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"Each time I'd open the door to the emergency staircase, my heart would pound. It was like I was going to see my one precious treasure. Rui Hanazawa..."
Tsukushi Makino

"Atami Night Love" (恋のアタミナイト (こいのあたみないと) Koi no Atami Naito) is the seventh episode of the anime adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. It first aired on October 20, 1996 in Japan and was followed by "The Nightmare of the Fall Term!!" The episode was written by Yumi Kageyama.

Tsukushi Makino is horrified when she shares her first kiss with Tsukasa Domyoji. Later, she witnesses Rui Hanazawa confess his feelings to Shizuka Todo. Tsukasa and Kazuya Aoike inadvertently manage to lift Tsukushi's spirits.


Tsukushi Makino is frozen in shock after realizing she just kissed Tsukasa Domyoji. Tsukasa blushes and tells her "I thought I felt someone sucking my face." Kazuya Aoike runs up to ask her if she really did kiss Tsukasa. Tsukushi covers her ears and quickly runs out of the room. Outside, she laments losing her first kiss to Tsukasa. He approaches her and clumsily tries to make conversation, asking things like "Don't tell me... You've never kissed anyone before?" Tsukasa then walks closer to her. Tears in her eyes, Tsukushi tells him to stay away and runs to the bathroom. There she drops her voice recorder, which repeats her saying "Cinderella for a night" earlier. Tsukushi calls herself stupid for ever thinking that.

Depressed, Tsukushi trudges back to Kazuya's villa and heads straight to her room, ignoring her mother. Tsukushi tries to make herself feel better, repeating that the kiss was "no big deal" several times. The next morning, onlookers stare at the F4 and Shizuka Todo. Tsukushi's mother tries to drag her towards them. Trying to defend her, Kazuya tells her parents about Tsukasa kissing her. However, this only encourages them. Tsukushi walks away from her parents, finding herself in front of Tsukasa. Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado tease them about their kiss. Tsukushi runs up to Rui Hanazawa, trying to explain what happened. He dismisses her, saying "I don't care who you kiss."

That night, Kazuya confronts Tsukasa about embarrassing Tsukushi. He declares "Now I'm gonna have to take you down!" Meanwhile, Tsukushi walks onto the yacht planning to return Shizuka's dress and shoes. She imagines kissing Tsukasa again and tells herself to forget about it. Tsukushi wanders around, attempting to find Shizuka's room. She first accidentally walks in on a couple kissing, before witnessing several of her classmates pairing off and going into rooms. Tsukushi finally sees Shizuka. She then overhears Shizuka ask Rui about if he likes Tsukushi. Rui becomes upset, accusing Shizuka of playing with his feelings. He tells her "The only one I want in my arms is..." and then drags her away.

Kazuya and Tsukasa are having a contest about who can catch the most squid. So far, Kazuya has caught ten while Tsukasa has caught none. Kazuya laughs when Tsukasa catches an octopus, which squirts him with ink. Tsukasa kicks him in retaliation. Kazuya tells him it is nothing compared to what Tsukasa has put Tsukushi through. He then tells him in length about how she was during their childhood. Tsukasa guesses that Kazuya likes Tsukushi and then states "Sorry to disappoint you, but she loves me." Kazuya calls him a liar and begins hitting him over and over again. At the same time, Tsukushi is sitting on the yacht's deck and goes over her memories of Rui. She fully realizes her how much she likes him and starts to cry.

Seconds later, Kazuya and Tsukasa walk up to Tsukushi. Tsukasa attempts to take credit for catching the squid, leading to a squabble, Tsukushi feels happy that she is not alone. Meanwhile, Rui stops kissing Shizuka. He is upset about how calm she is. She assures him that she is alright, saying "We are a man and a woman, and this is completely natural." Shizuka is about to kiss him again, when Tsukasa bursts in and invites them to eat squid. On deck, Tsukushi gives Rui a bite of her squid. She accidentally lets him know that she saw him with Shizuka, leading him to voice his frustrations with women. Tsukushi starts to cry and says "Please don't hate me." He answers "If I hated you, would I have helped you?"

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Chieko Makino Rumi Watanabe
Erika Ayuhara Sahori Kajikawa
Kazuya Aoike Yoji Ietomi
Minako Yamano Nami Sato
Rui Hanazawa Koji Yamamoto
Shizuka Todo Keiko Imamura
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida
Yasukichi Makino Nobuaki Suzuki
Yuriko Asai Yoshiko Shimizu



Chapters covered:
Arc: Atami
12, 13


Boys Over Flowers (anime) Episode 7 - Gift Announcement

  • In the original airing of this episode, there was a gift announcement following the preview of the eighth episode. Viewers wrote to the address provided for a chance to win a toy, the Voicel.[3]

  • The episode aired on the same day that chapter one hundred and four of the manga was published in Margaret.

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