbed while trying to protect Oto. Meanwhile, Haruto continues waiting for Oto.[11]

At the hospital, Oto writes Haruto a note, telling him to stop waiting and go home. He never receives it and ends up waiting until his friends pick him up around sunrise. Oto later decides to stay with Tenma in Kyoto, while he recovers from his injury. They are joined by Konoe, who wishes to turn over a new leaf for Tenma. On New Years', Tenma travels to Tokyo to make amends with Haruto and to propose a partnership between their schools. Haruto accepts it and an unlikely friendship forms between them. Tenma, wishing to be upfront with him, tells Haruto about his breakup with Oto. He, however, has already given up on pursuing her. Oto has since returned to school for her third year, despite being absent for nearly six months. She feels awkward around Haruto, who treats her coldly.[12]

During the joint summer trip between Eitoku and Momonozono, Haruto and Oto are stranded in the ocean when their boat leaves them behind by accident. He refuses to talk to her for four hours. She starts to pass out so he holds her aloft until Tenma and Airi save them. Haruto immediately returns to Tokyo, where he finds himself locked out of his house. His father has disowned him and plans to adopt a new heir, Kei Windsor. Two days later, Oto comes back home and Haruto asks to stay with her. She agrees, having promised him a favor. The next day, the two are celebrating Haruto's birthday when Airi shows up. Haruto then goes to her house, where she admits that she has a crush on Tenma. Meanwhile, Kei attempts to befriend Oto by helping out at her job. She is suspicious of him which gradually changes.[13]

After Kobayashi resigns from his job, Haruto goes to confront Kei and finds him with Oto. She tries to explain the situation, but he snaps at her. Later that night, she learns from Kaito that Airi likes Tenma. Oto fears she has hurt Airi somehow. Seeing her devastated, Kei manipulates her by telling her to "cut ties" with everyone and go with him to America. Meanwhile, Kobayashi finds Kei's research on the Kaguragis and Oto. Haruto cannot bring himself to tell Oto until Airi tells him she is going to America. At the airport, he stops her from leaving with Kei. The two are then approached by Sojiro and Akira Mimasaka, who invite them to the latter's house. They lock Haruto and Oto in the guesthouse, where she admits her feelings for him. Haruto holds her, deciding to take another chance at love.[14]

Upon returning home, Haruto learns that Kei was another of his father's "tests." Meanwhile, Oto's mother informs her that Tenma's father has requested a meeting. The next morning, Airi begs Oto to be with Tenma. She, however, ultimately tells Tenma's father that she is in love with someone else. Afterwards, Tenma asks her not to go but then pushes her away. At the same time, Kaito calls Airi "selfish" for what she said to Oto and then hints that he loves her. The next day, Oto goes to Haruto's summer festival. Her memories of Tenma weigh on her, which she admits to Airi. Having overheard, Haruto declares "Let's make our own memories from now on." Later, Kaito tells Haruto about his crush on Airi. He then confesses his feelings to her. Meanwhile, Tenma decides to transfer to a school in Los Angeles.[15]

Thanks to Haruto, Oto manages to say goodbye to Tenma in time. He leaves Japan with a new sense of hope after speaking to Tsubaki Domyoji. Haruto gets on the bad side of Oto's mother when he reveals that he previously stayed at their home alone with her daughter. Airi later tries to give the couple some time together by stranding them at her family's vacation home. There Oto is able to fully confess her feelings to Haruto. They are interrupted by Oto's mother, whom forced Airi to bring her there. The next day, a girl walks into Oto's job and asks for directions to Haruto's house. When Oto mentions her later, Airi dismisses the girl as a fan. She actually proves to be the Correct 5's childhood friend and Haruto's first crush, Amei Hanawa. She later tags along on Oto's and Haruto's double date with Airi and Kaito.[16]

Haruto later explains his history with Amei to Oto. They then reconfirm their feelings. Meanwhile, Amei finds Haruto's old emails and is devastated. The next day, Oto informs Haruto about meeting her father. That weekend, Haruto sees Amei chasing after his car. She confesses that she cannot forget him, just before collapsing. Haruto is delayed for hours, while waiting for her family at the hospital. Once he gets to Oto's house, her father has a talk with him before sending him away. Near his house, he finds Amei waiting. She embraces him and he notices Oto watching nearby. He tells Amei how much he appreciated her when they was young. She finally lets go and Haruto walks her home since Oto has left. He waits for Oto to contact him, before learning she is Los Angeles. There Haruto and Oto clear up everything.[17]

The next day, Oto and Haruto are joined by the rest of the Correct 5. She notices Airi and Kaito acting strangely. He admits to Oto that he feels insecure about Airi. In turn, Airi reveals to Oto that she is unsure about his feelings. Airi later informs Kaito that she may study aboard. He tells Oto and Haruto the news. Oto yells at him for not being honest with himself. Kaito then rushes off to find Airi and declares his love again, leading to them sharing their first kiss. With that settled, Oto and Haruto go on a date. Along the way, they briefly meet Tsukushi Makino. The next day, Tenma takes everyone to meet his friend, Tsubaki Domyoji. There they run into Tsukushi again. Oto notices a sadness about her. The Correct 5 and Oto later say goodbye and head back to Japan on Haruto's plane. They find a stow away, Tsukushi.[18]

Back in Japan, Oto invites Tsukushi back to her house, where they are joined by Rui and Oto's parents. They reveal to their daughter that they plan to move to Kyushu to set up a new company. Tsukushi encourages the couple to not separate if that is what the want. Her parents allow her to remain in Tokyo and stay at one of her aunt's apartments. Oto and the others later go to see off Tsukushi since she decided to return to Los Angeles to continue her bridal training. Haruto runs into the F4, whom are racing to meet Tsukushi in time. He calls Oto, stalling the plane long enough for Tsukasa to reunite with Tsukushi. After meeting the F4, the Correct 5 rejoice in finally meeting their heroes. On Christmas, they all attend Arisa Konno's wedding. Haruto gives Oto a ring later that night as a promise for a future proposal.[19]







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Original key visual of the series

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 debuted simultaneously in Japan and America on February 15, 2015. It was released biweekly on Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ and Viz Media's website.[1] The first volume of the series was published in Japan on July 3, 2015[20] and digitally in America on December 22.[21] Following the series' serialization ending in December 2019, it was collected into fifteen volumes on March 4, 2020.[3]

The series has also been published in South Korea,[22] Taiwan,[23] and France.[24]



Poster for Hana Nochi Hare

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An adaptation of Boys Over Flowers Season 2 was announced in late January 2018. The series stars Hana Sugisaki as Oto, Sho Hirano as Haruto, and Taishi Nakagawa as Tenma. It began airing on TBS in April 2018.[4] The drama is also a sequel and spin-off of Hana Yori Dango (2005) and its sequels.[25] It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 26, 2018.[26]

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Hana Nochi Hare novel

A light novel adapted from the series was published on May 11, 2018 by Shueisha. It was written by Shuka Matsuda.[27] The novel covers the first seven volumes of the manga.

Promotion and collaborations[]

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To promote the series, the first chapter was published in the February 2015 issue of Margaret.[28] In commemoration of the first volume's publication in July of that year, Boys Over Flowers was free to read on au's "Book Pass" app for a limited time.[29] The first volume also included a code to be used on Hana Yori Dango: F4 and First Kiss.[30] For the first anniversary of Shonen Jump+, there was a campaign for readers to win an autographed smartphone or device case. Yoko Kamio was one of thirty authors to participate.[31] To coincide with the release of volume two, a set of Line stickers featuring characters from Boys Over Flowers Season 2 and its parent series were released in November.[32]

In March 2018, a campaign was held for customers who purchased a volume of Boys Over Flowers Season 2 would receive a booklet of Cafe de Hanadan. It was to celebrate the release of volume nine and the television drama.[33] The next month, a collaboration with Kamio was published in Men's Non-no in honor of the drama. She drew illustrations and was interviewed with Keisuke Nakata and Jin Suzuki.[34] In 2019, Kamio was interviewed by Mannavi[35] and Clip Studio Paint.[36] In March 2020, an exhibit for Boys Over Flowers Season 2 and its parent series was displayed at Shueisha Gallery to commemorate the release of the final volume.[37][38]


As of November 2018, the series has a total 2.5 million copies in circulation.[39] During its publication, Boys Over Flowers Season 2 was described as one of Shonen Jump+'s representative series.[40][41]


Hana Nochi Hare (花のち晴れ) can translate to "Sunshine After Flowers." Hana (花), which means flowers, is the first character in Hana Yori Dango. Hare (晴れ) is a reference to the series' main character, Haruto Kaguragi, whose name means fair[42] or sunny weather.[43] Therefore, the title is a combination of the new and previous generations. The series is subtitled Hanadan Next Season, additionally identifying it as the sequel of Hana Yori Dango which is abbreviated as Hanadan by fans.[44]


  • Due to it being published in Shonen Jump+, Kamio took both female and male readers into consideration while conceptualizing and writing the series.[45]
  • Until December 2018, Viz also released the series on Amazon and Comixology. After Viz launched its subscription service, the chapters were only published on Viz's website and app.


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