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Boys Over Flowers Japan Broadcast Memorial Event (花より男子~Boys Over Flowers 日本放送記念イベント), also known as Boys Over Flowers Special Event (花より男子~Boys Over Flowers スペシャルイベント), was an event held to celebrate the broadcast of the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers, in Japan. It took place on April 16, 2009 at JCB Hall in Tokyo Dome City. A DVD of the event was released later that year.



Cast on Sacas-san

To commemorate the broadcast of Boys Over Flowers in Japan, a special event was announced in January 2009.[1] Tickets were sold through the official Japanese Boys Over Flowers website. Fan club members were able to purchase tickets starting on January 30, before the general public on February 24.[2] On April 15, Ku Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon made an appearance on the variety show Sacas-san.[3] The next day, before the event began, a press conference was held with the cast. The event was held twice during the same day. T-max performed two songs, including "Paradise." SS501 performed four songs, including "Making a Lover" and "Because I'm Stupid." Kim Hyun-joong had two solo songs, while Kim Bum had one.[4][5] A total of six thousand fans were present at the event.[6]



Home media[]

Customers who pre-ordered the DVD received an extra large poster. Additionally, the first five hundred people received a pamphlet and twenty people won a penlight via lottery.[8]


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Some merchandise was produced for the event and sold through the official website. Photos from the event were also in groups of four, or all forty photos could be purchased at once for a reduced price.[10]



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