"I don't care anymore! You can go out with Hase and Haruto can date that girl. As long as you're my friend, nothing else matters."
—Airi to Oto[src]

Airi Maya (真矢 愛莉 (まや あいり) Maya Airi) was a student at Eitoku Academy and the sole girl member of the Correct 5. Her childhood friend, Haruto Kaguragi, was her first crush. After Haruto fell for Oto Edogawa, Airi hated her but they ended up becoming best friends. Later on, she developed feelings for Tenma Hase, before dating Kaito Taira.


Early life


Airi as a young child

Born on March 14,[1] she was an only child to older parents, who spoiled her with sweets and toys. As a result, she became selfish and overweight. During a field trip in elementary school, Airi fell over and could not get up. Haruto Kaguragi ended up carrying her on his back the whole way.[2] She and Haruto befriended Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, and Sugimaru Eibi, after meeting at one of their parents' dinner parties.[3] Kaito became Airi's confidante and was the first person she told about her crush on Haruto. He helped her with her dieting.[4]

At age eight, she and Haruto ran away from home.[5] Airi confessed her feelings to Haruto back then by saying "I am going to be your bride," though he did not realize what she meant until they were teenagers.[6] She later became jealous of Amei Hanawa, who became extremely close to Haruto. Airi hid Amei's sheet music before a recital and ruined one of her art projects. She even secretly wished she Amei would never return, when she moved away during the fourth grade.[7][8]

High school

Airi joined the Correct 5 for Haruto before they began attending Eitoku Senior High. The Correct 5 frequently conducted "peasant hunts", meaning they would force the poor students to withdrawal from school. Airi felt that just making them quit was "boring" compared to the F4's red card. The Correct 5's ultimate goal was to restore the school to its previous reputation, though Airi originally had little interest in this.[9][10]

Meeting Oto


Airi sees Oto outside Haruto's house

"When are we going to force her to leave? We have to make these commoners quit right away. Or else we'll set a bad example for the others. We, the Correct 5, have to keep the order here at Eitoku. There should be no exceptions."
—Airi to Kaito, after revealing Oto's secret[src]

The Correct 5 first met Oto Edogawa when she accidentally ran in front of their car. Airi told her "That's so dangerous. What's with you?"[9] Later, Haruto consulted his friends about Oto blackmailing him, though he did not reveal her name. Airi was against Issa's advice for Haruto to make the girl his girlfriend.[11] She later went to Haruto's house and saw him and Oto talking at the gate. Suspicious, Airi thought "What was that just now?"[12] She recognized Oto but could not recall where she saw her earlier. Airi asked Kaito for help in finding out her identity. That Saturday, she went shopping to let out some anger. She briefly glanced out the window and saw Oto with a guy. Airi then exclaimed, "That's the girl!"[10] After learning Oto's identity, Airi quickly found out about her fiancé, Tenma Hase. She later told Kaito all the details since he was taking "forever."[13]

At school, she distributed fliers calling Oto a "peasant." Oto later asked Airi about the fliers. She lied to her, saying that Haruto asked her to do it. When Haruto arrived, Airi told him that she did it for Eitoku's sake as well as his own.[2] Airi attempted to defend herself once he became angry. He eventually yelled to get her attention, and threatened to "beat [her] up" if she continued talking.[14] The following day, Airi gave out orders that "to be severely punished." Unaware, Haruto tried to muster the courage to expel Oto but was unable to. Airi promptly ran downstairs to do it herself. She and Haruto arrived in time to see Tenma rescue Oto from the bullies. Airi told them to get out, but a second later the principal announced that Tenma had paid for Oto's donation.[15] Later, Airi protested that the money was "tainted." Kaito told her "Money is money," officially rescinding Oto's expulsion.[16]

Mental breakdown


Airi locks Oto in the basement

Airi: "Yes! That's it! Get mad and yell out my name like that! I'd rather die than be ignored."
Haruto: "Airi. You disgust me. You make me want to throw up. Get lost. Don't ever show your face to me again."
Haruto ends his friendship with Airi[src]

Later at school, Haruto, surprisingly calm, confronted Airi telling her "Do it again and it's over." Airi became unsettled that Haruto actually forgave her. She wondered "Did things work out so well for you that you can forgive me?" Airi later completely destroyed her bedroom out of frustration.[17] A few days later, Airi found Oto and Haruto at a restaurant declaring "I finally found you!" with a smile. Haruto asked "What did you come here for?" She revealed that she came to apologize and teared up as she said "Will you forgive me for what I did?"[18] Haruto questioned her sincerity, telling her to go home. Oto reluctantly accepted her, conceding that she should not "have lied either." Afterwards, Airi brought Oto and Haruto to her father's store where she had her given a makeover. She then brought Oto to the basement and locked her in a dark room.[5]

Having locked Oto in the basement with Tenma, whom she had lured earlier, Airi then met Haruto at the cafe with little explanation of Oto's whereabouts. Airi watched the two on the security cameras, which she showed Haruto. He became angry and demanded to know where they were. Airi was happy to see him being emotional declaring "I'd rather die than be ignored". Haruto left after telling her "Don't ever show your face to me again."[19]Airi went missing shortly after for two days. Kaito and her parents actively searched for her. Oto later found Airi at a factory, where she had gone with Haruto when they were children. Though weak, Airi told her to leave. She refused and hugged Airi, who then told her "Don't hurt Haruto's feelings." He arrived a few seconds later and carried her to the ambulance. Haruto apologized to her for not realizing her feelings this whole time.[6]

Friends with Oto


Airi and Oto at the hotel's hot springs

"They're not dating right now. But it's just a matter of time. Then what did I back off for...? Why are you dating Tenma? This isn't how it was supposed to be. I get it though. He's totally perfect. A hundred out of a hundred people would pick Hase. Haruto doesn't even compare. But...Haruto isn't a bad guy."
—Airi is sad when Oto begins dating Tenma[src]

A few days later, Airi unexpectedly went to Oto's home to spend time with her. Airi confided in Oto that she had her father put the factory up for sale, signifying that she was moving on. She then asked her if "there [was] still hope for Haruto." Oto did not have a clear answer. Despite Oto being sick, Airi had her get dressed and brought her to a resort, where Issa was holding a flower arranging demonstration. On the way, Airi told her that she was considering her as a friend. Oto laughed saying "This version of you is a lot easier to get along with." Airi then became embarrassed.[20] At the resort, she changed her clothes before watching Issa's performance with Oto. The two then decided to soak in the resort's hot springs together.[21] Afterwards, Airi wanted Oto to stay the night with her. She declined so Airi made Haruto give her a ride home.[22]

The following day, Airi and the others were shocked when the model Megumi Nishidome showed up at Eitoku to return Haruto's wallet. She revealed that she had met Haruto in the resort's bath, which he said "was an accident." Airi became enraged, saying "Can I kill her?" Kaito had to hold her back several times. Later, an angry Airi complained about Haruto to Oto, telling her "I thought he was in love with you." Oto replied "I told you that you're mistaken."[23] Several days later, Airi became irritated with Sugimaru and Issa, who were unconcerned about Haruto being absent from school. The same day, Megumi transferred to Eitoku which Airi was against. She asked Haruto "What're you going to do about Oto?" He responded "She was really dating Hase."[24] Airi later expressed her disappointment to Oto about her dating Tenma. She seemed to accept it though she still cried.[25]

Following the rise of "Eitoku hunting", the Correct 5 paired with Megumi to present a united front. Airi was less than enthusiastic about the idea. Sometime later, they arrived at Eitoku to find the school's gates vandalized.[26] Seeing the messages, Airi felt "They're totally provoking us." Oto then appeared with cleaning supplies, encouraging the others to hurry up and clean it. Airi joined Oto's efforts, along with the rest of the Correct 5. Later, Airi praised Oto's actions and asked to hang out after school. They agreed to meet at a cafe before Oto had to work.[27] Airi waited for an hour and a half, but Oto never showed up. She frantically called Haruto for help. He just told her to check Oto's workplace. There Airi spoke to Oto's coworker, who had not seen her either.[28] Oto later contacted Airi to let her know that she was alright.[29]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Airi watches Haruto lose in the first round

"Say, Oto. If you cheer on Haruto, he'll do much better. Just don't support, Hase. Okay?"
—Airi asks Oto to support Haruto[src]

Later at school, Airi jumped into Oto's arms having not seen her since the other day. She told Oto about Megumi's absences from school, before Kaito arrived and revealed that Haruto and Megumi were "over."[30] A couple days later, Haruto informed everyone that he found out who was targeting Eitoku students. He did not tell them his identity yet.[31] Haruto was absent for a few days, when Oto asked Airi about him. She was worried as it seemed that things between him and Tenma had "gotten out of hand." Kaito and Issa then walked up and informed the girls that Haruto was with Sugimaru, though they had no idea why.[32] Several days later, it was announced that Haruto and Tenma were going to compete against each other at the "Manly Man Festival". Airi urged Kaito and Issa to "believe in Haruto", though they were already assuming the worse.[33]

On the day of the festival, Airi and Oto boarded the train to Kyoto together. Airi asked her to "cheer on Haruto," and added "Just don't support Hase" when she noticed her hesitation.[34] In the first round, Airi yelled encouragements at Haruto, such as "Take that sucker down!" She had tears in her eyes, when he lost to Tenma within a few minutes.[35] Before the second round, Airi informed Haruto that she would have a private jet ready for him so he could make speedy getaway immediately after. The others had similar low hopes for him winning. Nevertheless, they all cheered loudly for him as he unexpectedly beat Tenma in that round. In the end, he won the whole contest when Tenma failed to show up for the final.[36] Later, Airi commented to Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru that "Haruto's spirit has leveled up."[37]

Changes at Eitoku


Airi searches for Oto with Tenma on a boat

Airi: "You're always holding back, Oto. But, you know, I like that about you."
Oto: "I like you too. I'm glad we met."
— Airi comforts Oto about her breakup with Tenma[src]

Oto remained in Kyoto to care of Tenma, while Airi spent Christmas with her family in Italy. Before leaving, she called Oto and told her that Haruto "seemed at peace" now. She also apologized for asking her to cheer for Haruto. On New Years' Eve, Airi spent the holiday with the Correct 5. Kaito made an announcement that the situation with Momonozono needed to change. Airi only reluctantly agreed. Tenma then entered the room and Haruto agreed to form a partnership.[38] Later, Eitoku and Momonozono began holding joint classes which still annoyed Airi months later. That summer, Oto finally returned to school. Airi was overjoyed to see her again. She asked Oto if she was going to the summer school, which she declined. Seeing Haruto pass by, Airi asked him to persuade her. His cold response was "So what? If she doesn't want to come then don't make her."[39]

Airi was temporarily shocked by Haruto's rude response. She considered confronting him, but Oto begged her not to. Airi then declared that she would no longer be friends with him. Oto strongly objected, leading Airi to ask "What happened between you and Haruto?" She then spent the day cheering up Oto. Eventually Oto revealed that she and Tenma had broken up. Airi offered some words of comfort, before inviting her to her house, where she showed her childhood photos of her and the Correct 5. Oto began crying, which Airi guessed was because of Haruto.[3] Before the summer school began, Airi sent some beach supplies to Oto. She agreed to go, when Airi stressed the importance of their last summer of high school. She was unable to find Oto among the crowd until they got to the resort. They agreed to meet later since Oto decided to go on an add-on tour.[40]

Upon returning to the resort, Airi and the others noticed that Haruto and Oto were not back yet. She then asked Tenma if he had seen her. The group investigated further, eventually coming to the conclusion that the two "may have been left behind in the ocean." Tenma left to go find Oto and Airi tagged along. They had the tour operators escort them to all of the stops.[41] When they finally found them, they immediately brought them back to the resort, where Airi looked after Oto until she woke up. Haruto left for Tokyo the same night. Airi later told Oto about how worried Tenma was about her while they were searching. She admitted "It made me really envious."[42] Two days later, Airi saw off Oto when she decided to return home early. Tenma showed up once Oto had left. Airi told him "You should have seen her off." She started to blush fiercely which Tenma commented on.[43]

Crush on Tenma


Airi cries to Haruto about her crush on Tenma

Airi: "I was so jealous. I love Oto, but I couldn't take it."
Tenma: "I don't understand what you're getting at."
Airi: "Because I like you. Because I like you, Hase."
— Airi confesses her feelings to Tenma[src]

Airi decided not to go to Hawaii and was the only Correct 5 member to remain at the resort. Hitoshi Konoe mentioned that she had became a tyrant to the other students, forcing them all to wear inner-tubes. Hearing this, Tenma correctly guessed that she could not swim which reminded him about Oto. Airi then said "Oto probably won't come to the ocean with you anymore." Tenma's feelings were hurt though he did not outright show it. Airi returned to Tokyo that night and went to Oto's apartment, where she also found Haruto. In tears, she said "It's all over. I'm gonna die."[44] She found herself unable to tell Oto why she was crying, instead saying she missed them. Haruto then went home with her. There Airi admitted to him that she had developed feelings for Tenma. He told her "It's never going to happen!," before he comforted her. She eventually fell asleep.[45]

The following night, Airi received a phone call from Oto. She ignored it, feeling guilty about her feelings for Tenma.[46] Airi later went to the airport to meet Tenma. She started to apologize about her earlier comments, but her nose began bleeding. Tenma's attempts to help her only made the bleeding worse.[47] She ended up spending the night in the airport infirmary. Tenma checked on her in the morning. Airi finally got to apologize to him, though she nearly said something else that was hurtful. She then admitted to being jealous of Oto because she liked him. He turned her down flat, saying "I'm not the one for you." Airi later called Oto's house and her mother answered, informing her that Oto left for America with an acquaintance. She returned to her house, where she repeated this information to Haruto and Kaito. Airi cried at the prospect of not seeing Oto to apologize.[48]

Kaito's crush on her


Airi realizes Kaito has a crush on her

"This is the first time that someone's said they like me. I'd always talked to Kaito about my feelings for Haruto. And then about Hase too... I'm wondering if I hurt him by doing that."
—Airi to Oto after Kaito revealed his crush on her[src]

After Oto decided not to go to America, Airi visited her at her job with tears in her eyes.[49] The two walked to a park, where Airi told her "Hase hasn't given up on you yet." She began crying and begging Oto to be with Tenma, saying that Haruto would be fine since he had the Correct 5 to lean on.[50] The next day, Airi called Kaito to her house and told him what she said to Oto. He surprised by calling her actions "selfish." She snapped at him, accusing him of not understanding since he had never been in love. He replied "Yes, I have" and gave her a significant look, before storming off.[51] A few days later, Airi went to Haruto's festival and apologized to Oto. When Kaito arrived, she started to hyperventilate so Oto brought her inside. Oto confided to her about being unable to forget her past with Tenma, which Haruto interrupted. Airi left, encouraging him to kiss Oto.[52]

At the start of the second term, Airi was avoiding Kaito. She revealed to Oto that she felt she may have hurt him since she had always talked to him about her crushes. Kaito eventually found her and told her, "Don't worry about hurting me." Airi called him a "masochist" and warned "Don't come crying to me when you're in tatters."[53] Later, Kaito informed her that Tenma was going to Los Angeles. Airi went to the airport to say goodbye. Tenma annoyed her with his evasive answers and calling her "Miss Maya." She then told him that she may not like him next time they saw each other.[54] Airi later confessed to Oto that she was attracted to Tenma because they both loved Oto. When she asked about Kaito, Airi avoided the question, instead turning to Oto's problems. To give the couple some time alone, she brought Oto to her family's vacation home and called Haruto there.[55]

Amei's return


Airi embarrassed by Kaito's earnestness

Airi: "I told you not to come between Oto and Haruto. You won't be able to break those two up! You'll be the one to suffer in the end!"
Amei: "I thought if our misunderstanding was cleared up that things would change back. But nothing has changed in the slightest. I know now that Haruto isn't hung up on what could have been."
— Airi and Amei have a heart-to-heart talk[src]

Airi's plan, however, backfired when Oto's mother discovered she was not with her.[56] Finding her "scary," Airi took her to where Oto and Haruto were. Oto's mother took her daughter away, leaving Airi and Haruto behind at the vacation house. He later suggested for her to go on a date with Kaito. She only agreed if he and Oto went too.[57] The next day, the two returned to Tokyo and went straight to Oto. At a cafe, they discussed getting Oto's mother to accept Haruto. Outside, they were suddenly accosted by Amei who tried to hug Haruto.[58] He said a hurried goodbye to Amei and left with Oto. While going home, Airi told Amei about the double date which she was nervous about. Her nervousness continued on to the day of. Kaito made a few blunders, such as asking about Tenma. Haruto was mostly able to smooth over Airi's ruffled feathers.[59]

When Oto finally arrived for the date, she brought along Amei who seemed to have invited herself. Haruto was opposed to letting her stay, but the others all said it was okay. They first ate hot dogs together after a brief walk. Afterwards, they separated into two groups to go on the boats in the pond. Airi ended up with Oto and Kaito. She told her that "[they have] always treated [Amei] special" because of illness.[60] Airi then assured her that Amei was fine now, before admitting to disliking her because she and Haruto were "sweethearts" as children. On the topic of first crushes, Oto asked Kaito whether Airi was his first and then what he liked about her. He listed her qualities, all negative, and said "but I find these things about her endearing." Airi blushed fiercely. Afterwards, everyone except Oto went to Issa's welcome back party for Amei.[7]

The next morning, Airi and the others arrived at school with Amei. Haruto received a text from Oto while they were showing Amei the Correct 5 "Salon." He informed them that Oto's father wanted to meet him. Airi exclaimed to Haruto "This is your big chance!" Everyone then began giving him advice on how to impress Oto's parents.[61] The following Monday, Haruto reported that he needed a "do-over" meeting but would not give any details on how the first went. Airi declared "I knew it wouldn't go well," which annoyed Haruto.[62] Later, Amei spoke to Airi about what happened with Haruto. Airi scolded her for trying to "come between Oto and [him]", saying "You'll be the one to suffer in the end!" Seeing how sad Amei was, she offered to take her out to eat pancakes. Airi also apologized for some things she had done to her as a child.[8]

Los Angeles trip


Kaito tells Airi his feelings

"Why does Kaito always put others before himself? Oh! Or maybe it means he didn't really like me that much? Is that it?! That must be it! Or else he'd be a total masochist! Unless, is he pulling a prank on me? Do you think I'm being stupid by falling for him? No that can't be. That's not like Kaito. He's not that type of person. But I'm not sure, so it's ticking me off!"
—Airi voices her confusion to some American saleswomen[src]

After hearing about Haruto going to Los Angeles, Airi was upset he went without her and showed up the following morning with the others.[63] Shortly after arriving, Airi pulled Oto aside to apologize for not taking her feelings into consideration about Amei. She then mentioned Tenma, leading Oto to say "It isn't my place to say, but what about Kaito?" Later, they went to Tenma's school. He greeted her warmly and Airi blushed. Tenma then gave them a tour.[64] Kaito went back to the hotel, before the other guys started a basketball game. Airi saw through his thin excuse. She then told Oto "He says he likes me but then he disappears when it counts." Airi later returned to the hotel to retrieve her wallet. There she ran into Kaito. She told him she liked Tenma and was going to move to LA after graduating school. Asking "What do you think?," Kaito replied "You should do whatever you want."[65]

Airi went shopping after her talk with Kaito. She talked to some confused saleswomen about him, feeling muddled because she was unsure about how he felt about her. While she was walking back to the hotel with her bags, two guys approached her. Kaito showed up and had them leave her alone, saying "She's with me" in English. He then told her "I'm going to stop holding back from now on" and then asked her not to move to Los Angeles, assuring her "I've always liked you." Crying from happiness, she told him she was not moving. He leaned in for a kiss, which was hampered by his glasses. Tossing them aside, Airi said "I love you" and they shared their first kiss together.[4] Afterwards, they walked by a basketball court and Kaito tossed the ball perfectly into the basket. Airi was amazed and complimented him.[66]

That night, Airi told Oto "I think I've been waiting for it this whole time," referring to Kaito's confession. The next day, Tenma brought them to his friend's house, where they met Tsubaki Domyoji and Tsukushi Makino.[67] During the party, Airi asked Kaito if she could talk to Tenma. He said "It's fine," before adding "Hurry back" due to Airi's reaction. She thanked Tenma for the invitation and asked him if he was "over" Oto. He told her "The hardest part has passed," before expressing his congratulations on her relationship with Kaito. She then returned to Kaito and told him "I love you." That night, the Correct 5 and Oto left for Japan.[68] On board, they discovered Tsukushi who quickly fell asleep. Airi questioned whether she really was Tsukasa Domyoji's girlfriend. Kaito confirmed that she was. Once they landed, everyone went to their respective houses.[69]

Meeting the F4


The Correct 5 celebrate after meeting the F4

Kaito: "I wonder what's happening with those two."
Airi: "Haruto and Oto? I was wondering the same thing. But I think they're fine, we don't need to worry."
Kaito: "Yeah. You're right, because tonight is such a beautiful night."
— Airi and Kaito wonder how Oto and Haruto are[src]

The next day, Airi and the others went to see off Tsukushi since she was returning to Los Angeles. Airi asked Oto about Haruto. She told her that he was on his way.[70] Before Tsukushi got on the plane, Kaito told her about Haruto's admiration for Tsukasa and how much he changed because of it. Sugimaru and Issa added their own points, and Airi told her "All of us here are very grateful to Mr. Domyoji." A couple minutes later, Oto dragged Tsukushi off the plane after receiving a call from Haruto. He surprised everyone when he arrived with the entire F4.[71] Tsukasa and Tsukushi reunited though they quickly began arguing. Taken aback, Airi asked Akira Mimasaka "Are they okay?" He responded that that was "normal for them." After the F4 and Tsukushi left, the Correct 5 celebrated, happy that they finally met their heroes.[72]

Some days later, the guys decided not to go Oto's party since they had "crashed" her and Haruto's Los Angeles trip. Airi still wanted to go. Sugimaru then asked about Amei and Issa answered that she had made friends at school. Airi was "happy" at the news, but became annoyed when Sugimaru "Amei was always a people person, unlike you."[73] Issa left after receiving an invitation from Sojiro Nishikado to hang out. Sugimaru quickly made up an excuse to leave as well. Kaito and Airi then took a walk together, wondering about Oto and Haruto.[74] On Christmas, Airi went to Arisa Konno's wedding with the others. Airi told Haruto, who set up the venue, that he could have made it more "extravagant." Sometime later, she teased Kaito telling him "You haven't told me I'm cute lately." He quickly told her that she was cute and that he loved her, which made her happy.[75]

Physical appearance

Airi was a pretty, young girl with a short stature at only 152 centimeters tall. In contrast, Oto was 163 centimeters tall. Airi had wavy, brown hair which she always styled in her signature pig tails. When her hair was down, usually before she went to sleep, it was quite long reaching her waist. Fond of shopping, her wardrobe consisted of expensive, name brand clothes. Airi's style leaned towards more traditional feminine clothing, including a large variety of dresses. At school, she wore her special uniform designed exclusively for the Correct 5.

As a child, she was extremely overweight from indulging in too many sweets. She lost the weight through stringent dieting and maintained her small weight into her teenage years by taking only nutritional supplements. After becoming friends with Oto, Airi often ate at her home, claiming that "commoners' cuisine [was] just perfect for a diet."

Personality and traits

"I lost weight for Haruto. I joined the Correct 5 because Haruto was there. Since that day, everything I did was for Haruto's sake. I won't forgive anyone, who gets in my way."
—Airi's previous obsessive devotion to Haruto[src]

A passionate person, Airi felt all emotions intensely particularly love and hate. Her love for Haruto turned her into obsessive person capable of surprising callousness. Once she moved on from Haruto, Airi was able to show her soft side which allowed her to develop a healthy friendship with Oto. She later became a strong supporter for Haruto and Oto becoming a couple. As such, she disliked anyone who came in between them, including Tenma and Megumi. Her own emotions tended to take precedence of others, such as when she developed a crush on Tenma and asked Oto to be with him. She later apologized and eventually realized she only liked him because he cared about Oto just as much as her.

Airi was greatly affected by how her parents treated her as a child. They spoiled her with whatever she wanted, which gradually made her a selfish person who regarded herself as a "princess." Being friends with Oto caused Airi to gradually gain empathy for others' feelings. An example being when she worried about Kaito, whom she told all about her crushes, after he confessed his feelings to her.


The character in Airi's given name means "love".[76] It is frequently used in female give names, for example "Ai" and "Aiko".[77] The character can also be used to say "I love you" (愛してる () ), which is rarely used since people favor using 好きです ("I like you") instead.[78] can refer to white jasmine or an Asian pear.[79] The two characters of her last name, 真矢, mean "pure, true" and "arrow". Both use the kun'yomi pronunciation.[80][81] Airi's full name is rendered as まや あいり in Hiragana.

Behind the scenes

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