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Cheng Mei Dai (Chinese: 鄭美黛; pinyin: Zhèng Měidài, born January 23, 1979 in Los Angeles, United States), now known as Belinda Cheng Lui, is a former Taiwanese-American actress and singer. She portrayed Bai He in the television drama, Meteor Garden. Cheng currently lives in the United States where she works as an event planner.


Early life[]

Cheng was born on January 23, 1979 in Los Angeles, California.[1] By 2001, she had an undergraduate degree[2] and later earned an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles.[3]


At fourteen-years-old, Cheng was discovered by musician Gao Pei Hua (高培華). She joined a girl group, called Beauty 4, with three others also discovered by Gao. They released an album in 2002, before eventually disbanding.[4] In 2001, she had a supporting role in the popular Taiwanese series, Meteor Garden as Bai He.[5]

Later in life, Cheng went into event planning; first working for a television marketing organization. She subsequently worked for a Los Angeles production company, mostly planning red carpet events. Cheng moved on to Disney Interactive, producing events for the gaming division of the The Walt Disney Company. Most recently, Cheng founded her own event company, Bookt Events.[3]

Personal life[]

Cheng married her husband, surname Lui, in 2012.[6] She is the mother of two children, a boy and a girl.[7]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden Bai He


  • She speaks English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese.[2]


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