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Boys over Flowers (花より男子 (はなよりだんご) Hana Yori Dango)[1] is an anime series based on the manga of the same name.[2] It originally aired from September 8, 1996[3] to August 31, 1997 for fifty-one episodes.[4] The anime was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, and stars the voices of newcomers Maki Mochida, Naoki Miyashita, and Koji Yamamoto.[5]

In 1997, a short film was released while the anime was still airing. It is set in an alternate universe.[6][7] Boys Over Flowers has been released on VHS and DVD in Japan.[8] It was licensed by Viz Media for North America to promote their release of the manga.[9] Discotek Media re-released the series as a box-set in October 2016.[10]

After Tsukushi Makino (Mochida) begins attending Eitoku Academy, a chance event has her entangled with the F4 forever. Their leader, Tsukasa Domyoji (Miyashita), ends up falling for her, though she hates him at first and likes Rui Hanazawa (Yamamoto) instead. Over time, Tsukushi grows closer to Tsukasa but struggles with her feelings.


Tsukushi Makino (Maki Mochida), a second-year student at Eitoku Academy, feels out-of-place among her rich classmates. After seeing the environment the F4 has created there, she decides to keep a low profile and wait for graduation. The F4 is a clique that holds control over the school and amuse themselves by bullying other students. One day, Tsukushi's friend, Makiko Endo (Fuko Misaki), angers the F4's leader Tsukasa Domyoji (Naoki Miyashita) when she accidentally trips and lands on him. Tsukushi defends her and receives a red card. The other students start bullying her. Tsukasa later orders a group of students to attack Tsukushi, but another F4 member Rui Hanazawa (Koji Yamamoto) protects her. The next day, Tsukushi retaliates by kicking Tsukasa in the face and declaring war on the F4.[11]

Later, Tsukasa kidnaps Tsukushi and brings her to his house where she is given a makeover. After trying to impress her with his wealth, he offers to let her spend time with him. Tsukushi rejects Tsukasa, though he still seems interested in her. At school, Yuriko Asai (Yoshiko Shimizu), Minako Yamano (Nami Sato), and Erika Ayuhara (Sahori Kajikawa) invite Tsukushi to a party. It turns out to be an attempt to embarrass her.[12] Tsukushi gets revenge by revealing the girls true intentions to the party. The next day, they deliver a devastating blow to Tsukushi by informing her about Shizuka Todo (Keiko Imamura), Rui's first love. She then runs into the F4 members, Akira Mimasaka (Yuta Mochizuki) and Sojiro Nishikado (Yoshihiko Akaida), who tell her that Shizuka will soon return from France.[13]

After Shizuka arrives, Tsukushi decides to distance herself from the F4 in order to avoid being hurt. Her childhood friend, Kazuya Aoike (Yoji Ietomi), transfers to Eitoku in the meantime. A jealous Tsukasa gives him a red card. Tsukushi confronts Tsukasa, leading to an explosive fight. Tsukushi and Kazuya are cornered by the bullies in the university's cafeteria. Rui protects her and demands that the bullying stops.[14] This angers Tsukasa, who ends his friendship with Rui. Afterwards, Shizuka helps Tsukushi clean up in the girls' bathroom. She develops an admiration for Shizuka. The next day, Tsukushi stays home with a high fever. Tsukasa surprises her with a visit. He offers to pay for her to go on the school trip. She refuses it, telling him she plans to go to Atami with Kazuya instead.[15]

Tsukushi's mother (Rumi Watanabe) and father (Nobuaki Suzuki) tag along on her trip to Atami with Kazuya. Once they get there, they are surprised by the sudden appearance of Tsukasa on his yacht. That night, Tsukushi attends his party after being dolled up by Shizuka. She fantasizes about being "Cinderella for a night" until it all comes crashing down when she accidentally kisses Tsukasa.[16] Upset about losing her first kiss, Tsukushi promptly runs off. The next day, she tries to explain it to Rui. He laughs her off, saying "I don't care who you kiss." Tsukushi later returns to the yacht with Shizuka's dress. There she sees Rui confessing his feelings to Shizuka, leaving Tsukushi devastated. Tsukasa and Kazuya walk up, having just gone fishing for squid. Tsukushi is cheered up slightly once Tsukasa starts a cookout.[17]

Starting back to school, Tsukushi prepares herself to return to a nightmare while Tsukasa wakes up in a good mood. She finds Rui at the emergency exit. Sometime later, Tsukasa sees Rui and Tsukushi together. Yuriko and her friends sweep in to show Tsukasa a video of Rui and Tsukushi during the Atami trip. He smashes the recorder out of anger.[18] Feeling he has been made a fool of, Tsukasa goes on a rampage through the school. Teacher Urara Aoi (Yoko Koyanagi) manages to stop him. After school, Tsukushi returns to the emergency exit, where she finds Tsukasa. She runs away from him, but he catches up with her when she trips. He pins Tsukushi down and kisses her, only stopping when she starts crying. A few days later, she recounts the ordeal to her best friend Yuki Matsuoka (Kanako Tobimatsu).[19]

At Shizuka's birthday party, Tsukushi becomes annoyed with Tsukasa's attitude and starts overeating to distract herself. On stage, Shizuka reveals her decision to leave her family in order to become a lawyer in France. Tsukushi wanders over to where Tsukasa is. She becomes sick, forcing him to take her home. The next morning, Tsukushi wonders whether she can win Rui for herself now that Shizuka is leaving.[20] She becomes disgusted with herself for scheming instead of thinking of Rui's feelings. Tsukushi pleads with Shizuka to stay in Japan for his sake, which he happens to overhear. He gets mad, though more at himself than her. After the others say goodbye to Shizuka, Rui appears. Tsukushi yells at him to go after her. He shows his airline ticket and thanks Tsukushi with a kiss on her forehead.[21]

Tsukasa asks Tsukushi on a date, but she does not hear him initially. She later fails to realize his meaning, when he gives her a time and place to meet. That Sunday, she goes out shopping with her mother. Tsukushi eventually goes to see Tsukasa, finding him waiting in the snow. They go to a café, where they get trapped in an elevator. Tsukasa develops a fever and Tsukushi takes care of him. In the morning, the doors are opened by construction workers.[22] At school, a photo of Tsukushi and Tsukasa is circulated, leading everyone to believe they are dating. Yuriko and her friends are suddenly nice to Tsukushi and invite her to go clubbing. There she meets Thomas (Yusuke Oguri), who reminds her of Rui. The next morning, she wakes up in a hotel room with no recollection of the previous night.[23]

Tsukushi sees Thomas again when she visits the house of her new friend, Sakurako Sanjo (Rumi Shishido). He agrees to keep their night together a secret, if she agrees to see him again. Later, Tsukushi helps the innocent Sakurako with her fear of boys by introducing her to the F4. For that reason, she is surprised to see Sakurako dancing center stage at a night club the following night.[24] A couple days later, a photo of Tsukushi and Thomas is posted at school. She confronts Thomas about it at Sakurako's house. There she learns that Sakurako is the actual culprit. She reveals her true self in a series of mean comments, even calling Tsukushi an "ugly waste." Tsukushi does not back down, saying in response "Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you'll see how twisted and deformed you are!"[25]

The next day, Tsukushi is attacked by her classmates when she arrives at school. Tsukasa shows up and orders them to stop. Sakurako then shows him the photos of Tsukushi and Thomas, which sends him into a state of shock. He walks away from Tsukushi, despite her pleas for him to believe her. Tsukasa ends up at Sakurako's house, where she confesses her feelings for him. Snapping out of his stupor, he rushes back to school to save Tsukushi.[26] Tsukasa carries Tsukushi to his house. There he dresses her wounds and apologizes for her getting hurt. He then tells her "I love you" before kissing her. Though she allowed him to kiss her, Tsukushi is confused about the situation and has no idea what to do. The next morning, after Tsukasa punishes her attackers, they are greeted by the newly returned Rui.[27]

Tsukasa tells Rui that he and Tsukushi are now dating. Rui responds "That's too bad," before the F4 head off together. That afternoon, Tsukushi discovers her family's small apartment overrun with furniture sent by Tsukasa. She confronts him at a night club to order him to take it all back. Tsukushi, however, becomes distracted when she sees Rui flirting and kissing a random girl.[28] The next day, Rui shocks her again when he asks "Why don't you forget Tsukasa and go out with me?" which he then calls a joke. After school, Tsukasa drags Tsukushi to his family's island with the F3 and their dates. There Tsukushi finds herself constantly thinking of Rui. That night, she slips out of the room she is sharing with Tsukasa. She runs into Rui on the beach. He asks her to hold him, which she does after hesitating for a moment.[29]

After Rui lets Tsukushi go, he tells her about his time with Shizuka. Once she returns to the villa, Tsukushi lies to Tsukasa by saying she went for a walk alone. He learns the truth the next morning. Shortly later, Kazuya and Sakurako arrive with news of Shizuka's engagement. That night, Tsukushi returns to the beach. She tells Rui that she cannot stop thinking of him. He then kisses her.[30] Tsukasa discovers the two of them together and punches Rui. Tsukushi realizes how much she has hurt Tsukasa after he tells her that she "smashed [his heart] into a thousand pieces." He later leaves the island by himself, forcing everyone to take Kazuya's boat home. When they return to school, Tsukasa kicks Rui out of the F4. He then ignores Tsukushi's attempt to apologize. Later, Rui asks Tsukushi on a date to cheer her up.[31]

That weekend, Tsukushi meets Rui for their date. It takes several awkward turns due to Rui's silence and Tsukushi's attempts at conversation. She finds herself thinking of Tsukasa and wondering how he would have acted on the date. Rui invites her to his house, where he quickly falls asleep. On her way home, Tsukushi sees Tsukasa and Sakurako laughing together.[32] While sorting through her emotions, a guy tries to flirt with Tsukushi. Tsubaki Domyoji (Chiho Okawa) scares him off and brings her home. Realizing she is at Tsukasa's house, Tsukushi hides but it is eventually found by Tsukasa. Tsubaki saves her from his anger. Learning something had happened between them, Tsubaki tells her "I wish you wouldn't give up on Tsukasa." Tsukushi, however, feels she no longer has the right to be with Tsukasa.[33]

Tsukasa declares his intention to have Rui and Tsukushi expelled within a week. Akira and Sojiro attempt to talk him out of it. He responds "I can't forgive him, especially because he's Rui." The next day, his attempt to threaten to the principal is thwarted by his sister. She suggests they settle the expulsions through sports instead. Rui proposes a three-on-three basketball match.[34] That evening, Tsukasa promises to cancel the match if Tsukushi says she loves him. She remains silent and resists his attempts to kiss her, which he takes as a rejection. During the match, Tsukasa's team quickly earns points. Rui comes up with an idea to use Tsukasa's jealously against him. It works and they are nearly tied. At the last second, Tsukasa declares "I quit" and tells Tsukushi to do whatever she wants.[35]

Following the match, everyone, except Tsukasa, gathers at the Domyojis' house. A drunk Tsubaki decides to lock Tsukushi and Rui in a room, after learning that they have not slept together yet. Rui reveals that he is not over Shizuka. She thanks him for his honesty, though she is still sad. When Tsukasa arrives home, Tsubaki tells him about Tsukushi and Rui. He takes it calmly, though he is only masking his feelings.[36] Tsukushi's family moves into a run-down apartment due to her father being laid-off. On top of that, she learns that Tsukasa is moving to New York. Tsukushi does not try to stop him. Rui later gives Tsukasa a message saying "Nothing happened between Makino and me," which he listens to on the plane. Tsukushi hears about her family's money problems just as Tsukasa calls her from Canada.[37]

Tsukushi agrees to go to Vancouver when Tsukasa offers to loan her some money. The F3 take her there, along with Yuki. Yuriko and her friends also tag along, which puts Tsukushi in a bad mood. The next day, a jealous Yuriko watches Tsukasa and Tsukushi chatting. She later lies to Tsukushi by saying she saw Yuki go outside. She immediately runs into the blizzard to find her.[38] Tsukasa goes outside to save Tsukushi. He finds her passed out in the snow. Once he wakes her, Tsukasa carries her to an empty cabin. There Tsukushi ends up sleeping in his arms next to a fire. The next morning, they are able to return to the villa. Tsukasa tries to kick Yuriko and her friends out, but Tsukushi stops him. That night, he tries to confess his feelings again, but she assumes he is talking about the loan and promises to pay him back.[39]

Back in Japan, Tsukushi feels awkward around Tsukasa, leading the others to tease them. She later meets another student, Junpei Oribe (Hiroki Takahashi). Though he comes off as odd at first, he reminds Tsukushi of herself. He asks her if she wants to be friends and she accepts. Junpei later brings her to a photo shoot, where he ropes her into modeling with him.[40] One of the photos is chosen for the magazine cover. An angry Tsukasa confronts her about it. Junpei provokes him into beating him up. Tsukushi, upset, confesses to feeling "suffocated" by Tsukasa. Before she walks away with Junpei, Tsukasa declares that he loves her. The next day, Tsukushi is nearly hit by a potted plant. Junpei speculates that Tsukasa is behind it. She disagrees until she receives a red card.[41]

Junpei and his accomplices abduct Tsukushi to use her to bait Tsukasa. He reveals that he wants revenge Tsukasa for hurting his brother during middle school. Once Tsukasa arrives, he allows the men to beat him up in order to protect Tsukushi. She throws herself in front of Tsukasa when Junpei throws a chair at him. Shocked, Junpei finally leaves with his so-called partners.[42] Tsukushi and Tsukasa are taken to the hospital, where the F4 play a trick on her by pretending he is dead. Tsukushi breaks down and tells Tsukasa about how worried she was for him. They are then visited by Junpei, who apologizes to Tsukushi. She refuses his apology as she cannot forgive him yet. Later, the F3 put pressure on Tsukushi to start dating Tsukasa. She ends up comparing him to a dog in order to get out of the situation.[43]

Later, Tsukushi thinks "I may not be able to run from [Tsukasa] anymore." The next morning, he invites her to his birthday party. Tsukushi is worried about what present to give him and takes up Yuki's advice. At the party, the F3 tell her about Tsukasa's scary mother Kaede Domyoji (Mika Doi), whom they say will never approve of her. Tsukasa later introduces Tsukushi to her as "the most important woman in [his] life."[44] His mother tests Tsukushi after the F3 lie about her background, though she is quickly exposed. Kaede slaps her son after he declares his love for Tsukushi. Tsubaki allows the pair to escape. He brings Tsukushi to his family's yacht. Meanwhile, Kaede hears a report about her from secretary, Nishida (Hitoshi Honma). She decides to implement the plan she has for Tsukasa's future.[45]

Still on the yacht, Tsukasa asks Tsukushi "How do you feel about me?" She answers "I don't know," before asking why he likes her in the first place. He does not have an answer since he feels love is something without reason. She later gives him his present. He kisses her when he opens it, declaring "I'm so happy!" The next morning, Tsukushi is woken by her parents. Kaede has come to pay them a visit to get Tsukushi to give up Tsukasa.[46] Tsukushi's mother rejects Kaede's offer. After she leaves, she reveals that she wants to "snag the entire fortune." Later, Tsukushi talks with Yuki. She comes to the decision that she should break things off with Tsukasa. Nishida then walks in and asks her to come with him. At Kaede's hotel, she shocks Tsukushi and Tsukasa by revealing his fiancée Shigeru Okawahara (Emika Sato).[47]

Tsukasa grabs someone's hand and runs away from the hotel, not realizing he has grabbed Shigeru. Tsukushi, meanwhile, fumes about what just happened to Yuki. She believes that Tsukasa and Shigeru have already been dating. The next day, Tsukushi confronts Tsukasa but refuses to listen to his explanation. They all shortly run into Shigeru, who has secretly snuck onto campus.[48] She ends up punching Tsukasa and declaring her intentions to fall in love with him if she wants. An annoyed Tsukushi storms away, but Shigeru follows her and drags her to a tea shop. She ends up agreeing to help her with Tsukasa, before realizing exactly what she has agreed to. Later, Tsukushi is massaging Rui's head when old memories resurface. She finds herself blushing, leading to an awkward moment.[49]

Shigeru later takes Tsukushi on a shopping spree. Initially she thinks Shigeru is pushy but grows to like her honesty and straightforwardness. On her way home, Tsukushi finds Tsukasa waiting for her. He tries to explain that everything was a mistake. She then tells him "I think Shigeru, someone like her, is a better match for you," which leads to Tsukasa slapping her. The following day, he asks Shigeru to go out with him officially.[50] Now that Tsukasa and Shigeru are dating, Tsukushi pretends that she is happy for them though she is actually hurting. She decides to take the situation as a new start. However, Shigeru visits her nightly for advice, making it hard to forget. She later asks Rui to talk to Tsukasa about being nicer to Shigeru but he refuses. They then overhear the couple arguing below them.[51]

After seeing Tsukasa kiss Shigeru, Tsukushi enters into a state of shock. She refuses to acknowledge it, instead feigning happiness. Tsukushi eventually decides that this is her "second chance" and thus devotes herself to her part-time job. One night after work, she meets Rui by chance. They go to a tea shop, where they are surprised to meet Shigeru and Tsukasa on a date.[52] Tsukushi soon finds herself in an awkward spot at Shigeru's family's villa, thanks to Rui's aloofness and Tsukasa's glaring. She and Shigeru take a bath. Tsukushi lies to her by saying that she is happy for her and Tsukasa. She ends up passing out in the bath and Rui saves her. Tsukushi then learns that she has to share a room with Rui. He stops her from going to Shigeru, thinking they may be in the middle of something.[53]

Shigeru bares herself to Tsukasa and shouts "Don't you feel anything?" He answers "No, I don't." Tsukasa then attempts to apologize which leads to more shouting from Shigeru. Finally, he admits "You're not the one." Shigeru throws a chair through the window. Hearing a loud noise, Tsukushi goes to check on Shigeru. She finds her and Tsukasa in a compromising position. The following morning, after a sleepless night, Tsukushi heads home with Rui.[54] At home, Tsukushi discovers her parents' plans to move to a fishing village and leave her behind in Tokyo. Upset at first, she realizes that this could be a good opportunity for her though she remains nervous. Meanwhile, Tsukasa's mother receives another report on Tsukushi and decides that she has to do something about her.[55]

Tsukushi settles into her new life, though her thoughts continue to dwell on Tsukasa and Shigeru. He later attempts to talk to Tsukushi and grabs her arm to stop her from leaving. She shakes off his hand, feeling that "[he] belongs to Shigeru now." A couple nights later, Kazuya, Yuki, and Makiko stop by her apartment to cheer her up by redecorating. She finds herself thankful for having such good friends.[56] The following morning, Tsukushi is shocked when Shigeru transfers to Eitoku. Yuriko and her friends decide to bully Tsukushi again. Shigeru stops her by calling Tsukushi her best friend. Later, Sakurako refuses to let Shigeru have Tsukasa. Surprisingly, she hugs Sakurako and declares "I love people like you!" After seeing Shigeru's effect, Tsukushi thinks "I could never match her."[57]

Shizuka returns to Japan to reunite with Rui, who decides to go back with her to France. After seeing how Rui has changed, Tsukushi realizes that she wants to change too and decides to enter the student exchange program. Shigeru tries to get Tsukasa to dissuade her to no avail. Tsukushi only becomes more firm in her decision. Some days later, she finds out to her own shock that she has passed.[58] Tsukushi prepares for the next step in her life, though she continues to think of Tsukasa. He later learns that his mother rigged the exam in order to keep him and Tsukushi apart. After informing Tsukushi, she still seems ready to leave until Tsukasa confesses "You're the only one for me." He then promises to "leap" into her world since she does not feel comfortable in his. Finally, Tsukushi accepts his feelings and they kiss.[59]

The next morning, Tsukushi is looking forward to her new relationship with Tsukasa. After not finding him at school, she goes to his house with their friends to confront his mother, who has locked him away. Tsukushi is having a fierce argument with his mother, when Tsukasa jumps out the window. After this, Tsukushi makes a tough decision and declares "It's time to call it quits."[60] Three months later, life has gone back to normal for Tsukushi. She joins the school in saying goodbye to the newly married Tsukasa and Shigeru at the pier. Urara hands her an alleged letter from Tsukasa, telling her that he plans to leave Shigeru. Tsukushi boards the ship to confront him. Shigeru then reveals that everything was an act. Down below, Kaede finally accepts the two being together and they depart for a world cruise.[61]

Cast and characters[]

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Guest starring[63]

Minor voices[64]


  • Original work: Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio
  • Series director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
  • Producers: Hiromi Seki (Toei Animation), Takashi Horiuchi (Asatsu), Tetsu Kotake (ABC), Yasuo Kameyama (Asatsu)
  • Series coordinator: Yumi Kageyama
  • Music: Michiru Oshima
  • Script writers: Yumi Kageyama, Reiko Yoshida, Genki Yoshimura, Aya Matsui
  • Episode directors: Shigeyasu Yamauchi, Yoshihiro Oka, Yasuo Yamayoshi, Ryo Tachiba, Atsutoshi Umezawa, Akinori Yabe, Takao Iwai
  • Production chief: Atsunori Kazama
  • Art directors: Shinzo Yuki, Yukie Yuki, Tomoko Ide
  • Animation directors: Chuji Nakajima, Hiroyuki Kawano, Toshie Kawamura, Yasuhiro Namatame, Mitsuru Aoyama, Yoshihiko Umakoshi, Tomoko Ito
  • Color scheme: Kunio Tsujita
  • Character design: Yoshihiko Umakoshi
  • Costume design: Toshie Kawamura
  • Key animation: Toei Animation, Eei-Toei, Melhen Company, Kino Production, Tamazawadogasha, Studio Kokubitto, Studio Carpenter, Doga Kobo
  • Backgrounds: Miyuki Sato, Hiromitsu Shiozaki, Kunihiro Chida, Koji Sakaki, Makoto Suwada
  • Finishing: Peacock, Eei-Toei
  • Color designation: Kazuo Kinugasa
  • Animation checker: Tetsuo Taga
  • Special effects: Masayuki Nakajima, Larry Paragino, Larry Baskagu
  • Photography: Trans Arts, Eei-Toei
  • Laboratory: Toei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
  • Editing: Masaaki Hanai
  • Recording: Kimitaka Kawasaki
  • Sound effects: Takahisa Ishino
  • Music selection: Makiko Mehara


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Promo photo for Hana Yori Dango: The Movie

Boys Over Flowers was a co-production between Toei Animation, Asatsu-DK, and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. Similar female-oriented series, Marmalade Boy and Gokinjo Monogatari, had previously aired in the same time slot.[66] Boys Over Flowers creator Yoko Kamio was surprised when she learned the series was being adapted into an anime, considering it had already been made into an audio drama and a live-action film. Kamio met with the staff to approve the character sketches and cels. She was also able to meet the voice actors.[67]

Hana Yori Dango: The Movie was produced and premiered at the Spring Toei Anime Fair on March 8, 1997 while the anime was still airing.[68] The staff and cast of the series also worked on the film. It is set in an alternate universe, where Tsukushi has aspirations of becoming a professional dancer in New York City.[7]


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Hana Yori Dango premiered on September 8, 1996. It aired regularly at 8:30 AM on Sundays in Japan on various affiliate stations of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.[69] In 2016, all fifty-one episodes were rebroadcast on Niconico Live for four days from May 21 to 24.[70] Internationally, the anime has aired in several countries including Italy,[71] Singapore,[72] South Korea,[73] and the Philippines.[74]


In January 2020, Crunchyroll added the series to its streaming library. It is currently available in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America, including the Caribbean.[75] In Japan, the anime was available to stream on Netflix starting in June 2021.[76]

Home media[]

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Japan first released the anime on twelve video cassettes sometime in the late 1990s. The VHS release was for rental purposes only.[77][8] In 2006, they released the series and the film on a DVD box set.[78] It was also published onto nine separate DVDs in 2007.[5] Viz Media licensed the series for a North American release in 2003 to coincide with their publication of the manga.[9] Boys Over Flowers was released onto a total of twelve individual DVDs on the "Viz Video" label.[79] Discotek Media bought the license in August 2015[80] and re-released the anime on a DVD box set on October 25, 2016.[10]



Encore Piece from Tsukushi

The opening theme song for the anime was "Ordinary Sunday" performed by Tomohiko Kikuta. It was released in October 1996 as a single paired with the ending theme, "Kenka no Atode," also by Kikuta.[81] The ending theme was switched to "Todoku Kana" by CaYOCO at the end of the thirty-third episode.[82] It was also released as a single in May 1997.[83]

In December 1996, a soundtrack titled Variations "Hana-Dan" was released. It functions as the score of the series, consisting of background music by composer Michiru Oshima.[84] A second soundtrack, Encore Piece from Tsukushi, was released in May 1997. It contains more background and also includes the series' opening and first ending theme songs.[85]


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Boys Over Flowers partnered with Bandai to create several toys and beauty products for the anime. Several of which are featured heavily throughout the series, notably the "Inspee" and "Voicel." Banpresto also released a series of plush dolls modeled after the main characters. Other miscellaneous items include coloring books, calendars, pencils, stationary, and sketchbooks, as well as several series' of cards. A guide book to the anime was also released in June 1997.


The anime had an average rating of 9.9% with a peak rating of 12.1%, which Toei considered favorable. Additionally, the series gained viewership among older teens and women, demographics that reportedly did not usually watch anime at the time.[69]


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  • Author Yoko Kamio first announced the anime in volume fourteen. She discusses it frequently until volume eighteen, by which time the series had finished airing. Additionally, in volume seventeen she included a "Voiceover Report," detailing her experience at one of the recording sessions.
  • Since the anime ended before the manga was completed, episodes forty-six through fifty-one are an original script written to wrap up the story.[69]


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