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"Every time it's near a concert, he doesn't respond to texts and he's obsessed with women. But you know...the most fun in my life and the most I smile in my life is still when I'm with Mi-tan. I like myself when I'm with Mi-tan the best in the world. That's what it's like to be in love."
—Konno about Mi-tan[src]

Arisa Konno (紺野 亜里沙 (こんの ありさ) Konno Arisa) was a part-time employee at FamilyMart, where she worked with Oto Edogawa. She became close friends with Oto and her friends, Airi Maya and Megumi Nishidome. Konno was also engaged to Mi-tan, an aspiring musician.


Young adulthood[]

Arisa began dating Mi-tan, who was a musician, at some point.[1] She had been working at FamilyMart for a while when Oto Edogawa arrived. Arisa quickly took her under her wing.[2]

Working with Oto[]

Months later, Arisa teased Oto about being a "total rich girl" when she first started working at FamilyMart. A day or so later, Haruto Kaguragi invited Oto to his house and Arisa tagged along. She enjoyed the rich surroundings and free buffet. In her excitement, she accidentally tripped on something and spilled her plate on Haruto. Despite Arisa apologizing, he said some rather rude things, leading Oto to hit him with a slab of meat. Once Oto left, Arisa apologized for him getting "rejected because of [her]." Haruto denied that he had any feelings for her.[2] The next day, Oto called to apologize. Arisa, however, did not take his words to heart and even said that Haruto was a "good kid at heart." A few days later, she invited Oto and Haruto to have dinner at her home. She left them alone briefly to buy drinks.[3]

Arisa later noticed that Oto seemed "down". She encouraged her to "have fun" in order to "shake off that gloomy feeling." Haruto walked in seconds later, so Arisa arranged for the three of them and Mi-tan to hang out. The next day, they met at the batting cages. Haruto won a body pillow of Megumi Nishidome, which he gave to Arisa. They then went to a restaurant, where Airi Maya suddenly showed up.[1] A few days later, Oto told Arisa everything about what happened with Airi. Arisa surmised that Airi was jealous of Oto, though she still expressed some sympathy for her having no friends.[4] Two days later, Oto informed her about Megumi hanging around Haruto. Arisa guessed that Oto liked Haruto, though she refused to acknowledge it. She then went on to compare them to her relationship with Mi-tan.[5]

Befriending Megumi and Airi[]

A few days later, Oto introduced Arisa to her fiancé, Tenma Hase. She was very surprised as she had thought that Haruto was the person Oto liked. Later, she suggested an amusement park when Oto asked for date recommendations.[6] The next week, Oto informed Arisa that she was dropping out of Eitoku Academy. When Oto said her decision was "best" for Tenma and Haruto, Arisa questioned whether it was best for Oto herself.[7] After Oto decided to stay at Eitoku, she told Arisa about Haruto dating Megumi. She asked Oto how she felt about it and she admitted that she felt a "sting." Oto asserted that she thought it over and wanted to be with Tenma. Arisa told her that love did not work like that since it came from the heart. A couple days later, Arisa had a takoyaki party at Oto's house along with Megumi and Airi.[8]

The following week, Oto and Arisa met at a café to discuss her meeting with Tenma's parents. Arisa complimented Tenma, saying he was "refreshing and kind". A day later, Konno was having a takoyaki party at her house. She and Airi were waiting for Oto, when an upset Megumi showed up. Arisa sympathized with her troubles.[9] Oto visited Arisa later that night. She admitted to having feelings for Haruto, but planned to remain with Tenma. Konno was annoyed and explained that Oto was being unfair to everyone, including herself. Several days later, Arisa messaged Mi-tan about her dreams of her future husband and children, but he did not respond.[10] Though Arisa was upset, it turned out to be a misunderstanding. Mi-tan was saving money to buy her a ring. When he proposed, Arisa enthusiastically told him yes.[11]

Physical appearance[]

Arisa was Oto's older pretty coworker. She had black curly hair, which she usually wore up. Her bangs were short with two strands slightly longer. Arisa's wardrobe consisted of colorful, comfortable clothing.

Personality and traits[]

Being in her twenties, Arisa acted like an older sister to Oto and later Airi and Megumi. She taught Oto the basics of their job at FamilyMart. Arisa occasionally teased Oto because of her high class roots. She was always there for Oto whenever she needed advice. Arisa was also a fun-loving person, who enjoyed a mostly carefree life. Her dream was to marry and have a loving family with whom she could share takoyaki with.

Behind the scenes[]

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