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"BABY'S GROWING UP" (ベイビーズ グローイング アップ) is the fourth single of Japanese idol, Yuki Uchida. It served as the theme song for Hana Yori Dango (1995), a film also starring Uchida. Another song, titled "Nineteen," was also included on the single.

It was released by King Records on August 19, 1995 in Japan and reached #5 on the Oricon charts. Both songs on the single were written and composed by Tetsuya Komuro.


"Baby's Growing Up" was released on August 19, 1995, the same day as the film Hana Yori Dango.[1] Yuki Uchida, who performed the song, starred in the film alongside Shosuke Tanihara and Naohito Fujiki. "Baby's Growing Up" was written and composed by Tetsuya Komuro.[2] Earlier in 1995, Komuro collaborated with Uchida on her single "Only You."[3][4] A then unknown Tomomi Kahala contributed to the chorus of "Baby's Growing Up".[5]

Uchida included the slow version of "Baby's Growing Up to her second studio album, Mi-Chemin (1995). The regular version was also included in the compilation albums, Present (1997) and Uchida Yuki Perfect Best (2010).

A music video was created for "Baby's Growing Up." In it Uchida plays a young delinquent. She is first shown in a prison cell, before being taken through a crowd onto a bus. She manages to escape and runs to freedom by the end of the video.

Track listing[]

No. TitleWriter(s)Arrangers Length
1. "BABY'S GROWING UP"  Tetsuya KomuroTetsuya Komuro 4:52
2. "19"  KomuroKomuro 3:20
3. "BABY'S GROWING UP (Karaoke)"     4:52




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