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"Your father didn't call me from France yesterday. I wonder if he's stopped loving me. He told me that he would love me forever."
—Akira's mother's tendency to overeact[src]

Mimasaka (美作 (みまさか) ) was the mother of Akira, and twins, Emu and Memu. She was married to her husband, who operated a trading company. Mimasaka had a youthful appearance for her age as well as a childish personality. Akira often had to take care of her, such as calming her down when she overreacted to things.


Early life[]

Mimasaka married her husband, the owner of a successful trading company. At age twenty, she gave birth to their son Akira. Several years later, she had twins Emu and Memu.[1]

Adult life[]

By age thirty-eight, Mimasaka retained her youthful appearance and personality. Her husband traveled abroad for his work a lot, leading her to worry whether he still loved her. She often brought her worries to her son. Akira would then calm her down by convincing her to simply contact her husband.[2] One day, Akira brought a friend, Tsukushi Makino, to their house. His mother noted that it was the first time he had brought a girl home. She then asked Akira whether he was sure he did not want to go to visit his father in Spain. He replied no. She left shortly with the twins, whom cried since they wanted to stay with their brother.[1] About three years later, she and her husband were visiting in Switzerland. Akira sent the twins along later for a three week vacation.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Mimasaka was known for her youthful appearance, even at age thirty eight. Akira, in fact, had to correct Tsukushi when she mistook her for an older sister. Mimasaka's face was round and smooth, which framed her bright eyes and small nose. She had long, wavy hair which she usually wore half-up. Her clothes tended to be stereotypical feminine clothing, such as long, billowy dresses with frills and lace. Additionally, her ears were pierced though she did not wear much jewelry.

Personality and traits[]

For the most part, she was a cheerful, kind person though her personality was notably childish. This often resulted in Akira taking care of her instead of the other way around. She tended overreact, such as assuming her husband did not love her when he forgot to call. Mimasaka refused to call him first since that would mean she lost their "love battle." She particularly loved spending time with her twin daughters, whom had similar personalities to her. Her aesthetic in decorating were frills, bunnies, along with architecture inspired by Anne of Green Gables.


Mimasaka (美作; みまさか) is a surname made up of two kanji. The first means "beauty"[4] and the second "make," "production," or "build."[5] Mimasaka is also the name of a city in Okayama Prefecture.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes


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Mimi Yang as Mei Zuo's mother

  • Mei Zuo's (Akira) mother is played by Mimi Yang, who is Vanness Wu's real life mother. Producers surprised Wu with her at rehearsal.[8] In Meteor Garden II (2002), she sets up Mei Zuo with Yin Xiao Qiao though he is against it. His mother informs him that she will set him up with other girls if does not like her, leading him to reluctantly agree to start seeing Xiao Qiao. Unlike in the manga, Mei Zuo's mother seems like a normal, wealthy woman. She does not act really young or dress in frilly clothing.

Tomomi Nishimura as Akira's mother



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