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"We couldn't stand you attracting so much attention. We wanted you to disappear sooner. That's why we let everyone know about the real you. We've spent so much time and money transforming ourselves into the best of all women we could be, so that we could marry the best of all men. Men, like F4, that's our goal."
—Bai He to Shan Cai[src]

Bai He (Chinese: 百合; pinyin: Bǎihé) was a student at Ying De Academy. She and her best friend Qian Hui were classmates of Dong Shan Cai. When Shan Cai began receiving attention from the F4, both girls started bullying her. They occasionally pretended to be Shan Cai's friend, such as when they thought she was dating Dao Ming Si.



Bai He attended Ying De Academy with her best friend, Qian Hui. They were in same homeroom as Dong Shan Cai. Bai He was nice to Shan Cai, though she also looked down on her.[1]

Bullying Shan Cai

Returning from winter break, Bai He noticed Shan Cai dealing with her broken down motorbike. She lent her Gucci handkerchief to clean her hands. Walking into school, Bai He and Qian Hui both tried to one-up each other on the things they got over the break. After Shan Cai received a red slip from the F4, Bai He and Qian Hui both participated in bullying her.[1] Later, she and Qian Hui spread rumors about Shan Cai and later pretended to be on her side. The girls invited her to a party, where they embarrassed her. Bai He told her that they "could [not] stand" her getting attention from the F4. Later, Shan Cai embarrassed Bai He in front of a guy and poured a drink on her. The next day, she and Qian Hui taped Shan Cai talking to Hua Ze Lei. They later harassed her until Dao Ming Si arrived and threatened to give them a red slip.[2]

Instead of going on the class trip to Hawaii, she went on a cruise with Qian Hui and the F4 around Taiwan. She was annoyed that Shan Cai was also on cruise. Bai He attended a party that night with the other students. She had Qian Hui make up a game by turning off the lights so she could kiss Dao Ming Si. To her horror, she accidentally kissed Chen Qing He instead. In another ploy to win Si's affections, she showed him a video of Shan Cai and Hua Ze Lei talking. She then attempted to comfort and flirt with him, which failed miserably.[3]

Believing that Shan Cai and Si were dating, Bai He and Qian Hui tried to befriend her. They invited her dancing, but became drunk and ended up leaving Shan Cai at the club. Qian Hui later received photos of Shan Cai with a foreigner that she showed to Bai He. The photos were posted around the school the next day. It was eventually revealed that neither Qian Hui nor Bai He spread the pictures.[4]

Physical appearance

She had medium length, brown hair, which she often wore down. Bai He typically wore what she considered trendy and expensive clothes and jewelry, which was mostly name brand. According to herself, she put a lot of time and money into her appearance.

Personality and traits

Despite showing a bit of kindness when she lent Shan Cai a handkerchief, Bai He was a jealous and cold-hearted person. She looked down on Shan Cai, because of her financial status. Bai He was extremely materialistic, and also valued money over looks or personality when it came to potential suitors.

Behind the scenes

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Character notes

  • Bai He is featured in the opening credits of every episode of Meteor Garden, despite not appearing in the latter part of the series.



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