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Bom Choon-sik (Hangul: 봄춘식) was the owner manager of a small restaurant in Seoul. He was the boss of part-time employees, Geum Jan-di and Chu Ga-eul.


Adult life[]

At some point, Choon-sik opened up a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. He hired Geum Jan-di and Chu Ga-eul as part-time employees.[1]

Supporting Jan-di[]

When Jan-di saved a Shinhwa School student, Choon-sik and Ga-eul were both engrossed in the media coverage of it.[1] Jan-di subsequently began attending Shinhwa and was having trouble. While listening to her and Ga-eul, Choon-sik appeared concerned and then happy when Jan-di said something hopeful. Later, the two girls wanted to go on a trip and Choon-sik predicted they would go south to a beach. His predication came true only seconds later.[2] A few days later, Choon-sik was worried about Ga-eul leaving and begged her not to. When he returned from the kitchen, she was gone. The next day, Jan-di was investigating photos of her passed out with a guy. Choon-sik made a correct guess about a third person being present, though he was dismissed by Ga-eul. He then pointed out something else which gave So Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin a lead.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]

Despite being the boss, Choon-sik acted more like a regular employee. His part-timers treated him like a friend or someone on par with themselves. Additionally, Ga-eul often became annoyed with him and would dismiss things he said. Choon-sik frequently made predictions about small happenings, such as Ga-eul leaving him alone in the restaurant.

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