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"Shan Cai, you'll regret being so stubborn. Be realistic. If you love someone, you should solve the problems. If you can't bear to give him up, you will have to persevere."
—Song encourages Shan Cai to pursue love.[src]

Ah Song (Chinese: 阿松; pinyin: Āsōng) was an artist and diver. He was the boyfriend of Ah Xiang, until they broke up while on vacation. Song waited for her to return in a small fishing town, where he later befriended Dong Shan Cai.


Song and his girlfriend Ah Xiang attended the same school, where she was the president of their class. The couple later went on vacation to the beach of a fishing village. They began arguing about the future, which ended in Xiang leaving him there. He remained in the town to wait for her. Song rented a room and began working part-time at a restaurant.[1]

At his job, Song met his co-worker Dong Shan Cai. She told him that they had met the previous night, though he was drunk at the time and forgot the encounter. Shan Cai reminded him strongly of Xiang, while she was also in a similar situation to himself. They became friends, despite his prying questions into her personal life. He often encouraged her to go after the person she loved.[2] Before Shan Cai left for Taipei, Song had her promise him that she would be happy, "whether or not [she] end[ed] up with [her] boyfriend." Shortly later, Xiang returned to Song.[1]

Physical appearance

He was a generally good-looking guy with short black hair and dark brown, almond-shaped eyes. His skin was tanned, most likely due to his proximity to the beach. He wore simple clothes, such as t-shirts, to his job. Song also often wore a white wristband.

Personality and traits

Song was mostly happy-go-lucky and had a hopeful attitude towards life. These traits caused him to be unrealistic about his future, which worried his girlfriend and eventually caused them to break up. He believed deeply in love and trusted that Ah Xiang would return to him. Song was also an artist and enjoyed living by the beach, so he could go diving.

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