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The following is a list of promotional activities for Boys Over Flowers: The Musical. This includes events, interviews, collaborations, etc.


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Boys Over Flowers: The Musical was promoted through King & I Company's social media accounts.[1]


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Press call[]

Autograph sessions[]



Date Magazine Interviewees Notes
Mar Singles Lee Chang-sub, Ken [2]
Mar 16 The Musical Yumi Suzuki [3]
Apr 5 The Musical Chang-sub, Ken [4]
May 30 The Musical Jeong Hui [5]

The Musical



Date Station Interviewees Notes
Jan 23 Kim Shin-young's Noon Song of Hope Lee Sung-min, Lee Chang-sub, Ken [6]
Mar 8 Park Sun-yeong's Cinetown Sung-min, Jeong Hui [7]


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