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"I know you have a beautiful dream and you're a romantic, but have you really thought about our future? Do you think your home is by the sea? Have you spared a thought for me?"
—Ah Xiang upset with Ah Song[src]

Ah Xiang (Chinese: 阿香; pinyin: Āxiāng) was the girlfriend of Ah Song. They began dating after meeting at school. She supported his dreams of being an artist. Ah Xiang broke up with Ah Song on the beach of a small fishing Village, due to tensions over their future. They reunited on the same beach several months later when Ah Xiang returned to him.


Young adulthood[]

Ah Xiang attended the same school as Ah Song, whom she eventually began dating. She was also the president of her class.[1] Ah Xiang supported Ah Song's dreams of becoming an artist and studying in Italy, when he lost confidence. Tensions began to brew between the couple, perhaps because of her "magnanimity" towards him. It culminated while they were on vacation at a fishing village when Ah Song voiced his wishes to stay there. Ah Xiang broke up with him, feeling that he was not thinking of their future. Additionally, she felt stressed about having to support her family. Some months after the break up, Ah Xiang returned to the village. She found Ah Song at the same beach where she had broken up with him and jumped into his arms. They then held each other for a long time.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Ah Xiang was an attractive young girl, who bore a passing resemblance to Shan Cai. She had long, dark hair, which she parted to the right. Ah Xiang was shown wearing casual clothing suitable for the beach, such as skirts, capri pants, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Personality and traits[]

Ah Song described Ah Xiang to Shan Cai, whom he felt resembled her in personality. He told her that Ah Xian was a person with a "strong sense of justice" and someone who "works with a drive." She would also scold Ah Song by hitting him whenever he did something wrong. Ah Xiang was also one of the few people to support Ah Song's dreams and admire him as an artist. However, her generosity towards him caused them as a couple to drift apart. She left him over his "unrealistic" thinking of their future, but eventually returned to him.


Ah (阿) is a prefix added to a person's surname, monosyllabic names, or the last character of a given name to indicate familiarity.[3][4] Xiang (香) is borrowed from the second character of her manga counterpart. It means "fragrant" or "fragrance."[5]

Behind the scenes[]

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