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This article is about the cancelled Filipino drama. For other uses, see Boys Over Flowers.
This television series is a loosely-based, unofficial and/or unlicensed adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. It is not officially connected to the franchise and should not be considered to be.

Boys Over Flowers is a cancelled[1] Filipino adaptation of the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, which in turn is based on the manga by Yoko Kamio. The proposed series was first announced in early November 2017, just a few days after the cast for Meteor Garden (2018) was revealed.[2] It was a joint project between GMA Network and JU Entertainment.



Casting call from GMA


GMA and JU executives after signing the contract

On November 9, 2017, GMA Network announced their intention to adapt the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers into a Filipino series. In a live press conference, they signed a contract with JU Entertainment and Cube 9 Entertainment. The news came just a day after ABS-CBN announced that they won the rights to broadcast Meteor Garden (2018) in the Philippines.[2] GMA made a casting call on social media on November 21. There was a height and age requirement.[3][4] The first round of auditions was held on November 24 for the female and male leads.[5]

Currently, the project is most likely cancelled. GMA, however, has never spoken about its cancellation.[6]


  • A clause with the Korean adaptation required that the rights to make another adaptation not be given for three years. Because of this clause, people have theorized that the manga can only be adapted every three years. However, it is unknown if a similar clause was invoked with Meteor Garden (2018) which was in production at the time of GMA's announcement. It is likely that GMA never obtained the copyright from the original author and publisher in the first place.
  • Meteor Garden (2001) and Boys Over Flowers (2009) were both extremely popular in the Philippines.[7][8] Hana Yori Dango (2005) also performed well when it aired on GMA.[9]
  • Throughout the years there has been online speculation of a Filipino version of Boys Over Flowers. Particularly, in 2009, a series called Brat Boys Beyond starring Sarah Geronimo and Nico Ibaviosa spread online. However, it was likely only a fan mock-up.[10][11]
  • ABS-CBN's 2021 series He's Into Her has been compared favorably to Boys Over Flowers and Meteor Garden.[12]


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