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"I don't know what regret is. For a person who has already lost everything, having Xin Xin here with me leaves me with no regret. I really treat her as my own daughter. That's enough. My greatest satisfaction now is seeing her smile everyday."
—Ah Yuan[src]

Ah Yuan (Chinese: 阿源; pinyin: Āyuán) was the adoptive father of Xin Xin. He was living by the beach, when Dao Ming Si washed up near his home. Ah Yuan and Si gradually became good friends.



Ah Yuan lived in the city, where he operated his own business. However, his business went bankrupt, leaving him in heavy debt. His wife then left him and took their children with her. Later, his apartment was repossessed and he was forced to leave. On his way out, Xin Xin, the abused child of his neighbor, grabbed his arm, so he brought her with him.[1]

Meeting Si[]

He and Xin Xin moved to a small village by the sea, where Ah Yuan found a job at a sawmill. Ah Yuan often worried about his new adoptive daughter since she still refused to speak. One day, Xin Xin found a young man, Dao Ming Si, passed out on the beach. Ah Yuan brought him inside and dressed his wound. Si woke up two days later. Ah Yuan asked him to stay for a few more days after Xin Xin insisted that she could take care of him. The father and daughter quickly became friends with Si. Several days later, he discovered that Si was running from the police.[2]

Ah Yuan began acting more cautious around Si, but did not say anything to him. Some days later, he attempted to make Xin Xin talk. The game resulted in him almost drowning, before Si rescued him. He yelled at her and she fled. Ah Yuan then admitted to Si that Xin Xin was not his real daughter. Afterwards, he apologized to her for yelling at her. That night, Si told Ah Yuan about his run-in with the cops in town. He immediately left with Xin Xin, but promised to meet Si later that month. The police caught up with him on the day he was suppose to meet Si. They took Xin Xin away from him.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Ah Yuan was a middle-aged man. He had a round face, large ears, and an upturned nose. His black hair was a similar shade to his dark brown eyes. Ah Yuan typically wore casual clothing that suited his laid-back lifestyle.

Personality and traits[]

After losing everything in his life, Ah Yuan devoted himself to becoming a surrogate father to Xin Xin. He cared deeply for her and wished for her to speak again. Ah Yuan developed a close friendship to Si, who viewed him as a kind mentor.


Ah (阿) is a prefix added in front of surnames or monosyllabic names to express friendliness.[3] It is also short for other words and has several definitions.[4] Yuan (源) means "fountainhead," "source of a river," or "origin."[5]

Behind the scenes[]

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