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This woman was the mother of Aisa. She lived in Japan with her daughter, until she ran away. After searching for a long time, she found Aisa in Taiwan.


She became a mother after the birth of her daughter, Aisa. Sometime later, Aisa's father died and her mother wished to remarry. This upset Aisa, who subsequently ran away to Taiwan. It took her mother several months to find her. Upon finding Aisa, she promised to not remarry if she did not approve. The mother and daughter made up and subsequently appeared in a dance contest together. They then headed back to Japan.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Aisa's mother was likely in her mid to late thirties. She had an elegant, business-like air about her, which complemented her strong, oval-shaped face. Her black hair, initially shown in a bun hairstyle, was later revealed to be quite long. At the dance contest, she shed her plain, serious clothing for baggy pants and a tank-top.

Personality and traits[]

She was a caring mother, though a bit oblivious to her daughter's feelings. In Taiwan, she demonstrated a willingness to do whatever her daughter needed. Like Aisa, she had a talent for dancing.

Behind the scenes[]


  • She is portrayed by Billie Wang (比莉), who is actually Taiwanese despite playing a Japanese woman.



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