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"I won the contest, but Tsukushi won the hearts of the entire audience at the concert hall. I realized the true reason why Tsukasa likes Tsukushi through this contest."
—Ayano Kurimaki[src]

Ayano Kurimaki (栗巻 あや乃 (くりまき あやの) Kurimaki Ayano) was the former fiancé of Tsukasa Domyoji. She lived overseas in London. Ayano was also a student at Eirin Academy.


Ayano was invited by Kaede Domyoji, the mother of her fiancé Tsukasa, to enter the Teen of Japan contest. She flew from London to join the competition.[1] Ayano performed a song on her violin in the first round. Before the second, a contestant speaking to Tsukushi Makino about Tsukasa. Sakurako Sanjo then revealed that Tsukasa was in love with Tsukushi. Ayano promised a "fair" fight to her, before proceeding to the next stage. She and Tsukushi became the two finalists of the contest. In the final round, Ayano and Tsukushi played with children to decide the winner. The children liked them both and refused to pick. Ayano was chosen as the winner based on total points. After winning the contest, Ayano visited Kaede to tell her that Tsukushi was "more suitable" for Tsukasa.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Ayano was generally considered pretty. She had long, brown, which she often wore in a half-up style. Her face was round and went well with her symmetrical features. Ayano's teeth were unique as the front two slightly protruded. She also had a good fashion sense and knew how to wear clothes to compliment herself.

Personality and traits[]

Overall, Ayano was a nice, elegant, and cultured person. She spoke English well, having lived overseas in London. Ayano was also able to play the violin. After learning about Tsukasa's love for Tsukushi, Ayano went up against her honestly in the competition. Ayano grew to admire Tsukushi, as she learned more about her. She realized that Tsukushi was "more suitable" for Tsukasa than herself.

Behind the scenes[]


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