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Ah Shu: "F4? Big deal! You think everybody is afraid of you? Not me!"
F4: "Do you know who you're talking to?"
— Ah Shu makes a fatal mistake[src]

Ah Shu (Chinese: 阿樹; pinyin: Āshù) was a former student at Ying De Academy. He was one of few people to stand up to the F4. As a result, he received a red card and was by bullied by his classmates. Ah Shu ultimately decided to leave Ying De and returned only to receive his belongings.


Ah Shu studied at Ying De Academy, where he was in the same class as Dong Shan Cai. At some point, he stood up to the F4 saying "You think everybody is afraid of you? Not me!" Dao Ming Si replied "Do you know who you're talking to?" Ah Shu subsequently was given a red card. He was bullied and ostracized by the other students and only lasted a week, before deciding to quit Ying De. He briefly returned to retrieve his belongings. His professor gave him advice on his way out, advising Ah Shu to not be a "black sheep" from then on. He left without replying.[1]

Physical appearance

Ah Shu's notable feature was his shoulder-length, black hair. His overall features could be considered average or normal. He was seen wearing plain, comfortable clothes and last seen wearing all black, likely a sign of his downtrodden mood.

Personality and traits

He had enough courage to stand up to the F4 in the first place, but not enough to continue fighting like Shan Cai for example. Ah Shu was unprepared to face the bullying that came with receiving the F4's red card. When he briefly returned to Ying De, his spirit appeared to be utterly crushed. He also gave off a despondent air and was completely silent during his final moments at the school, not saying goodbye to his classmates or teacher.

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