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"I said I liked you, but I don't think it's love. I think that love is nothing but an illusion. As I said a while ago, in three years, it'll fade away. If that's the case, there's no reason to go through so much suffering."
—Amon to Tsukushi[src]

Amon Kunisawa (国沢 亜門 (くにさわ あもん) Kunisawa Amon) was a college student and part-time bartender. Despite being no relation, he looked strikingly similar to Tsukasa Domyoji. Tsukasa's mother Kaede hired Amon to keep her son and Tsukushi Makino apart. After becoming interested in Tsukushi, Amon revealed Kaede's plot to her and they dated for a short time.


Early life[]

Amon's parents divorced he was a young child. He had not seen his father since then. In high school, his mother began dating someone and left Amon on his own.[3] After being abandoned by his parents, he in his own words "went a little wild," possibly referring to some criminal acts.[4]


By the time he was twenty-one, Amon was in his third-year of college. He worked part-time as a bartender to support himself.[1][5]

Working for Kaede[]


Amon finds Tsukushi's necklace

Amon: "I think I like you. Since your relationship with Tsukasa went sour, why don't you take me instead? How about it?"
Tsukushi: "Don't take me for a fool. Let me tell you something! I don't like Tsukasa's face, figure, or his personality. I don't give a damn if you look like him."
Tsukushi rejects Amon[src]

Amon was approached by two of Kaede's employees with a proposal to "trick" her son's girlfriend. He was curious and decided to accept the money.[6] Nearly a month later, Amon found a poster for a group date with Tsukushi in the picture. He paid three other college students to attend it with him.[7] On the date, the guys pretended Amon was their friend and referred to him as "Kiyonaga." He acted extremely rude towards Tsukushi who was thrown off by his resemblance to Tsukasa Domyoji. After she grabbed his cigarettes, Amon poured a drink on her head.[8] The girls left, but Tsukushi was separated from them. Amon followed her and dragged her into an alley. He claimed to be Tsukasa's cousin and then frightened her by pretending to strangle her, only to call it a joke. As she ran away, he said "See you later."[9]

Shortly, Amon waved at Tsukushi while she was sitting in a diner with Tsukasa. He quickly disappeared before being seen by Tsukasa. Amon presumably following them since he helped Tsukushi retrieve her necklace, which Tsukasa had tossed into the river. He caught her as she passed out.[10] Amon took Tsukushi to his apartment, where he looked after her for two days. When she finally woke up, he cooked her breakfast. She asked why he did not say anything to Tsukasa, to which he said "Cuz I hate him." Amon then offered to "pretend" to be him.[11] Tsukushi felt insulted and rejected his advances, saying "I don't give a damn if you look like him." After Tsukushi dressed in her uniform, Amon walked her home though she told him not to. He was invited in by her parents, whom mistook Amon for Tsukasa.[12]

After his arrival, Amon heard Tsukushi's father greet Tsukasa at the front door. Not wanting to be seen, he jumped from the second floor balcony onto the grass below. He promised Tsukushi that he would come back for his shoes. Later, Amon called one of Kaede's men to ask for "more time."[13] The next day, he returned to Tsukushi's place. She gave him his shoes and informed him that Tsukasa was determined to meet him. Before leaving, Amon handed Tsukushi a flower shaped like small lanterns and told her "You said the other that you future looked dark."[14] Amon waited for Tsukushi outside her home that night. He returned her necklace, which she forgot at his place. When their conversation eventually turned to Tsukasa, Amon eventually asked her "Why don't you give up on him and choose me, instead?"[7]

Exposing himself[]


Amon forcibly kisses Tsukushi

"Now, listen carefully. The reason I came all the way here is... I wanted to cancel my contract. I'm sick of lying. 'Cause I like this girl. If she was just a stupid chick, I planned to have some fun and toss her. Besides, I needed the money. But I find I can't do that now. I just wanted to let Tsukasa know that."
—Amon exposes himself to Tsukushi and the F4[src]

Amon tried to tell Tsukushi that he had been lying, but she did not believe him. He then asked again if she would "choose" him. She said no because she did not want to hurt Tsukasa, which Amon called "pity." He continued to goad her until she confessed her feelings for Tsukasa. Amon then held her as she cried.[15] The next day, Amon went to Eitoku Academy and revealed Kaede's plot to Tsukushi and the F4. He went on to admit that he liked Tsukushi. Tsukasa threatened to fight him until Tsukushi finally snapped. She then ordered Amon to follow her outside and then to take her to Kaede.[6] Amon devised a trip to "cool [her] down." They boarded a train and arrived at the airport. There Amon informed her that Kaede was overseas. He then suggested that she would have "an easier life" with him and revealed his real name.[1]

At a nearby café, Tsukushi told Amon that she still did not believe him yet. He promised her that he would not lie to her again. As they parted ways, he told Tsukushi that her feelings for Tsukasa would "fade" and for that reason she should not "cross that bridge."[16] Later that night, Tsukushi called Amon and said "I won't cross over the bridge."[17] The next day, Amon had developed a cold and called Tsukushi over to his apartment now that they were dating. She reluctantly cooked and cleaned for him. Before she left, Amon asked of she had been kissed before. He then carried her over to his bed.[3] Amon stopped when he realized she was thinking of Tsukasa. He then told her "Did you think that when a girl and a guy are together they just play patty cake?" As Tsukushi was leaving, Amon grabbed her and kissed her.[18]

Tsukushi's choice[]


Amon covers for Tsukushi in front of the secret police

Amon: "There won't be a happy ending. You know that? None of your problems have been resolved. He's really that great of a guy?"
Tsukushi: "I was broken in pieces, all this time. I thought too much, and got myself all confused. It was awful. But, finally, all the pieces are together. Even if I come to regret things, I like myself a lot better now."
— Amon and Tsukushi after she chooses Tsukasa[src]

The next day, Tsukasa came to see Amon while he was at work. He asked "Are you in love with Tsukushi?" Amon laughed and tried to intimidate Tsukasa. Tsukasa only said "She's mine" and left. After work, Amon visited Tsukushi to apologize for earlier. She accepted the apology, but firmly said "Don't ever touch me again." He agreed and made plans to go somewhere with her the next day.[5] Amon waited for Tsukushi outside her school the following afternoon. He suggested going to an amusement park and they headed to a bus stop.[4] To their surprise, Tsukasa showed up and begged Tsukushi not to go. Amon chastised him for "causing [Tsukushi] trouble," but Tsukasa ignored him. The bus arrived and Amon encouraged Tsukushi to get on it with him. However, she soon stopped the bus and got off while Amon remained.[19]

That night, when Tsukushi visited his apartment, he said "There won't be a happy ending." She explained that she had felt she was "broken in pieces" before, but liked herself now that the pieces were together. Amon then called Kaede's secretary and lied saying he was dating Tsukushi. He smiled and told her "You two should be free for a while." As she left, Amon asked "Is there a love that never fades?" She answered "Maybe it's the not knowing that makes it fun.[20] Two days later, Amon asked Tsukushi to meet at a café after being contacted by the Domyoji Secret Police, whom had asked when they were meeting next. There he pretended to act close to her and then informed her that they were being watched. As they talked, Tsukushi became nervous and Amon reminded her "You chose this path."[21]

Sometime later, Amon saw Tsukushi on television catching a baseball with Tsukasa in frame. She made a surprise visit to his apartment not long after. Tsukushi thanked him for covering for her, before revealing that she was going to New York to see Tsukasa. Amon wondered why she would "take on" his mother since she was "bound to lose." He then stated "You'll get shot down and come back in pieces." Tsukushi, however, smiled and said "I want to see him." After she left, Amon said "She's totally disorganized."[22] Some more time later, Amon watched Tsukasa on television announcing that he was going to New York for four years to learn about Domyoji Group. Upon seeing it, he said "So, he's finally going."[23] Amon continued living his life as usual, including keeping his job as a part-time bartender.[24]

Physical appearance[]

Amon had an extreme resemblance to Tsukasa, lending a believability that the two could be related. Kaede used this her advantage when choosing someone to steer Tsukushi away from Tsukasa. One notable difference was that Amon's hair was always straight, whereas Tsukasa's was only straight when it was wet. He also occasionally wore his hair in a ponytail.

Personality and traits[]

Amon did not believe in love, calling it an "illusion" and saying that it would "fade" within three years. This belief likely stemmed from his parents divorce and them eventually abandoning him. Amon was never serious about any girl, likely preferring short flings. After getting to know Tsukushi, he began to genuinely like her as a person. Amon seemed to remain firm in his beliefs about love while dating Tsukushi for a brief time. However, when she chose Tsukasa, Amon's opinion on love changed just slightly to the positive.

According to Amon, he "went a little wild" as a teenager, hinting at some criminal activity. Though he stopped engaging in such actions, he still showed a willingness to return to it when he agreed to trick Tsukushi for money. Amon showed a manipulative and sadistic side of himself towards Tsukushi. This included lying to her repeatedly and choking her at one point. However, he also showed a kind side to Tsukushi which ultimately changed her opinion of him.

Financial strength


Amon (亜門; あもん) means "subphylum," which is a taxonomic rank.[27][28] The first kanji (亜) has no direct meaning and is mostly used in compounds or as a prefix or affix.[29] The second (門) has a few meanings, including "gate."[30] Kunisawa (国沢; くにさわ) is a Japanese surname originating in Kochi Prefecture.[31] The kanji together mean nothing, but separately mean "country" (国)[32] and "swamp" or "grace" (沢).[33]

Behind the scenes[]

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