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Ah Xiang (Chinese: 阿香; pinyin: Āxiāng) was the girlfriend of Ah Song. They broke up on the beach of a small fishing town, but eventually reunited on the same beach.


Ah Xiang and her boyfriend, Ah Song attended the same school, where she was the class president. They often fought about Ah Song's "unrealistic" dreams of the future. This fight "culminated" while they were on vacation at a fishing town. She broke up with him on the beach, saying she would "rather depend on [herself]" if she could not "find a responsible man." Following their break up, Song remained in the town waiting for her to return. His long wait was rewarded, when she came back for him.[1]

Physical appearance

Ah Xiang was an attractive young girl, who bore a resemblance to Dong Shan Cai. She had long, dark hair, which she parted to the right. Ah Xiang was shown wearing simple, casual clothing, such as skirts, capri pants, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Personality and traits

Ah Song described her as having "a strong sense of justice", that "she [worked] with a drive", and that she would hit him "when [he did] something wrong." He also mentioned that Shan Cai reminded him of Ah Xiang.

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