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Aiyawarin Paramaanantra (Thai: อัยวรินทร์ ปรมอนันต์), better known by her nickname Tia (Thai: เธีย), was the elder sister of Thyme and only daughter of Roselyn Paramaanantra. As an adult, she was involved with Parama Group but was not expected to inherit it, despite being older than Thyme.


Early life[]

Tia was born into the illustrious Paramaanantra family whom owned the number real estate company in Thailand, Parama Group.[1] She was the oldest child and only daughter of Roselyn Paramaanantra. Her younger brother was Thyme Akira Paramaanantra.[2]

Young adulthood[]

Meeting Gorya[]

Roselyn asked Tia to return to Thailand for help with Parama Group's expansion into Singapore. Shortly after landing, Tia happened to see Thyme in a bus with a girl, Gorya Thitara Jundee. She had her driver stop the bus and then sent Gorya to school in her car. Tia stayed behind to talk to Thyme, reminding him "It's time for you to grow up." A few days later, Tia left for Singapore. She gave Thyme some romance advice before leaving.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]

Tia was a warm, loving person, which contrasted drastically with her cold mother. She loved her family deeply, despite their flaws. She never stopped believing in her brother or mother, hoping that they would become better people.

Behind the scenes[]

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