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"I thought she would adapt to her new environment and forget all about it. I was wrong. I didn't think Amei would get so upset. It was so heart-wrenching. I really regret what I did."
—Amei's mother to Haruto[src]

Hanawa ( (はなわ) ) was the mother of Amei Hanawa. She moved her family to Kyushu due to her daughter's poor health. There she stopped Haruto Kaguragi's emails to help Amei move on, which proved to have the opposite effect. She had remorse for her actions after seeing how Amei reacted.


Adult life

Her daughter, Amei Hanawa, was in poor health as a child. Her condition required surgery and a place with clean air to recuperate.[1] The family subsequently moved to Kyushu, when Amei was in the fourth grade.[2] To stop Amei's health from worsening, her mother then blocked Haruto Kaguragi's emails and made it seem like her daughter's were still going through.[3]

Back to Tokyo

Amei eventually recovered from her illness and the family moved back to Tokyo. One night, Amei returned home late. She startled her mother by yelling at her to show her the emails. Her mother apologized and tried to explain her reasons for hiding them.[3] The following weekend, Amei was hospitalized after passing out from over-exerting herself.[4] She slipped away at some point and Haruto brought her home later that night. After putting Amei to bed, her mother spoke to Haruto, expressing her regret over the emails. She then asked him to date Amei, which he refused since he had a girlfriend. He became upset and yelled at her, when she said "I don't care if you do it out of pity." Haruto assured her that Amei would not be alone since she had friends who would support her.[5]

Physical appearance

Hanawa had an average, normal appearance. Her hair, which she typically styled in an bun, was short, wavy, and of a light color. She usually wore traditional Japanese clothing, such as kimono and yukata.

Personality and traits

Above all, she was concerned about her daughter's health and well-being. As such, she was well-meaning like most parents. She exhibited this when she stopped Haruto's emails so her daughter's condition would not worsen. Hanawa later regretted her actions when she saw how upset Amei was. She then disregarded Haruto's feelings, when she asked him to date her daughter.

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