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"I'm like the crescent moon that hides in the shadow of the sun. I'm the crescent moon that can never become a full moon. I think what I need is a girl like this. Someone who has the power to turn me into a full moon."
—Akira Mimasaka[src]

Akira Mimasaka (美作 あきら (みまさか あきら) Mimasaka Akira) was a member of the F4, consisting of his friends Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Sojiro Nishikado. Being the most mature, Akira held the F4 together. His family consisted of his father, mother, and twin sisters, Emu and Memu. Akira was also known for his interest in older women.


Early life

Akira as a child

Akira was born on February 28.[1] His mother was twenty years old when she gave birth to him. Akira's father ran a comprehensive trading company.[9] In kindergarten, he became friends with Tsukasa Domyoji, Sojiro Nishikado, and Rui Hanazawa. They also met Shizuka Todo around this time.[10] One Christmas, Akira made decorations for a party that never happened since Tsukasa hosted a costume character show instead. Akira was sad about his work going to waste. The boys' came over to house the next day, likely to make it up to him.[11]

When Akira was older, his younger twin sisters Emu and Memu were born. The girls adored him and often clamored to be carried by him. Akira also had to take care of his youthful, immature mother. His mother and sisters ultimately contributed to him being attracted to "older, more settled women."[11] Akira was in middle school when he lost his virginity to a servant who was five years older than him.[12]

High school

After graduating from middle school, Akira moved on to Eitoku Senior High with his childhood friends. They became known as the F4 at some point. The group used their families status' to defy school policies, such as wearing street clothes. They eventually became leaders of the school. Instead of using their power for good, the F4 instilled fear in the students by handing out red cards to those who opposed them. The students who received said red cards often left the school after being bullied by their classmates.[13]

Meeting Tsukushi

Akira and his friends, Sojiro, Rui, and Tsukasa

Akira: "Going after a guy's okay...but bullying a girl isn't my speed."
Sojiro: "Besides, what's it have to do with us? You got kicked, Tsukasa, and now you're all mad."
— Akira and Sojiro decide to stop bullying Tsukushi[src]

Akira and the F4 first encountered Tsukushi Makino, when her friend hit Tsukasa by accident. Tsukushi protected her, earning herself a red card. However, instead of quietly leaving school, Tsukushi stood up to them by giving them her own "declaration of war."[13] Akira and Sojiro were impressed by her "spunky" actions, though they did not think she would last long. Later, Akira commented that Tsukushi was "kinda cute" up close, while Sojiro compared her to Tsukasa's sister.[14] A couple days later, Akira heard that Tsukasa had hired some guys to hurt Tsukushi. He called it "sick" and questioned whether Tsukasa was responding to his sister's abuse from when he was a child.[15] Several days later, Akira and Sojiro decided to leave Tsukushi alone. Akira said "Going after a guy's okay, but bullying a girl isn't my speed."[16]

The next day, Akira and Sojiro were eating lunch while discussing Shizuka. Tsukushi happened to walk by, so they invited her to join them. They revealed to her that Shizuka was Rui's first love.[10] Shizuka arrived the following day at Eitoku. She greeted Akira, Sojiro, Tsukasa, and Rui each with a kiss. They then left to go to a dance club.[17] A day later, Tsukasa became jealous of Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike. He gave Kazuya a red slip without asking the others, which Akira complained about during lunch with Shizuka at the university. Tsukushi and Kazuya entered the room shortly, having been chased there by bullies.[18] Rui protected Tsukushi, angering Tsukasa, who responded by ending his friendship with Rui. A couple of days later, Tsukasa told Akira and Sojiro that they were going to Atami for summer vacation.[19]

Akira and the others traveled to Atami on Tsukasa's yacht. They arrived at the beach, where they were surprised to meet Tsukushi along with Kazuya and her parents. Before that night's party, Shizuka gave Tsukushi a makeover. Akira praised her skills, saying "Gotta hand it to Shizuka."[20] The next morning, Akira teased Tsukasa and Tsukushi about staring at each other. Sojiro then mentioned seeing them kiss at the party. That night, Tsukushi accidentally walked in on Akira and Sojiro in a room with three girls. She was quickly kicked out.[21] They were interrupted again when Tsukasa burst into the room. He invited them to eat fish on the ship's deck. Akira was shocked to learn that Tsukasa spent his whole night fishing. Tsukasa asked them to take a piece to grilled fish to Rui, but they refused telling him to do it himself.[22]

Start of fall term

Akira and Sojiro give Tsukasa dating advice

Tsukasa: "It's the first time in my life anyone's made such a fool of me."
Sojiro: "Are you serious? Forget about that pauper."
Akira: "Rui's so stuck on Shizuka, he doesn't even care if Tsukushi's alive."
— Akira and Sojiro try to calm down Tsukasa[src]

On the first day of the fall term, Tsukasa picked up Akira and Sojiro early for school. The two were dumbfounded when they realized his reason was to play a childish prank on Tsukushi. He then claimed that Tsukushi was in love with him, though they did not believe him. Later, he asked them about Tsukushi meeting Rui at the emergency stairwell. Yuriko Asai and her friends interrupted to show Tsukasa a video of Tsukushi and Rui.[23] Enraged, Tsukasa hit Yuriko when she tried to touch him. Akira said "Tsukushi Makino's really something to take on the F4," adding that he never thought she liked Tsukasa. He and Sojiro were frightened by the look in Tsukasa's eye. He soon went on a rampage. Akira tried to stop from harming a student, but realized "Nothing's gonna stop him now."[24]

A few days later, Akira attended Shizuka's birthday party with the others. Later on, Tsukushi beat up a man for harassing a girl. Akira eventually held her back, saying "That's enough, Tsukushi. You'll kill him."[25] Shizuka soon announced her return to France. Akira exclaimed "What a bombshell."[26] The next day, a student dropped a coin in Tsukushi's drink and she drank it. Akira was grossed out by it. Nearby, they overheard some girls scheming about trying to catch Rui. Akira said "They'll be lucky if he says hello."[27] On the day of Shizuka's departure, he and Sojiro tried several times to contact Rui. He finally showed up after Shizuka left and revealed to the others that he was going after her. Akira and Sojiro were surprised that Tsukushi had persuaded Rui since they thought she had a crush on him.[28]

The following day, Akira and Sojiro caught Tsukasa reading a book about dating. They assumed he was going out with a model from Shizuka's party. Akira said "If you base your info on that nonsense, she'll just laugh at you." They then described their ideal dates with Akira's leaning more on the mature side.[29] The two later heard that he went on an overnight date with Tsukushi and assumed that they had had sex. When they asked him about it, they were both impressed by his answers though he actually had no idea what they were talking about. Akira even apologized for "making fun of [him] all this time." When Tsukushi walked up, Akira and Sojiro teased Tsukasa for being so "uptight" around her.[30] The next day, Tsukushi ate lunch with the F4. She suddenly dropped her spoon, making a loud noise that irritated Akira.[31]

Rui returns

Rui surprises his friends with his sudden return

Sojiro: "I'll admit I've slept with a lot of girls who had boyfriends. But I'd never do it to a friend! Never!"
Rui: "I feel bad about what I did to Tsukasa."
Akira: "If you feel bad about it, don't do it! If you can't have Shizuka, then Tsukushi will do? Is that it?"
— Sojiro and Akira confront Rui[src]

Later, Tsukushi introduced Sakurako Sanjo to the guys. Akira invited her to sit next to him.[32] Despite claiming to be afraid of boys, Sakurako was soon comfortable around them.[33] Later, Akira defended Sakurako when Tsukasa yelled at her.[34] At some point, Akira slept with Sakurako even though he only liked older women. She had told him "You're the only one." He was later surprised to find out that she had also slept with Sojiro and said the same thing to him.[8] The next day, Akira and Sojiro found that Tsukasa had strung up several students by their ankles from the roof. The two had no idea why he was doing that.[35] Rui then opened the door of the roof and declared "I'm back." Though Surprised, the F4 greeted him warmly. They then decided to cut the rest of the day to hang out.[36]

Sakurako's past came to light the next day, but Akira did not recall her. The same night, the F4 went to a night club. Commenting on Rui's change, Akira said "I wonder if something happened with Shizuka."[37] The following day, they went on a trip to Tsukasa's family's island. Akira brought his older married girlfriend along.[7] That night, he made special cocktails for everyone.[38] Tsukasa later woke up Akira and Sojiro, when Tsukushi disappeared though she had just gone for a walk.[39] The next morning, Kazuya, Sakurako and Thomas arrived while they were on the beach. Kazuya brought news of Shizuka's engagement. Akira asked Rui "Are you okay with it?" to which he replied "It's all over."[40] The next day, everyone had to take Kazuya's boat home when Tsukasa left by himself on his jet.[41]

Rift in the F4

Akira, Sojiro, and Tsukasa go to meet the new F4 member

"If you have Rui expelled, I'll quit school too. I've had enough of this! What happened to the F4?! Wasn't our bond stronger than anything?!"
—Akira is upset when Tsukasa tries to have Rui expelled[src]

After returning to Tokyo, Tsukasa informed Akira and Sojiro about seeing Rui and Tsukushi kiss. They confronted Rui about it. He admitted to feeling "bad" about it, to which Akira responded "If you feel bad about it, don't do it!" Tsukasa eventually interrupted to declare "You're not one of us" to Rui.[42] A few days later, Akira was surprised when Tsukasa brought Sakurako along to hang out with them. He and Sojiro lost track of them at some point and decided to head home on their own.[43] Later at school, Tsukasa made an announcement that Kazuya was replacing Rui in the F4. Akira and Sojiro went along with it at first, though they were not happy about it.[44] Tsukasa then announced that he wanted Tsukushi and Rui expelled from school. That night, Akira and Sojiro tried to talk him out of doing it, but were unable to.[45]

The next day, Tsukasa's sister Tsubaki intercepted her brother's attempt to blackmail the principal. Tsukushi then promised to leave the school, while Rui said the same thing. Akira also declared he would leave too, becoming emotional as he said "I've had enough of this!" Tsubaki interrupted everyone and told them to settle the matter through "sports." A three-on-three basketball match was decided on.[46] Together Akira and Sojiro agreed to win the match and "talk Tsukasa out of this idiocy later."[47] The next day, the match was held at Eitoku to much fanfare. They played well against Rui, Tsukushi, and Kazuya until Tsukasa started acting erratically. Akira and Sojiro eventually realized that Rui was using Tsukasa's jealously against him. Akira tried to calm down Tsukasa, who then hit him in response.[48]

With only ten seconds left, Tsukasa shocked everyone by declaring "I quit" and then walking off. Akira and Sojiro expressed their annoyance at his "selfish" behavior. Tsubaki pointed out that they still got the outcome they wanted.[47] Afterwards, they all celebrated at the Domyojis'. At one point, Akira and Sojiro asked Rui "how far [he had] gone" with Tsukushi. They were surprised to learn that they had not had sex yet. Tsubaki then offered Rui and Tsukushi one of the guest rooms, which Akira and Sojiro locked them into.[49] Later on, they were talking about the couple when Tsukasa arrived home. Akira noticed him first and tried to stop Sojiro from talking, before attempting to placate him. Tsubaki instead was honest about what was happening. Tsukasa took the news well, leaving Akira and Sojiro shocked but pleased.[50]

Teen of Japan

The F4 clap for Tsukushi at TOJ

Tsukasa: "We've got to make Tsukushi look like she deserves me!"
Akira: "On one hand, we have a guy who'd give up his family to be with Tsukushi..."
Sojiro: "And on the other, one who wants to change her to protect his ego."
Rui: "I think we have a winner."
— Tsukasa tells the F3 about entering Tsukushi in Teen of Japan[src]

The next day, Akira and Sojiro spied on Tsukasa talking normally to Tsukushi. Akira told him "All that practice paid off."[51] Later that day, he was impressed about Tsukasa making up his mind to get over Tsukushi, though he was still irritated with Rui. Once Tsukasa stormed away, Akira and Sojiro asked Rui about his night with Tsukushi. He revealed that nothing had happened since he felt he could not betray Tsukasa.[52] The next day, Akira and the others learned that Tsukasa was going to New York. They became upset when he informed them he would be there for two years.[53] That night, the F4 held a going-away party for Tsukasa. Akira wondered why Tsukushi did not show up. Kazuya then revealed her recent money troubles. The next morning, Akira and the others saw off Tsukasa and Tsubaki at the airport.[54]

Tsukasa returned to school only four days later. He told his friends "It was so boring, so I came back." Akira answered "How can you know that in four days?!"[55] The F4 decided to cut the rest of the day. They walked by Tsukushi at the gate. When Tsukasa said "Something smells here," Tsukushi blamed it on Akira, much to his indignation.[56] Two days later, Akira saw Tsukushi's house on television which made the news due to Tsukasa's fight with Seinosuke Amakusa. Akira said "I didn't think she was that poor." Tsukasa then announced he was entering Tsukushi in Teen of Japan in order to "make [her] look like she deserves [him]."[57] Later at Tsukasa's house, Sojiro burst in and told the guys about the leading competitor. Akira asked Tsukasa "So what are you going to do?" He remained confident in Tsukushi.[58]

On Christmas Eve, the F4 and Tsubaki attended Teen of Japan to support Tsukushi. Akira was a bit dumbfounded by the outfit she chose for the first round though she passed.[59] Before the second round, Sojiro suggested to give Tsukushi a "pep talk." Akira guessed that he only wanted to meet Ayano Kurimaki. Backstage, they all wished her good luck.[60] During the second round, Akira initially called Tsukushi's English "first-lesson stuff." He was impressed by her next sentence, saying "And I was counting on her monosyllabic strategy."[61] When Tsukushi made it to the final round, Akira, Tsukasa, and Sojiro took up for her when the audience began badmouthing her.[62] Tsukushi ended up losing but was granted a special prize. The F4 clapped for her and Akira told her "Good job. You really hung in there!"[63]

Canada trip

Akira and Sojiro comfort Yuki during the blizzard

Akira: "Well, looks like we didn't have to worry about those two."
Sojiro: "There'd be no problem if Tsukushi weren't so obtuse."
Akira: "Amazing that Tsukasa is actually moving matters forward."
— Akira happy that Tsukushi and Tsukasa are getting along again[src]

That night, the F4 took out Tsukushi to celebrate. In her speech, she described being "so happy" when they clapped for her. While she was in the bathroom, the guys learned Tsukasa had a Christmas date with her. Akira and Sojiro gave him advice, which irritated him.[64] The next day, they waited at Tsukasa's house to see how it went. Judging by his mood, they guessed they he and Tsukushi had fought again. Sojiro later came up with a plan to help the couple, roping Akira and Rui into it. At Tsukushi's job, they helped sell out the store which included having Akira kiss the customers on the cheek. Tsukushi offered them her commission. They turned it down and asked her to go to Canada with them instead.[65] Later, Tsukasa refused to go to Canada if she went. Akira and Sojiro knew that he would go anyway.[66]

Seeing Tsukasa's plane, Akira said to Rui "He's perverse, but moreover, he hates being alone." At Tsukasa's villa, Akira and Sojiro had to stop him and Tsukushi from bickering. The next day, Akira was relieved to see them getting along, saying "Well, looks like we didn't have to worry about those two."[67] That night, Rui confronted Yuriko after she had tricked Tsukushi into going out during a blizzard. Akira was surprised by his strong reaction.[68] Tsukasa went to go find her. Akira and Sojiro comforted Tsukushi's friend, Yuki Matsuoka in the meantime.[69] They returned the next morning. Tsukushi later enlisted the F4's help in getting back at the girls. She had Sojiro tell a story, while Akira waited outside to jump out and scare them. At that moment, strange noises came from the front door.[70]

Tsukasa knocked out the intruder, who turned out to be Shizuka. When she woke up the next morning, the F4 and Tsukushi caught up with her. Tsukasa brought up the Frenchman she was engaged to, though she revealed that she "turned him down." Akira and the others left in order for Rui to have some time alone with Shizuka.[71] Back in Japan, Sojiro asked Tsukasa if he had had sex with Tsukushi during the blizzard. He told him "It certainly made her more interested in me!" Sojiro took that to mean nothing happened, while Akira said "I have a bad feeling about this." The guys later went to a restaurant, where Tsukushi also happened to be. Tsukasa attacked one of her friends.[72] Akira and Sojiro watched as Tsukasa and Tsukushi began arguing. It continued to escalate until she ran out of the restaurant.[73]

Junpei incident

Akira and Sojiro tell Tsukushi about Tsukasa's mother

Akira: "He's taking too long. C'mon let's go. I can't sit waiting."
Rui: "No, let's wait. He said he was going alone."
Akira: "We've got to teach them that the F4 is all of us!"
Sojiro: "We'll be able to do that later. I can hardly wait."
— Akira worries about Tsukasa when he goes to save Tsukushi[src]

The following day, Akira and Sojiro were giving Tsukasa tips on how to apologize to Tsukushi. He quickly became frustrated and refused to apologize. Akira and Sojiro then repeated everything that had had happened during his fight with Tsukushi, adding "This one's not going to blow over." She walked up to them shortly, but ignored Tsukasa.[74] Later, Akira asked Tsukasa why he was in "such a daze." Sojiro answered that he was still in shock about Tsukushi ignoring him. He became annoyed and said "She's just trash compared to me!" Akira and Sojiro then began saying unflattering things about her, such as "I don't even view her as a girl."[75] Tsukasa later went missing for a few days, which worried his friends. After asking Tsukushi if she had seen him, they considered going to look for him in at his family's villa in Karuizawa.[76]

While searching Tsukasa's large house, Akira commented that it would take half a day to find him. Sojiro then got a call from Sakurako about Tsukushi getting a red card.[77] The guys finally found Tsukasa, who had no idea about the red card. Akira said "Who'd have the nerve?" A message arrived for Tsukasa to go to Eitoku's old gym alone.[78] After a while, Akira became nervous and wanted to go help Tsukasa, but Rui said they should wait. Akira then said "We've got to teach them that the F4 is all of us!"[79] Later at the hospital, the guys played a joke on Tsukushi by pretending Tsukasa was dead. They then left to go beat up the guys who hurt Tsukasa.[80] The next day, Akira and Sojiro talked about how much Tsukasa must love Tsukushi to let himself get hurt. Despite this, she compared him to a dog.[81]

After Tsukasa was released from the hospital, he was still annoyed by the dog comment. When Akira told "You heal as quickly as a dog," Tsukasa's irritation boiled over again.[82] At Tsukasa's birthday party, Akira, Sojiro, and Rui were concerned about Tsukasa's mother, Kaede Domyoji. The guys brought Tsukushi to Tsubaki to get a new dress. Akira and Sojiro explained to her that Tsukasa's mother would view her as a potential fiancée. Sojiro assured her that it was impossible for her and Tsukasa to marry, asking her to "act the part" for now.[83] During a party, Tsukushi accidentally brought attention to herself. Akira and Sojiro tried to vouch for her, but Kaede silenced them. They then tagged on to Rui's lie about her father being a company president. It was soon exposed. Tsukasa and Tsukushi eventually made an escape.[84]

Enter Shigeru

Akira and Sojiro learn about Tsukushi living on her own

Tsukasa: "Oil is one investment missing from the Domyoji portfolio. Leave it to my old lady to solve that problem."
Akira: "Marry her son just to expand her business? Your mother's as scary as ever."
— Akira is surprised by Tsukasa's mother[src]

After the party, Akira went to a bar with Sojiro and Rui. He was happy about Tsukasa "growing up" but felt exhausted. Their conversation turned to Tsukasa's mother, remembering the time she insulted them.[85] The following morning, the F4 met at Sojiro's house. Tsukasa was acting happy. Akira and Sojiro asked him if he had had sex, to which he answered "Nope." Akira called him "embarrassing" for being a virgin.[86] The next day at school, Tsukushi and Tsukasa had a huge argument. After she stormed away, Tsukasa revealed that his mother had arranged his engagement to Shigeru Okawahara. Akira called her "scary as ever." They then found Tsukushi, who was with Shigeru.[87] After Shigeru angered Tsukasa, Akira and Sojiro had to hold him back. Akira then asked Tsukushi to take her away. She ignored him and walked off.[88]

That night, the guys waited for Tsukasa at his house. Sojiro felt that they had "to do something about this" which Akira agreed with. Tsukasa then came home and walked by without saying anything. The following day, Akira and Sojiro asked Shigeru on a date. She tortured Akira by forcing him to ride a rollercoaster five times. Shigeru left after they ran into Tsukushi. They then went to a café with Tsukushi, who confessed "I broke it off with Tsukasa." The guys were upset until she revealed Kaede's attempt to bribe her family.[89] The next day, Tsukushi told Akira and Sojiro about Tsukasa asking Shigeru to be his girlfriend. Akira was surprised, saying "You think he could actually say something like that?" Tsukasa confirmed that he and Shigeru were dating when Kazuya asked him the question point blank.[90]

A few days later, Akira and Sojiro learned that Tsukushi was now living alone. They asked "Shall we come and visit you?," to which she said no. The two guys showed up anyway, along with Rui. Tsukushi had just let the guys in when Kaede suddenly arrived. She accused Tsukushi of causing the engagement to be called off. Angry, Tsukushi stood up to her and forced her to leave. The guys all cheered.[91] Afterwards, they all sat down and asked Tsukushi how she planned to fight Kaede. The guys were being realistic, but she became annoyed with them for "trying to frighten [her]." Tsukushi eventually started to seem worried about what she said. However, the three guys all promised to lend her their support.[92] Akira later recounted to Tsukasa about what happened between his mother and Tsukushi.[93]

Supporting Tsukasa

Akira and Sojiro warn an oblivious Tsukasa

Akira: "There's always that one-in-a-million chance. That is... That Tsukushi will get in the mood."
Sojiro: "Idiot. You really think that can happen?"
Akira: "Just a minute. Consider this situation. He made a clean break with his fiancée. They're living under the same roof. His scary mother is in Europe on business. And, you have this beautiful evening!"
— Akira wishes to see Tsukasa and Tsukasa together[src]

Sometime later, Sojiro told Akira about Tsukushi working at Tsukasa's house as a live-in maid. Akira whistled at the couple, when he saw them together at school. He told Sojiro that it reminded him of his first time. The guys made a bet on whether Tsukasa and Tsukushi would "do it" that night.[12] Akira later discussed the couple at length with Sojiro and Rui. He seemed so passionate about it that Sojiro questioned if he was "bored." Akira then revealed that he and his lover broke up after her husband found out. Snapping out of his sadness, Akira declared that they should go over to Tsukasa's house to "egg them on."[6] Once there, it took some time to find the right room. The three guys listened at the door, hearing Tsukasa ask Tsukushi to date him. They were soon discovered by an irritated Tsukasa, who hit them.[94]

The following morning, Akira and Sojiro learned that Tsukushi had finally agreed to date Tsukasa. The two guys were overjoyed and made plans to celebrate. At school, they accompanied Tsukasa to Tsukushi's classroom and then escorted them to the cafeteria. There Akira and Sojiro talked to Kazuya, who told them that Tsukushi looked "strained." Akira thought "This is bad."[95] That night, he warned Tsukasa, saying "If you don't stay on your toes, it won't last two months." She entered the room and asked Tsukasa on a double date. Akira called it "uncool," but told Tsukasa to go with her. He unsurprisingly refused.[96] Later, when Tsukasa and Tsukushi returned from their date, Akira and the others witnessed them having a huge fight. Rui said "That was short," but Akira and Sojiro insisted their relationship was "not over yet."[97]

A couple days later, Akira and Sojiro greeted Tsukushi at school. She learned from Sojiro that he had a date with Yuki. After he left, Akira warned her about Sojiro and suggested that she take Tsukasa and follow them. Watching the couple, Akira thought to himself "There was a reason why we couldn't get these two to come together."[98] That weekend, Akira and Rui met up with Sojiro and Yuki at a hotel. Once Tsukushi and Tsukasa entered the room, Akira set off some champagne and asked "How was your romantic date?"[99] Hearing that Tsukasa's mother had returned, Akira asked him what he was going to do. Tsukasa felt everything would be okay. Akira and Sojiro were concerned, but their attention was turned to Rui who was hungry. A few minutes later, the guys realized Tsukushi and Yuki were gone.[100]

Troubles with Tsukasa

Akira learns of Tsukushi leaving from Kazuya

Sojiro: "I give up on him. I don't even want to talk to him anymore."
Akira: "Give up? I think we all gave up on him a long time ago."
— Akira is lost on what to do about Tsukasa[src]

The following day after school, Tsukasa invited Akira and Sojiro out to a café. He suddenly told the guys to "quit fooling around" and fall in love instead. They were taken aback. Akira then guessed "Something especially good must have happened." He confirmed it, but refused to say exactly what happened which irritated Akira and Sojiro.[101] The next morning, Akira was talking to Sojiro and Rui when Kazuya asked if they knew where Tsukushi went. He revealed that she had submitted an absence from school. They all went to Tsukasa's house to asked about it. His indifferent attitude caused concern for Akira, who said "This might really be the end." Tsukasa told him to shut up. They ended up leaving without anything resolve. Thinking about the look in Tsukasa's eyes, the guys realized he was "back to his old self."[102]

A few days later, Akira changed his hairstyle deciding to straighten it. Not long after, he showed up for a party organized by Sojiro in an attempt to "cheer up" Tsukasa. When he arrived, Akira and the others tried to keep the mood light. Tsukasa questioned why they invited him out. Ignoring his attitude, Akira responded "We just thought it would be nice." Tsukasa, however, continued being rude which resulted in a fist fight between him and Sojiro. Akira then told Shigeru, Kazuya, and Sakurako to leave.[103] The next day, Sojiro was still angry about the fight and was complaining about Tsukasa loudly. Akira tried to tell him to calm down, leading him to respond "You can say that after seeing my face." Sojiro then declared "I give up on him." Akira and Rui both replied to his statement "I think we all gave up on him a long time ago."[104]

Later, Rui called Akira to let him know that he found Tsukushi. He and their other friends all decided who would lend her their place, taking her feelings into consideration. They choose Shigeru's condo. They all greeted Tsukushi when she arrived the following day. Shigeru invited the guys to come inside, but they all declined. Akira dragged Kazuya with him to leave the girls alone to talk. Tsukushi thanked them as they left and Akira smiled.[105] The next day, Akira, Tsukasa, and Rui were together at school when Sakurako said good morning. Akira greeted her and then asked about Tsukushi. They then looked down the hall and saw Tsukushi quickly grab a left behind shoe before running away. After Sakurako left, Akira tried to talk Tsukasa into making up with Sojiro. He was not listening, being too annoyed with Tsukushi.[106]

Finding Tsukasa's cousin

Akira and Tsukasa meet Tsukasa's real cousin

Akira: "Tsukasa's suffering from a complex."
Sakurako: "A complex? What do you mean?"
Akira: "Well, he and Tsukushi got torn apart all because he's filthy rich, right? He's probably not happy to see people from the same world getting together."
— Akira talks to Sakurako about Tsukasa[src]

One night, Akira met someone resembling Tsukasa at a nightclub. The guy called Akira a "bonehead" when he caught him staring. He was offended by the comment.[107] Akira later went over to Tsukasa's to talk about the stranger. He also asked about Tsukushi whom had been missing for two days.[108] Akira joined Tsukasa in questioning Tama about his cousin, whom he had learned about from Tsukushi earlier. Afterwards, Akira contacted Sakurako and Shigeru. He and Tsukasa met up with them to ask about a guy from their group date. They confirmed that he looked exactly like Tsukasa.[109] Next, they went to Tsukushi's place. Upon seeing her there, Akira said "Will you stop disappearing without a word?" They discussed Tsukasa's supposed cousin at length. Akira was still annoyed about being called a "bonehead."[107]

Back at Tsukasa's house, Akira told Sakurako that Tsukasa had a "complex" about Tsukushi and his cousin together since they were from the "same world." Though Sakurako thought it would be easier to be with someone of a similar background, Akira knew that Tsukasa wanted Tsukushi despite the problems.[110] The next day, Tsukasa convinced Tama to take him to his cousin. Akira was surprised when he insisted on taking the train. On their way there, Tsukasa asked "I'm not very different from these other guys on the train, am I?" Akira answered "I'd say the difference is like night and day."[111] They finally met Tsukasa's cousin whom did not resemble him at all. Akira then realized that he was not the same person "buzzing around" Tsukushi. He later informed Sojiro about the situation, bringing the F4 back together.[112]

The next day, the F4 were telling Tsukushi about the imposter when he himself walked up. He revealed that he had been hired by Kaede to ensure Tsukasa and Tsukushi were kept apart. Akira and Sojiro had to stop him from leaving to confront his mother. After some back-and-forth between the guys, Tsukushi finally snapped at them. She then left with the imposter.[113] Afterwards, the F5 meet with Sakurako and Shigeru at a café. An irritated Tsukasa left soon to go home and sleep. Akira seemed the most sympathetic towards him, realizing he was "taking it hard."[114] The next day, Tsukushi acted strange. Sojiro wondered if she was dating the "fake Kiyonaga," and Akira asked Tsukasa "What are you going to do?" He replied "There's nothing to do," before punching the wall and walking away.[115]

Tsukasa dating Tsukushi

A couple days later, Tsukasa asked Akira and the others if they had seen Tsukushi. He then shocked them by calling the police to help his search.[116] The next day, the guys asked Tsukasa what happened with Tsukasa. Instead of responding, his expression changed three times. Sojiro and Akira offered to give him advice, but he ignored them.[117] The two guys later brainstormed on how to help Tsukasa with Tsukushi. Sojiro suggested that they only needed to "spend a night together." Akira immediately agreed.[118] The next day, they tied up Tsukasa and left him in Akira's summer house while Rui brought over Tsukushi. Akira introduced his mother and sisters, whom then left for a trip. The guys then brought Tsukushi to the summer house and locked her inside. They laughed and promised to let them out in the morning.[9]

Some time later, Akira decided to have a party at his house and invited just a few of his friends. He and the others all smiled when Tsukushi and Tsukasa started bickering.[119] Later that night, Tsukasa came inside and declared that he was going home. Akira questioned if something happened on his walk, though Tsukasa insisted "Nothing happened." Tsukushi then burst into the room and shocked everyone by revealing that she was dating Tsukasa.[120] In the morning, Tsukushi woke up after fainting. Everyone agreed to keep the couple's relationship a secret.[121] Two days later, Akira met Sojiro at a bar. He told Akira about Yuki pursuing him. Akira asked "So are you gonna go for it?," to which Sojiro answered "Of course not." Sojiro then reminded Akira of his date, leading him to rush off.[5]

The next day, Tsukasa revealed that he was renting the apartment next door to Tsukushi. He found it extremely uncomfortable, leading Akira to say "Figures. No way you can live a life like hers." Once Tsukasa had left, Akira asked Sojiro about Yuki. He was surprised to hear that they went to a hotel room, though Sojiro said that nothing had happened.[122]


Meeting Haruto and Oto

Akira and Sojiro meet Haruto and Oto at the airport

Akira: "He's got goals. He's going to fulfill his duty to his family so he can marry the girl he loves."
Sojiro: "To be honest, no one ever imagined Tsukasa would turn out like this."
— Akira and Sojiro talk to Haruto about Tsukasa[src]

Akira and Sojiro were at the airport to see off his sisters, whom were going to Switzerland for three weeks, when they ran into Haruto Kaguragi and Oto Edogawa. Sojiro introduced Haruto as "that high school guy I told you about," jogging Akira's memory. His sisters then clung to him and promised to call him several times a day, before finally leaving. Akira and Sojiro turned their attention to Oto, who introduced herself. The two offered to give Haruto and Oto a ride home.[123] On the drive, Sojiro invited them to Akira's house. They showed them into the guest house and locked them inside, recalling the time they did the same thing to Tsukasa and Tsukushi.[124] Several minutes later, they returned to let them out and then served tea.[125] After saying goodbye, Akira told Sojiro "Looking at those two reminds me of the past.[126]

The following winter, Rui asked Tsukasa to come see Tsukushi since she missed him. Since he only had an hour and Tsukushi was leaving for Los Angeles, the F4 nearly missed her. Haruto happened to see them and called Oto to stop the plane. As they ran, Akira said to Tsukasa "You and Makino, how long are you two gonna keep doing this?"[127] They made it in time, though Tsukasa and Tsukushi soon started bickering. Airi Maya asked if they were okay. Akira assured her that it was "normal" for them. Tsukasa then spoke to Haruto for a bit, before the F4 and Tsukushi walked away to talk together.[128] Several days later, Sojiro and Akira had befriended Issa Narumiya. They invited him to go out to pick up girls with them. Sojiro mused whether "true love" existed. Akira answered "Let's go look for it tonight!"[129]

Physical appearance

As with the other F4 members, Akira was good-looking. The group, in fact, was named for their good looks as F4 stands for Flower 4. Akira's hair was brown with red tones to it and was naturally wavy. It was short when he was young child and he began growing it out in middle school. By his final year in high school, his hair was about shoulder-length. Akira decided to have it straightened around this time. On some occasions, he wore his hair in a ponytail. Akira was the shortest of his friends, which he appeared to be insecure about.

Personality and traits

"If you think of the F3 as the sun, you're like the moon, aren't you, Akira? You're never out front and center, but you seem to be the one who heals the other three. If you're not there, the other three fall apart."
—Tsukushi describes Akira[src]

Akira was the mediator and caretaker of his friends. He was most often the one to try and stop the others from fighting and tried his best to bring about a resolution. Not only did he have to resolve his friends' problems, Akira also felt that he had to take care of his immature mother and much younger sisters. This sometimes left Akira feeling exhausted and underappreciated. However, on the occasions when he snapped, his friends would make it up to him. Additionally, because he felt he had to take care of so many people, Akira dated mostly older, mature women. These relationships though sometimes left him hurt since the women were usually married.

He was also known for being particular about hygiene and could be described as a germophobe. Akira was also good at sports, particularly basketball. He, Sojiro, and Tsukasa were scouted in junior high, but stopped playing because "it's not cool to sweat."[46] Another hobby of Akira's was cocktail making.[1]

Financial strength


Akira is a common given name, normally used for males though it can be for females as well. His name (あきら () ) is written in Hiragana, though the name also has numerous kanji variations.[132] One common spelling, uses the radicals for moon ( () ) and sun ( () ).[133] This may be referenced in Akira's story "Night of the Crescent Moon," in which he compares himself to the moon. His surname, 美作 is the name of a former province[134] and a current city in Japan.[135] The kanji means "beauty"[136] and means "make," "prepare," or "build."[137]

Behind the scenes

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Character notes


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  • Takehito Koyasu voices Akira in the audio drama, Hana Yori Dango, released in three parts during 1993 and 1994. Kamio enjoyed it, calling the voice actors "very well trained."[139]

Koichi Hashizume as Akira (right)

  • He is played by Koichi Hashizume in his film debut Hana Yori Dango (1995).[140] Hashizume's career was cut short when he died in July 1999. Akira and Sojiro are not seen apart during the entirety of the film. They aide Tsukasa in bullying Tsukushi. The two tease first Tsukasa about Tsukushi's similarities to his sister and later when they start dating. Akira is not shown to have a preference for older women in this version.

Akira in the anime

Ryuji Kamiyama as Akira



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