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Boys Over Flowers Original Sound Track Part 2 (꽃보다 남자 OST Part 2) is the second soundtrack of the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers. It was released on March 6, 2009, following the first soundtrack. The second soundtrack features music by T-max, SS501, A'st1, Howl, and Kara. "Making a Lover," the second ending theme, was also included.


Following the release of the series' first soundtrack in January 2009,[2] a second soundtrack for Boys Over Flowers was issued. It included music from Kim Joon's band T-max, namely "Say Yes" and "Wish Ur My Love." Kim Hyun-joong's band SS501 performed "Making a Lover," which was the series' second ending theme. Songs by A'st1, Howl, and Kara were also included on the soundtrack.[3][4]

Track listing[]

No. TitleArtists Length
1. "Say Yes"  T-max 3:28
2. "Wish Ur My Love"  T-max feat. J 4:48
3. "Yearning Heart" (아쉬운 마음인걸)A'st1 3:06
4. "Making a Lover" (애인만들기)SS501 3:13
5. "What Do I Do" (어떡하죠)Jisun 4:02
6. "Love Is Fire"  Kara 3:20
7. "Love U"  Howl 3:41
8. "Almost Like Love" (사랑같은 거)Brand New Day 4:30
9. "Tears Are Falling" (눈물이 난다)Lee Sang-gon 4:10
10. "Cellogic"  Kim Young-min 2:04
11. "Approach" (다가가다)Dong Yo 1:40
12. "Strange Sun" (낯선 해)Various 3:40
13. "For the Sake of Love" (사랑을 위하여)Various 2:02





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