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Tang Qi (Chinese: 唐琪; pinyin: Táng Qí, born 1941 in Taiwan), also known by her English name Angie Tang, is a Taiwanese actress and businesswoman. She is best known for her portrayal of Ms. Yu in Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II. Tang has also appeared in Devil Beside You, Miss No Good, and Ti Amo Chocolate.


Early life[]

Tang was born in 1941.[1]


Tang began her career by appearing in Hong Kong films, including Mistress (1965), Iron Petticoat (1969), and From Home with Love (1970). After a break, Tang returned to Hong Kong cinema in the early 1980s.[2] After appearing in Meteor Garden (2001) as Ms. Yu, she became known for her "grandmother" roles in idol dramas.[3] Tang has appeared in many Angie Chai produced dramas, including Devil Beside You (2005), Miss No Good (2008), and Fondant Garden (2012).

During the 1980s, after returning from the United States, she opened a cake shop named "United States Cakes" (花旗蛋糕) in Taipei. The chain soon had fifty branches.[4] The business closed in 2000.[5] In 2014, Tang briefly reopened the shop.[6] Due to financial pressure and her cancer diagnosis, she decided to close the business. In 2023, Tang reopened the business for a second time with the help of two friends. It was renamed to "United States Art Cakes" (花旗藝術蛋糕).[7] Following her Parkinson's diagnosis, Tang decided to hand her business over to younger people to carry on the name. She presented her last cake to her old friend, Chen Hong (陳鴻), at his book event.[8]

Personal life[]

Tang is married to man six years her senior. Their children currently live in the United States.[9] Tang was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma in 2014. Her diagnosis caused her to have panic attacks and depression.[7] In September 2023, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.[10]

Selected filmography[]

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden Ms. Yu
Love Scar Housekeeper
2002 Meteor Garden II Ms. Yu Episode 7
2005 Starry Night Grandma
Devil Beside You Grandma Jiang
2007 Sweet Relationship Tang Tang Jie
2008 Miss No Good Grandma Jia
2012 I Love You So Much Grandma Chang
Fondant Garden
Ti Amo Chocolate Fang Lin Wen Yue
2013 KO One Return Grandma Hao Episode 12
Marry or Not? Zhou Chun Ju
2014 Say Again Yes I Do Yuan Episodes 1-2


Year Title Role Notes
1965 Ling Rou Zhi Dao
1968 Spring Dream Without Trace
My Love For You Xiao Zhen
Drunken Knight's Ghostly Sword
I'm Madly in Love Li Zhen Yao
1969 The Mysterious Knight
Pigsy's Marriage
Iron Petticoat Jiang Mei
1970 The Flying Dragon
Single Girl
From Home with Love Mei Zhu
Vengeance of Snow-Maid Du Chan Juan
The Husband and the Pussycat
1971 The Fairy's Bride
The Sword
1980 Going Up Anybody
Tao Yan Gui
1981 Love Me, Love Me Not
1982 All the Corl One's Men
The Key Game
Not for Love or Money
Exposed to Danger
A Fairy to the World
Nightmarish Highway
Crazy Youth
1983 Temptation
1985 Pink Force Warriors
1990 Hua Shin Juanq Daw Goei


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