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"Shan Cai, you'll regret being so stubborn. Be realistic. If you love someone, you should solve the problems. If you can't bear to give him up, you will have to persevere."
—Ah Song encourages Shan Cai to pursue love[src]

Ah Song (Chinese: 阿松; pinyin: Āsōng) was an artist, diver, and the boyfriend of Ah Xiang. Ah Song began to doubt his dreams of becoming an artist, which led to an argument with Ah Xiang while on vacation. She broke up with Ah Song, who remained in the small fishing village to wait for her. There he later met Dong Shan Cai.


Young adulthood[]


Ah Song reunites with Ah Xiang

"A year ago, I began to doubt my own abilities. I lost all my courage to be creative. Ah Xiang gave me a lot of encouragement, but her magnanimity resulted in tension between us. Perhaps that was when I began to be unrealistic. I wanted to avoid pressure from her. Consequently, she left me..."
—Ah Song confides in Shan Cai[src]

Ah Song met Ah Xiang while attending the same school, where she was the president of their class. Despite scolding him often, they began dating at some point. Being an artist, Ah Song had dreams of going to Italy to "learn from the great masters." Ah Xiang supported his dreams even after he lost confidence. Her generosity towards him led to tension between the couple. He felt pressure from her, causing him to be more laidback. One day, while on vacation at a fishing village, Ah Song mentioned staying there which led to an argument with Ah Xiang about their future. She then left him at the beach. Ah Song decided to remain in the village in hopes that Ah Xiang would return for him. He rented a room and began working part-time at a restaurant, while continuing to work on his art.[1]

Some months later, Ah Song came across Dong Shan Cai while he was diving while drunk. He attempted to kiss her, mistaking her for Ah Xiang. The next day, he met her again when she became his new co-worker. Ah Song had forgotten their previous encounter. He nearly immediately annoyed Shan Cai at first due to his laidback ways. Ah Song asked prying questions about her relationship with Dao Ming Si, which caused Shan Cai to snap at him since they had broken up.[2] Later, he confided in Shan Cai about Ah Xiang, resulting in them becoming friends. That night, Ah Song showed one of his art pieces to her. Before Shan Cai left for Taipei, Ah Song had her promise him that she would be happy even if she did not end up with Si. He then went to the beach, where he finally reunited with Ah Xiang.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Ah Song was a generally good-looking guy with short black hair and dark brown, almond-shaped eyes. His skin appeared to be tanned, possibly due to his proximity to the beach. He wore simple clothes, such as t-shirts, to his job. Ah Song also often wore a white wristband.

Personality and traits[]

Ah Song was a mostly happy-go-lucky type of person who had a hopeful attitude towards life. These traits caused others to view him as eccentric. Ah Song was an artist but had lost confidence in himself. His girlfriend continued support only made him feel pressured. He began talking unrealistically, which eventually caused Ah Xiang to break up with him. Nevertheless, Ah Song had a strong faith in their love and trusted that Ah Xiang would return to him one day. Song also enjoyed living by the beach so he could go diving as often as possible.


Ah (阿) is a prefix added to a surname, monosyllabic names, or the last character of a given name usually to indicate familiarity.[4][5] Song (松) is the first character in his manga counterpart's given name. It means "pine tree."[6]

Behind the scenes[]

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