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"We'll teach them that F4 is the four of us."
—Akira Mimasaka[src]

Akira Mimasaka (美作 あきら (みまさか あきら) Mimasaka Akira) was a member of the F4 and a student at Eitoku Academy. His best friends were Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Sojiro Nishikado. Akira was considered the most level-headed of his friends. During high school, he helped Tsukasa with his relationship to Tsukushi Makino.


Early life[]


A young Akira with Rui

Akira became friends with Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Sojiro Nishikado during their time in elementary school at Eitoku Academy.[4] The four boys became friends with Shizuka Todo, who was two years older, during this time.[5]

High school[]

By the time he and his friends were in high school, they had become known by the moniker F4 which was short for "Flower 4." The group was essentially allowed to do as they liked at school. At some point, they began entertaining themselves by giving out red cards which then caused the individual to be bullied by the other students. Said person usually ended up quitting Eitoku.[6]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Akira and Sojiro at school

Akira: "Now, there's a wild girl who's taken her place. Her name's Tsukushi Makino."
Tsukasa: "S-shut up! As if I'd give that pauper girl the time of day!"
— Akira tells Shizuka about Tsukasa's crush on Tsukushi[src]

The F4 met Tsukushi Makino when her friend tripped and landed on top of Tsukasa. Tsukushi insulted the F4 while standing up for her friend. They sent her a red card the next day. After enduring a day of bullying, Tsukushi declared war on the F4.[6] A couple days later, Tsukushi confronted Tsukushi and told him that she was a virgin. Akira, Sojiro, and Rui were perplexed by her outburst, though Tsukasa was sure it meant that she liked him.[4] The next day, Akira and Sojiro were having lunch when Tsukushi passed by. Sojiro invited her to join them. Akira began talking about Shizuka returning soon, leading Sojiro to mention her modelling campaign. Tsukushi then asked about her and her relationship with Rui. Sojiro told her all about Rui's childhood and Shizuka being his first love. Akira then joked "Goes to show, you gotta love older women."[7]

The following day, Shizuka flew in from France and greeted the F4 at Eitoku. They took her out to eat that night. Shizuka asked about Tsukasa's sister, leading Akira to tease "There's a wild girl who's taken her place." Tsukasa profusely denied liking Tsukushi. The next day, Tsukasa gave Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike a red card without asking the others.[5] The F4 were having lunch with Shizuka, when Tsukushi and Kazuya stumbled in chased by bullies. Rui protected her, which made Tsukasa angry. He then stormed off and yelled at Akira and Sojiro to follow him. They did so, telling him to "hold on." Later, since Tsukasa was still angry, Akira and Sojiro felt bad for Rui but had taken Tsukasa's side for the meantime. The next morning, Tsukasa declared that they were going to Atami for summer vacation.[8]

Akira and the others traveled to Atami via Tsukasa's yacht. He, Sojiro, and Shizuka brought Rui along without telling Tsukasa. Upon arrival, they ran into Tsukushi and Kazuya on the beach. Akira held Tsukasa back when he became annoyed at Rui for inviting Tsukushi to his party. That night, Akira was impressed with the makeover Shizuka gave Tsukushi.[9] The following morning, the F4 and Shizuka were at the beach together when Tsukushi approached. Akira teased her and Tsukasa for staring at each other. Sojiro then announced that he saw them kissing the previous night. Later that day, Akira went into a room with a girl despite his preference for older women. They were later interrupted by Tsukasa inviting everyone to eat squid on deck. Akira and Sojiro were annoyed, but sat down to eat anyway.[10]

Start of fall term[]


Akira and Sojiro give Tsukasa dating advice

Sojiro: "That look in his eyes!"
Akira: "I know... When he looks like that, he's dangerous. Three years ago, he beat up a kid in our class so bad he nearly died."
— Akira and Sojiro find themselves unable to calm down Tsukasa[src]

On the first day of the fall term, Tsukasa picked him and Sojiro up early for school. There Tsukasa pulled a childish prank on Tsukushi, leaving Akira and Sojiro exasperated. He then claimed to the two that Tsukushi was "crazy" about him, to which Akira said "I think he's got it wrong." Later that day, Tsukasa told them about seeing Tsukushi with Rui. Yuriko Asai and her friends then showed up with a video of the pair, which incensed Tsukasa. Akira and Sojiro realized too late how angry he was. His eyes frightened them, recalling an incident years earlier.[11] Tsukasa started hurting another student a little later. Akira yelled at him to stop, saying "You'll kill him!" He responded "Like anyone'll miss him when he's gone," leading Akira to say "There's no stopping him." Fortunately, a teacher was able to stop him.[12]

Akira went to Shizuka's birthday party with his friends several days later. At one point, he had to hold back Tsukushi from pummeling a producer too much. He told her "That's enough, you'll kill him!" Shortly, Shizuka announced to the party that she was going back to France and thereby giving up her family name. Akira was surprised by her decision, calling it a "bombshell."[13] Before Shizuka's departure, Akira tried several times to get ahold of Rui to no avail. Rui failed to show up at the airport while they were saying goodbye to her. She asked them to give him her regards. Rui arrived sometime after she left. He revealed to them that he was going after her, after Tsukushi had convinced him earlier. Akira was surprised stating he thought Tsukushi had a crush on Rui. They then watched his plane take off.[14]

The following day, Akira and Sojiro discovered Tsukasa reading a magazine on dating. Akira was happy that Tsukasa was finally interested in something besides bullying. The two then began giving him advice on what to do for his date. Akira's advice was a bit more mature than Sojiro's. Tsukasa then hit both of them, when Akira brought him losing his virginity finally.[15] A couple days later, Akira and Sojiro had heard about Tsukasa going on an overnight date with Tsukushi. They assumed that the couple had had sex and asked Tsukasa about it. He was actually clueless to their implications. Impressed by his answers, Akira told him "I'm sorry for ragging on you so much." Tsukushi happened to walk up at that time. Akira encouraged Tsukasa to say something to her and was annoyed when he only said "How are you?"[16]

Rui returns[]


Akira greets Rui when he returns from France

Akira: "We've had kids quit after receiving a red slip from us, but the F4 has never had anyone expelled. That's what was so cool about us. And to replace Rui with this guy, of all things?"
Sojiro: "Tsukasa, we don't need anyone to take Rui's place."
Akira: "He's been one of us since we were kids."
— Akira and Sojiro disagree with Tsukasa wanting to expel Rui[src]

A couple days later, Tsukushi introduced the guys to her friend, Sakurako Sanjo. He and Sojiro were taken in by her cute face. Akira commented "What a waste that someone that cute hates boys," to which she replied that she was ugly. From then on, the guys began spending a lot of time with Sakurako. She was comfortable around with guys within a few days.[17] The following day, Tsukasa became annoyed with Sakurako and yelled at her. He then accused Sojiro and Akira of "drool[ing] over her." Akira told him "That was too far."[18] Two days later, Tsukasa hanged some student from the school's roof by their ankles. Akira said "If you cut their ropes, they'll die," when he threatened to do so. He only agreed to let them go once Tsukushi interfered. Seconds later, they were surprised when Rui made his dramatic return.[19]

The F4 cut the rest of their classes to hang out together. The next day, the F4 heard about Sakurako having had plastic surgery done which changed her entire face. That night at a club, Rui was flirting with a girl. Akira said to Sojiro "I wonder if something happened with Shizuka?"[20] The next day, the F4 went on their annual trip to Tsukasa's family's island. Akira brought his older girlfriend, whom he introduced to Tsukushi on the plane.[2] That night, Tsukasa burst into his and Sojiro's rooms to report that Tsukushi was missing. It turned out she only went for a walk. In the morning, Kazuya and Sakurako suddenly arrived on his boat. He also brought news of Shizuka's supposed engagement. Akira and Sojiro asked Rui if he was okay with her getting married. Rui responded "It's over. All of it."[21]

The next morning, Akira and the others were forced to take Kazuya's boat home when Tsukasa departed on his jet without warning. Once they arrived home, Tsukasa told him and Sojiro about Rui kissing Tsukushi. They confronted Rui about it. Akira said "I may have stolen away a lot of guys' girls, but I'd never take one from a friend!" Tsukasa interrupted and declared that Rui was no longer their friend.[22] A couple days later, Tsukasa announced his decision to have Rui and Tsukushi expelled. Akira was against it, saying "He's been one of us since we were kids." The next day, the situation came to a head in the principal's office. Akira even questioned "Wasn't our bond stronger than anything?" Tsubaki Domyoji then made a suggestion to settle everything with sports. A three-on-three basketball match was decided on.[23]

Supporting Tsukasa[]


Akira, Sojiro, and Tsukasa at the basketball match

Sojiro: "So, where did you spend the night?"
Akira: "Maybe in a cabin, where you stripped down and warmed each other up? No way, right?"
— Sojiro and Akira tease Tsukushi and Tsukasa when they return[src]

At the match, Akira played with Tsukasa and Sojiro. Their team played well for most of the game. Near the end, Tsukasa started playing roughly with Rui and racked up several fouls. Akira were confused at first, before realizing Rui was using Tsukasa's temper against him. He refused to listen when Akira told him to "calm down." At ten seconds left, Tsukasa announced "I quit." Akira told him "You're the one who started this!"[24] After the match, Akira went to Tsukasa's house to wait for him. He and Sojiro learned that Rui and Tsukushi had not had sex yet, much to their surprise. Tsubaki then had them lock the couple in one of the room's. Sometime later, Tsukasa came home. Akira and Sojiro tried to avoid telling him about Tsukushi and Rui, but Tsubaki did so anyway. To their relief, Tsukasa took the news well.[25]

Later, Tsukasa informed his friends that he would be going to New York. They were concerned about him being gone for two years. A couple days later, the F4 and Tsubaki gathered at the airport to say goodbye to him.[26] The next day, Tsukushi told him and Sojiro about Tsukasa accidentally ending up in Canada. Akira burst out laughing, saying "It's just like him." He then said it was a "good excuse" for a trip. After a day of snowboarding, it was revealed that Yuriko, who had tagged along, tricked Tsukushi into going out during a snowstorm.[27] Tsukasa immediately went out after her. When they returned in the morning, everyone greeted them happily. Over breakfast, Akira and Sojiro teased Tsukushi and Tsukasa about how they likely spent the previous night cuddling near a fire, which turned out to be true.[28]

After returning to school, Akira teased Tsukasa and Tsukushi for blushing, saying "Didn't you two warm each other with your bare bodies?" She yelled "I don't even want to think about it!" which lead to an argument with Tsukasa. Later, when Sojiro teased Tsukasa again, he said insulting things about Tsukushi.[29] A couple days later, they were unable to locate Tsukasa and became worried. They asked Tsukushi, but she had no idea about where he was. Akira said "He can be pretty vicious, you know" to her, before they continued their search.[30] They finally found him at his house the next day. When they asked about Tsukushi getting a red card, he had no idea about it. A message arrived shortly telling Tsukasa to go to the old gym. While waiting, Akira declared "We'll teach them that F4 is the four of us."[31]

Tsukasa's mother[]


Akira tired after Tsukasa's party

Sojiro: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an ordinary girl like you."
Akira: "A wealth very few girls in the world can ever hope for. The upper class awaits you."
Sojiro: "Stop waffling and date him, will you?"
Akira: "It's annoying, watching you two."
— Sojiro and Akira try to convince Tsukushi to date Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa was later sent to the hospital for his injuries. The next day, the guys played a joke on Tsukushi by pretending that Tsukasa had died. She did not find it funny and nearly throttled Tsukasa. Akira, Sojiro, and Rui then left to beat up the people who attacked Tsukasa and Tsukushi. They brought photos as proof the next day. Akira and Sojiro then put on pressure for Tsukushi to start dating Tsukasa. She ended up comparing Tsukasa to a dog in order to leave.[32] Several days later, they attended Tsukasa's birthday party. Akira asked Tsubaki to lend Tsukushi a different dress. The guys explained to her about Tsukasa's hard-to-please mother and that they would all have arranged marriages in the future. Sojiro asked her to play along temporarily since she and Tsukasa would not be able to be together long term.[33]

When Tsukasa's mother began questioning Tsukushi, Akira and Sojiro attempted to cover for her. Kaede told them to "stay out of this.". Rui lied about Tsukushi's father being a company president, which Akira and Sojiro backed up. The lie was ultimately exposed, forcing Tsukasa and Tsukushi to escape. Later that night, Akira, Sojiro, and Rui went to a bar. He wondered if Tsukushi would consider dating Tsukasa now. All three of them sighed, apparently not having much hope.[34] The next day, the guys met at Sojiro's house. Akira asked Tsukasa if he had slept with Tsukushi. He revealed that nothing happened, leading Akira to call it "embarrassing" for him to be a virgin at eighteen. Tsukasa then hit him and Sojiro, before yelling "I don't want to force her into doing it!" The two guys began giving him advice on sex.[35]

The next day, an annoyed Tsukushi congratulated Tsukasa on his engagement, much to Akira's and Sojiro's shock. After she stormed off, Tsukasa explained to the guys' about his mother arranging his betrothal to Shigeru Okawahara. Akira and Sojiro felt he was being used by his mother to expand her business. In the courtyard, Akira spotted Tsukushi and alerted Tsukasa. They approached her, before noticing another girl, Shigeru, sitting next to her. Shigeru ended up punching Tsukasa as the guys and Tsukushi watched in shock.[36] Once he recovered from the punch, Akira and Sojiro sensed Tsukasa's anger. They held his hands to keep him from hitting Shigeru, though he claimed that he would not. He and Sojiro asked Tsukushi to take her away. She ignored them, but Shigeru followed her anyway.[37]

Problems with Shigeru[]


Akira comforts Tsukushi

Sojiro: "Well, those two got weird after going to that monkey's villa with you."
Akira: "Something must have happened, right?"
Tsukushi: "I don't know. If they're acting weird, it's got nothing to do with me!"
— Akira and Sojiro become concerned about Tsukasa and Rui[src]

That night, Akira went with the others to Tsukasa's house. He seemed depressed. Akira and Sojiro felt they had to do something and asked Shigeru on a date. She tortured them the whole day, before revealing she was aware of their intentions. Later, the two guys went to a café with Tsukushi. She informed them that she had broken up with Tsukasa. They were upset at first, but eventually saw her point of view.[38] The next day, Tsukushi told the guys about Tsukasa asking Shigeru out. They were amazed that he would say anything along those lines. Tsukasa himself joined them shortly and confirmed the news.[39] Later, Rui told Akira and Sojiro about what happened at Shigeru's villa. They teased Tsukushi and Tsukasa separately, annoying them both. When Tsukasa walked off, Sojiro and Akira followed after him.[40]

Some days later, Akira was talking about a new club but Tsukasa and Rui were not interested. They later asked Tsukushi if something had happened at Shigeru's villa since Tsukasa and Rui had been acting "weird" since then. She yelled "It's got nothing to do with me!"[41] The following day, the guys were surprised when Shigeru was able to easily transfer to Eitoku. Akira stated "Seems there's nothing you can't do if you've got enough money."[42] After learning Rui was returning to France, Akira and Sojiro discussed throwing a party. Shigeru then approached and asked Tsukasa to stop Tsukushi from taking the exchange program exam. He said that she would not be able to past anyway, which Tsukushi overheard. Once the girls left, Akira said "Your timing couldn't be worse." Tsukasa told him to "shut up."[43]

Sometime later, the F4 viewed Tsukushi's exam results at the notice board. Akira was impressed with her passing, saying "Makino sure has willpower."[44] The following day, Tsukushi asked the guys if they had seen Tsukasa. Akira thought he was just "playing hooky," but later became worried. After school, they all headed to his house. There Tsukushi had a confrontation with his mother, which ended her in breaking up with Tsukasa.[45] Over the next three months, life became quiet for Akira and Sojiro after Rui and Tsukasa both left Eitoku. They attended Tsukasa's and Shigeru's wedding and played a part in her scheme. After Tsukushi boarded the cruise ship, Shigeru jumped off and the guys pulled her onto Kazuya's boat. While watching the pair leave, Akira wondered "Will this really smooth things out between them?"[3]

Physical appearance[]

Because of their good looks, Akira and his friends were collectively called the F4 (Flower Four). Akira had long, almost shoulder-length wavy hair, which he occasionally put in a ponytail. His wardrobe consisted of colorful, preppy-type clothing, such as sweaters and scarves.

Personality and traits[]

He was the most mature of his friends, though it should be noted that he still had other students bullied for no reason. Akira tended to be the voice of reason among his friends, though they rarely listened to him. He was also characterized as a playboy, much like Sojiro. Akira was primarily attracted to older women, though he occasionally went out with girls his own age. His relationships with older women usually long-term, whereas he only had one time flings with young women. Nevertheless, Akira did not take any of his relationships seriously since he always knew his parents would arrange his marriage.

Behind the scenes[]

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Akira (orange) in the film

  • Mochizuki also voices him in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997),[48] in which he has a minor part. Set in New York City, Akira is a choreographer and dancer at a studio where his friends work as well. After Sakurako is injured, Akira announces that her role has to be recast.



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