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Boys Over Flowers is a 2009 Korean drama based on the manga of the same name. KBS and Group 8 partnered with a number of companies to feature merchandise in the drama, such as Stonehenge and Build-a-Bear. Additionally, due to its popularity in Japan, several items were created exclusively to sell there.



Build-a-Bear released five stuffed animals with clothes based on Geum Jan-di and the F4. Each contains recordings of lines from Boys Over Flowers. Jan-di's sheep stuffed animal was also featured in the first episode of the drama.[1]



Stonehenge released a necklace called the "Kissing Star," which was featured on Boys Over Flowers. Due to its popularity, illegal counterfeits of the necklace began popping up online and at shopping malls.[5] Stonehenge sold the necklace online and in their shop at Shinsegae Department Store located in Gwangju. They sold it alongside their other star-themed jewelry.[6]


Event merchandise[]

Japan hosted four fan meetings for the stars of Boys Over Flowers, including Japan Broadcast Memorial Event, Premium Event, Last Event: Graduation, and Alumni Event. Each event had exclusive merchandise sold at the venue and on the official Japanese website.

Trading cards[]

Packs of trading cards were sold in amounts of five and ten for the Premium Event at 500 yen and 1,000 yen, respectively.[45][46] Three trading cards were also included with customers who pre-ordered the Premium Event DVD on Brokore.[47] A second series of cards were released for the Last Event.[48]



Cover of the second music book


  • A desktop calendar for the photo book, SOFF was released in November 2009. It went from the month it was released until February 2011. The calendar also noted the birthdays of the F4.[53]


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