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Xu Xi Yuan (Chinese: 徐熙媛; pinyin: Xú Xīyuàn, born October 6, 1976 in Taipei, Taiwan), also known as Barbie Hsu and Big S (大S Dà S), is a former Taiwanese actress, singer, and television host. She is a former member of the mandopop band ASOS with her sister, Dee. Hsu has been inactive as an actress since 2012, but still retains a presence in show business through modelling and variety shows.

She is best known for her portrayal of Dong Shan Cai in Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II.


Early life[]

Hsu was born on October 6, 1976 in Taipei, Taiwan. Hsu is a middle child, having an older sister Xu Xi Xian (徐熙嫻) and a younger sister Dee Hsu.[1] Their parents Huang Chun Mei (黃春梅) and Hsu Chien (徐堅) separated when their daughters were young but did not officially divorce until 2008.[2] Hsu's father passed away in late 2012 of liver cancer.[3]


Hsu formed the band SOS ("Sisters of Shu") with her sister Dee in 1994. They released their first album Zhanling Nianqing (佔領年輕), while attending Hwa Kang Arts School.[4] After graduating in 1996, they changed the name of the band to ASOS (徐氏姊妹; "A Sisters of Shu") for legal reasons.[5] In the late nineties, the sisters began hosting variety shows, including Guess[6] and 100% Entertainment. ASOS released their final album together, titled Biantai Shaonu (變態少女) in 2001.[4] In 1998, Hsu had her television debut in TVBS-G's Musical Love Story (音樂愛情故事) with Harlem Yu. A small role in Six Lines of Youth (2001) followed.

In 2001, Hsu starred as Dong Shan Cai in the popular idol drama Meteor Garden opposite Jerry Yan and Vic Chou.[7] She was nominated for a Golden Bell Award for her performance.[8] Hsu reprised her role in the 2002 sequel, Meteor Garden II.[9] The following year, she starred in Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story, a period drama based on Chinese folktales.[10][11] In 2004, Hsu starred alongside Blue Lan in the third segment of the anthology series Say Yes Enterprise[12] and with Meteor Garden costar Vic Chou in Mars.[13] She had her film debut in the horror flick The Ghost Inside in 2005.[14] Her next film Silk, also in the horror genre, was screened at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.[15]

In 2007, Hsu starred in the television drama Corner with Love, costarring Show Lo.[16] The following year, she appeared in two films, My So Called Love (愛的發聲練習)[17] and Connected, the latter being her first Hong Kong film.[18] Hsu starred opposite Louis Koo again in the comedy film On His Majesty's Secret Service, which premiered in 2009.[19] In 2010, she was the lead in Summer's Desire, an idol drama costarring Peter Ho and Huang Xiaoming.[20] The same year, Hsu also appeared in Hot Summer Days,[21] Future X-Cops,[22] Reign of Assassins,[23] and Adventure of the King.[24] The next year, she starred in the period film My Kingdom.[25] Hsu's latest film roles include Million Dollar Crocodile[26] and Motorway both released in 2012.[27]

Personal life[]


Hsu with Blue Lan


Hsu with Wang Xiao Fei


Hsu and Koo Jun-yup

Hsu and South Korean musician Koo Jun-yup dated for a year before breaking up in 1999.[28] She met Blue Lan while filming Meteor Garden in 2001.[29] They dated for a few years before breaking up in 2005.[30] Hsu next became romantically interested in Meteor Garden and Mars costar Vic Chou, whom was dating Beatrice Hsu at the time. They dated for two and a half years until January 2008.[31] She met entrepreneur Wang Xiao Fei (汪小菲) on September 29, 2010 at a mutual friend's party. They were engaged on October 22 and married in a civil ceremony in Beijing on November 16.[32] They held a wedding banquet in March 2011 on Hainan Island.[33]

After trying to conceive for two years, Hsu gave birth to a daughter, named Wang Xi Yue (汪希玥), on April 24, 2014.[34] The couple welcomed their second child, a son named Wang Xi Lin (汪希箖), on May 14, 2016. Hsu fainted while giving birth due to the pain of the contractions, which also caused her epilepsy to flare up.[35] She had two miscarriages in 2011 and 2018.[36] In June 2021, Hsu revealed her intentions to divorce Wang.[37] The couple officially announced their decision to divorce in November.[38]

On March 7, 2022, Hsu confirmed that she had married her ex-boyfriend Koo.[39] Koo revealed that he had contacted Hsu after her divorce and they reconnected.[40] The pair registered their marriage in Korea first, which allowed Koo to travel to Taiwan on a spousal visa.[41] On March 28, they registered their marriage in Taiwan.[42] The couple had a small ceremony and had wedding rings tattooed on their fingers.[43]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1998 Musical Love Story
2001 Six Lines of Youth Herself
Meteor Garden Dong Shan Cai
2002 Meteor Garden II Dong Shan Cai
The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra Ice Goddess
2003 Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story Nie Xiao Qian
2004 Say Yes Enterprise Xiao Niao Episodes 8-12
Mars Han Qi Luo
2005 Phantom Lover Tong Ruo Fan
2007 Corner with Love Yu Xin Lei
2010 Summer's Desire Yin Xia Mo


Year Title Role Notes
2005 The Ghost Inside Lin Xiao Yue
2006 Silk Su Yuan
2008 My So Called Love Xiao Mao
Connected Grace Wong
2009 On His Majesty's Secret Service Mei Xi Wang
2010 Hot Summer Days Ding Dong
Future X-Cops Wang Xue'e
Reign of Assassins Ye Zhanqing
Adventure of the King Li Fengjie
2011 My Kingdom Xi Mu Lan
2012 Million Dollar Crocodile Wen Yan
Motorway Yee


  • She originally turned down the role of Shan Cai in Meteor Garden, but decided to accept it after talking to her sister Dee who was fan of comics.[29]
  • Hsu has remained friends with producer Angie Chai in the years since Meteor Garden ended.
  • Hsu and her sister were good friends with Tony Fish. When he passed away in 2012, the sisters gave a speech at his memorial service.[44]
  • In April 2018, Hsu posted on social media that she began to dislike Shan Cai midway through production. She reported that she did not like her character's indesiveness.[45]
  • On a talk show in September 2018, she revealed her attempt to "match-make" Ken Chu and her sister, but nothing came of it. Chu was shocked, having never guessed it at the time.[46]

  • As the older sibling, she is nicknamed "Big S" while her younger sister Dee is called "Small S". Despite the nickname, the Hsu sisters actually have another older sister who is not in show business.
  • Hsu has several tattoos, including an angel wing that she got in July 2017[47] and her wedding ring on her left finger in 2022.[43] Two tattoos, a six-pointed star and a flower, can be spotted several times throughout Meteor Garden, while a third one on her ankle is occasionally visible.
  • She is a big fan of Takuya Kimura and has followed his career since she was fourteen.[48]
  • She voiced Helen Parr (Elastigirl) in the Taiwanese dub of The Incredibles and its sequel, while her sister Dee voiced Mirage.

  • She worked with Chai on Mars (2004) and Corner with Love (2007)
  • She starred in a segment of Say Yes Enterprise (2004) with her then boyfriend Blue Lan. Vanness Wu, Winnie Chien, Edward Ou and Dee Hsu also appeared in it, though all in different stories.
  • Hsu starred opposite Vic Chou in Mars (2004). They began dating the following year.
  • She appeared in Reign of Assassins (2010) with Pace Wu.

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