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"Are you serious about Tsukushi, Tsukasa? I'm totally cool with it. But I think at the end of the day, you'll have to go with whoever your parents chose for you. If it gets too serious... In the end, the one who'll get hurt is Makino, right?"
—Akira Mimasaka[src]

Akira Mimasaka (美作 あきら (みまさか あきら) Mimasaka Akira) was a member of the F4 with his friends, Tsukasa Domyoji, Sojiro Nishikado, and Rui Hanazawa. He was the "voice of reason" among his friends. His family was involved in the criminal underworld. After Tsukasa began dating Tsukushi Makino, Akira and the others became friends with her.


Early life[]


The F4 and Sakurako as children

Akira was born into a wealthy crime family.[4] He had younger twin sisters, named Emu and Memu.[5] Akira began attending Eitoku Academy in kindergarten with his childhood friends, Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Sojiro Nishikado.[6] They later became good friends with Shizuka Todo.[7]

High school[]

He and his friends eventually became known collectively as the F4. In high school, they were given "free reign" due to their parents donations. They abused their power, giving out red cards to students who angered them.[4]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Akira, Sojiro, and Tsukasa

Akira: "But you know, I've never seen that type of girl before. Even after that spectacle today, it didn't phase her."
Sojiro: "She is poor, but so strong. It's fun to bully her."
Akira: "That's right! It's true she's strong. The strength in her arm, doesn't it kinda remind you of Tsukasa's older sister?"
— Akira and Sojiro talk about Tsukushi[src]

The F4 first met Tsukushi Makino, when she protected her friend from Tsukasa's wrath. Tsukushi made Tsukasa angry, so a red card was given to her the next day. After a few days, Tsukasa became irritated that Tsukushi had not quit Eitoku. Akira, Sojiro, and Rui watched in shock as she punched him for insulting her family.[4] Akira mentioned that Tsukushi reminded him of Tsukasa's sister, while playing mahjong with Tsukasa and Sojiro. Tsukasa abruptly left the game to find an "easy target", which Sojiro and Akira correctly guessed was Rui. The F4 later picked Shizuka up from the airport, before taking her to her homecoming party.[8]

After Tsukasa and Tsukushi accidentally kiss, Akira and Sojiro tease him about it being his first kiss. Several days later, the F4 said goodbye to Shizuka at the airport. Rui then arrived to announce that he was following her to France. Akira and Sojiro quickly grabbed an apple to help Tsukasa and Rui reconcile.[7] Later, a photo of Tsukasa and Tsukushi was posted in Eitoku's cafeteria. Akira asked Tsukasa if he was dating her, which he did not deny. Tsukasa later surprised Akira, when he told him that he would "never hurt [Tsukushi]". The next day, Akira and Sojiro talked to Tsukushi's best friend, Yuki Matsuoka. They were concerned about their relationship, but Yuki insisted that it was "up to the two of them."[9]

Rui returns[]


Akira confronts Tsukasa

Akira: "Are you sure this is what you want?"
Tsukasa: "I don't feel like being lectured."
Akira: "You don't care if this destroys F4?"
— Akira is upset with Tsukasa for kicking Rui out of F4[src]

Sojiro and Akira offered their help to Tsukushi, when photos of her and a guy were spread around school. Akira was detained at Tsukushi's job to work in her place. The store quickly sold out of sweets since they were offering a kiss on the cheek from Akira with every purchase. Yuki left to find Tsukushi, while her boss, Sachiyo Sengoku, forced Akira to help her close. Akira and Sojiro eventually figured out that Sakurako Sanjo was behind the photos. They warned Tsukasa about her, though he had already decided to protect Tsukushi at that point. After the situation between Tsukasa and Tsukushi was cleared, Rui returned home from France.[6] They were ecstatic to be reunited with Rui and promptly went out to celebrate.[10]

Shortly after Rui's return, Tsukasa kicked him out of the F4, feeling that Rui had betrayed him. Akira and Sojiro attempted to convince Tsukasa to forgive Rui. Tsukasa refused, even when they informed him about Shizuka's possible engagement. Later, Akira professed his frustrations with Tsukasa to Sachiyo. She told him a story about an underappreciated reindeer, which cheered him up. Akira confronted Tsukasa that night. He told Tsukasa to think about his decision and tossed him an apple. Tsukasa later called Akira to tell him he was meeting Rui. The F4 then gathered by Shizuka's billboard. A fight ensued between Tsukasa and Rui, before Akira and Sojiro joined. By morning, the friends had made up.[11]

Akira, Sojiro, and Rui later learned from Yuki about Tsukushi's father begin laid off. The next day, Tsukushi filed a leave of absence from school. The F4 began suspecting Tsukasa's mother to be the perpetrator behind Tsukushi's misfortune. Tsukasa asked his friends to help prepare Tsukushi for the Teen of Japan contest. Akira attempted to teach her Mandarin.[12] At the contest, Akira and the others cheered on Tsukushi. Akira and Sojiro was increasingly surprised by Tsukushi's choices throughout the rounds. In the end, Tsukushi placed second, but the F4 still praised her. Sachiyo later revealed to Akira that she could not forget her true love. Akira was disappointed since he had developed a crush on her. That night, Sakurako asked him to spend Christmas Eve with her. He reluctantly agreed.[13]


Following Tsukasa's departure, Akira, Sojiro, and Rui graduated from Eitoku Academy in March 2006. At the same time, it was announced that they would donate money for the construction of the "F4 Lounge" in the cafeteria. They began attending Eitoku University sometime after. Tsukasa stopped contacting his friends and Tsukushi around this time.[14]

Tsukasa returns[]


Akira introduces his sisters to Tsukushi and Yuki

Akira: "When he was away from you all of last year, wasn't he always on your mind? Maybe it's none of my business, but I really think you're the best girl for Tsukasa."
Sojiro: "Only when he was crazy about you did he seem like a human being."
— Akira and Sojiro offer words of encouragement to Tsukushi[src]

The F4 celebrated the completion of the F4 Lounge in December 2006. Akira and Sojiro congratulated Tsukushi for appearing on Treasures, which they thought she did to get Tsukasa's attention. They were later surprised when Tsukushi received a red card. Near Christmas, Akira and Sojiro met up with Rui and Tsukushi in New York. The guys then went to see Tsukasa, who refused to explain anything. He ended up punching Sojiro, despite Akira's attempts to diffuse the situation. They met with him the next day, after Tsukushi went back to Japan. Tsukasa still refused to explain why he broke up with Tsukushi, though he did insist that he knew nothing about the red card. In January 2007, Tsukasa returned to Japan, and Akira and the others attended his birthday party.[14]

Tsukasa's engagement to Shigeru Okawahara was announced. He told his friends that he would not marry her. Akira and Sojiro tried to get her to give up on Tsukasa by taking her on a date. She saw through their plans. Afterwards, he and Sojiro met up with Tsukushi. Akira told her that he felt she was the "best girl" for Tsukasa.[15] Two days later, Tsukushi told Akira and Sojiro about deciding not to meet with Tsukasa. He arrived and began arguing with Tsukushi. After she left, Tsukasa revealed that he invited Shigeru because he wanted her to "see that she was nothing compared to [Tsukushi]." The next day, Akira had a gathering at his house. Several things happened, leading to everyone leaving for different reasons.[5]

Friends' troubles[]


Akira gives Shigeru some advice

Akira: "At this rate, I think your friendship with Tsukasa is gonna be in trouble."
Rui: "Who cares if things get worse? Besides, the decision isn't up to me or Tsukasa either. It's up to Tsukushi to decide."
— Akira is concerned about the F4 splitting up[src]

Later, Rui told Akira and Sojiro about kissing Tsukushi. Akira was uneasy about the news since he still believed that Tsukasa loved her. A couple minutes later, Tsukasa came by acting strange. His friends thought it was probably because his engagement was just made formal. Afterwards, Akira, Sojiro, and Rui went to visit Tsukushi in the hospital.[16] The next day, Shigeru called Akira to learn about Tsukasa and Tsukushi's relationship. Akira assured her that Tsukasa was "trying his best to say goodbye to [Tsukushi]." The F4 later met up at the F4 Lounge. Tsukasa and Rui got into a fight about Tsukushi, despite Akira's efforts to calm them down. The following day, Tsukasa asked Akira and Sojiro to help him with Susumu Makino. Together they prepared him to confess to his first love.[17]

Akira and Sojiro asked Rui again if he was "serious" about Tsukushi. They were especially worried now since it appeared that Tsukasa was focused on getting back together with Tsukushi. Rui simply told them that it was "up to [her] to decide." Later, Akira and Sojiro visited Yuki's tea ceremony club after Tsukushi mentioned it. Sojiro, however, left a few minutes later.[18] After Valentine's Day, Akira was unable to contact Sojiro for atleast a week. Tsukushi had not heard from Yuki either. Akira guessed that their disappearances were connected to Sojiro's first love, Sara Hinata. That night, Akira's connections saw Yuki around Tokyo Tower, which he promptly told Tsukasa and Tsukushi. Sojiro returned to Tokyo the next day.[19]

Supporting Tsukasa[]


Akira and Sojiro tell Tsukushi that Tsukasa has been disowned

"It's not possible for anyone else to know who the special people in your life are, right? It's like how you had someone who was special to you. Isn't that why you don't let girls ride your harley?"
—Akira to Sojiro[src]

Tsukasa later reported to Akira and Sojiro that he broke up with Shigeru. Akira told him that this was the start of his problems since he still had his mother and Rui to contend with. The next day, Rui recounted how Tsukasa begged on his hand and knees for him to give up on Tsukushi. Akira was stunned as he had never seen Tsukasa do something like that.[20] After Tsukasa's mother found out about his relationship with Tsukushi, Akira predicted that she was planning something "more terrible than ever." Akira was proven right when she cut off Tsukasa's credit cards. He, Sojiro, and Rui assured him that he would not have to worry about money. Later, Akira and Sojiro told Tsukushi about Tsukasa being disinherited and Domyoji Group's failed merger.[21]

After Tsukushi left Tsukasa, he found out that his mother had Ken Uchida faked his death. Tsukasa then decided that he was going to go after Tsukushi. Before Tsukasa left, Akira gave him some cash in case of emergencies. Tsukasa was later hospitalized and suffered from memory loss, forgetting about Tsukushi. At the hospital, met Umi Nakajima, who started hanging around Tsukasa.[22] Akira arranged a skiing trip to celebrate Tsukasa getting released. Umi also came, despite not being invited. At this point, Akira and Sojiro decided they would have to do something about her. Tsukushi later was lost in a snowstorm, after Umi told her that Yuki was outside. Tsukasa saved her in time and regained his memories. Some days later, Akira and his friends attend Eitoku's prom, where Tsukasa proposed to Tsukushi. Akira congratulated them by shouting "banzai".[23]


Following his college graduation, Akira became more involved in his father's crime empire. He spent roughly half the year overseas, particularly Hong Kong. Due to the nature of the industry, Akira's life was at risk nearly every day. Eventually, Akira decided to change how his crime syndicate worked, declaring that they would only do "just and honorable" things.[24]

Tsukasa's wedding[]


Akira makes an announcement to his crime empire

Akira: "Leave the money to us, all right?"
Sojiro: "Once the thief steals the tiara..."
Akira: "We'll hunt him down and drop him in the bay."
— Akira and Sojiro offer their help to Tsukushi and Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa publicly announced his and Tsukushi's wedding in early 2011. Akira, Rui, and Sojiro helped Tsukasa select a photo of Tsukushi for the announcement. A few days later, Akira told Tsukasa about "The Smile of Venus" tiara being put up for auction in Hong Kong. The next day, him, Sojiro, and Rui flew to Las Vegas, realizing that the couple was in serious trouble. All of them then proceeded to Hong Kong, where Akira, Sojiro, and Rui lent the couple money to win back the tiara. After the auction, Akira, Rui, and Sojiro learned that the tiara was a trial for Tsukushi and Tsukasa designed by their parents. The three of them then agreed to cooperate. A month or so later, Akira and Sojiro apologized to the couple, before bringing them to their wedding at Yebisu Garden Place.[24]

Physical appearance[]

He was deemed handsome and good-looking, much like his F4 friends. Akira had dark brown hair and eyes, which went well with his complexion. After graduating high school, Akira let his hair grow out to about medium-length. His wardrobe consisted of stylish, designer-brand shirts and pants.

Personality and traits[]

Akira was the "voice of reason" among the F4, being a calm and collected person. He could be considered the glue that kept his friends together. Therefore, he was deeply invested in his friendships, sometimes causing his friends to call Akira "nosy". Nevertheless, he was appreciated by his friends.

Akira was described as a "lady killer", preferring the company of older and sometimes married women. Another reason he liked older women was that they were the opposite of his mother, who he viewed as immature. He never allowed his relationships to become serious, knowing realistically that they could not last.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Abe, who is Chinese-Japanese, often speaks Mandarin in the series.
  • Akira's family has gained their wealth through organized crime, while in the manga his father runs a successful trading company.
  • In episode ten of Hana Nochi Hare (2018), Sojiro calls to tell him about Haruto and Oto.



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