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"I thought if our misunderstanding was cleared up that things would change back. But nothing has changed in the slightest. I know now that Haruto isn't hung up on what could have been."
—Amei Hanawa[src]

Amei Hanawa (塙 雨依 (はなわ あめい) Hanawa Amei) was a childhood friend of the Correct 5. Her first love was Haruto Kaguragi. Their relationship ended due to a misunderstanding after she moved away. When she returned to Tokyo, she attempted to revive their romance though Haruto already had a girlfriend. She ultimately accepted it and moved on.


Early life[]


Young Amei

"Your dad just doesn't know your good qualities, Haruto. I know lots."
—Amei comforts Haruto[src]

Amei attended Eitoku Academy in elementary school. She had a serious illness when she was little. It became a source of insecurity for her, which eventually bonded her to Haruto Kaguragi who had problems with his father. The two spent much of their time together, becoming something like "sweethearts."[1] Through Haruto, Amei became friends with Airi Maya, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, and Issa Narumiya.[2] In her fourth year, Amei's illness required surgery in Germany and a place with clean air to recuperate.[3] Her family decided to move to Kyushu. Amei promised to return when she became healthy, asking Haruto to "keep loving [her] until then." In middle school, Haruto stopped replying to her emails.[4]

High school[]

Despite feeling forgotten by everyone, Amei's love for Haruto persisted and she retained hopes of returning to her friends in Tokyo in the future. As such, she never dated anyone while she was in Kyushu, though she reportedly had "lots of admirers."[2] After recovering from her illness, Amei's family moved back to Tokyo. She also made plans to transfer back to Eitoku.[4]

Return to Tokyo[]


Amei mad at being pushed away by Haruto

Amei: "Ever since getting back to Tokyo, I've realized that time has been passing. It seems like time only stood still for me."
Haruto: "Nothing's changed that much these last seven, eight years. Sugimaru and Issa are the same. You have always overthought things."
— Amei and Haruto[src]

Amei contacted Airi to tell her about moving back to Tokyo. Upon arriving, she went in search of Haruto's house, but became lost and asked a girl at a convenience store for directions.[5] Later that morning, Amei ran into Haruto by chance on the street. She jumped into his arms shouting "Long time no see!," before he pushed her away. Amei pointed at him and said "Is that any way to treat your first crush?"[6] She then recognized the girl from earlier whom Haruto introduced as his girlfriend, Oto Edogawa. Surprised, Amei said "What about me, Haruto?" before cheerfully introducing herself. He then rushed off with Oto. In Airi's car, she talked to Amei about Haruto and his relationship with Oto. When Amei asked if Airi was dating anyone, she told her about her double date with Kaito, Oto, and Haruto.[4]

The day of the date, Amei waited outside Oto's job and asked to tag along. Haruto, however, told her to go home. Amei apologized and made to leave, but Oto called her back. After eating hot dogs, the group decided to go on the pond and split into groups based on rock-paper-scissors. Now alone with Haruto, Amei asked him why he stopped messaging her. He denied it, saying he continued emailing her for six months.[3] Haruto then cut off the conversation, not wanting to discuss the past. She confessed that she felt "time only stood still for [her]." Haruto assured her "Nothing's changed that much." Happy that he stopped acting coldly, Amei asked him to treat her as a childhood friend. Afterwards, everyone, except Oto, went to Issa's house for Amei's welcome home party. She soon noticed Haruto slip away.[2]

Pursuing Haruto[]


Amei finds herself unable to forget Haruto

"Then why did you tell me those things?! Even now, I can't forget what you said. You said that you'd stay with me forever!"
—An upset Amei embraces Haruto[src]

Amei followed Haruto and witnessed him exiting his house with Oto later that night.[1] When she returned home, Amei confronted her mother and demanded to see Haruto's emails. The next morning, Amei arrived at Eitoku with the Correct 5. While hanging out, Amei brought up going on a trip together. Issa reminded her Oto would be invited too. Haruto then interrupted announcing that Oto's father wanted to meet him. Amei left the room and broke down crying, remembering the emails.[7] Later, before Haruto was to meet Oto's father, Amei chased down his car. She told him that she had read his emails. He said it was "the past," leading Amei to yell "Don't just say that like it's nothing!" She said "I can't forget you," before collapsing. Haruto then brought her to the hospital, where he waited hours for her family to arrive.[8]

Later that night, Amei waited outside Haruto's house. He thanked her "for [her] friendship back then." Amei became distressed, feeling she was being "dump[ed]." She gradually became more frantic until she embraced him and yelled "Why did you said that you'd stay with me forever?"[9] Haruto noticed Oto standing nearby and asked Amei to let go. She refused and squeezed tighter instead. He calmed her down by reminding her how she saved him and apologized to her for not being able to keep his promise. Amei eventually let go of her hold on him. Oto had disappeared in the meantime. Haruto then walked Amei to her home. There she listened in on her mother's conversation with Haruto. She cried silently as he said "Amei is out friend. We will all support her." The next morning, Amei much felt better.[10]

Amei later spoke with Airi about everything that had happened. Airi was surprised at how serious Amei had been about Haruto and then scolded her for trying to come between him and Oto. Amei agreed with her, realizing that Haruto was not "hung up" on the past unlike her. To cheer up Amei, Airi offered to take out her eat pancakes.[11] A couple days later, Amei went to speak to Oto's parents while she and the Correct 5 were abroad. She came to clear up their misunderstanding with Haruto, taking responsibility for making him late when she knew he was going to meet Oto's parents. Amei made a second apology shortly before departing.[12] Later, she ran into Issa in the hallway at school. Amei was smiling while being surrounded by her new friends. She excitedly told Issa "I've decided to enjoy my youth."[13]

Physical appearance[]

Amei was noted as being pretty from when she was little and later as a teenager. Issa called her "the cutest girl in school." In her childhood, she left her long hair down with a single braid on the right. Amei later cut her hair short to appear healthy for when she saw Haruto next. Her wardrobe consisted of simple but trendy clothing.

Personality and traits[]

As a child, Amei was prone to crying with her even admitting "I was born a crybaby." She was insecure about her illness, which made her unable to play with others. Amei became close to Haruto by confiding in each other. After moving to Kyushu, she felt that her friends had forgotten her which became another insecurity. Amei's personality became more "bubbly and upbeat" as a teenager due to her illness being cured.


Haruto: "It always rains when you cry. Does your name bring rain clouds?"
Amei: "Of course not! And even if you say that, I can't do anything about my name!"
— Haruto teases Amei about her name[src]

Amei's given name (雨依; あめい) contains two kanji. The first kanji means "rain" but can also refer to a "rainy day" or "rainy weather."[14] The second can mean "reliant," to "depend on," "consequently," or "therefore."[15] Her surname, Hanawa (塙; はなわ), contains only one kanji.[16] It translates to mountain or tableland. The name uses the kun'yomi pronunciation of the kanji.[17]

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