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Ah Shu: "F4? Big deal! You think everybody is afraid of you? Not me!"
F4: "Do you know who you're talking to?"
— Ah Shu makes a fatal mistake[src]

Ah Shu (Chinese: 阿樹; pinyin: Āshù) was a former student at Ying De Academy. He was one of the few people to stand up to the F4, the school's ruling clique. As a result, Ah Shu received a red card from the F4 and was by bullied by his classmates. Ah Shu ultimately decided to drop out of Ying De Academy and returned briefly to retrieve his belongings.


Ah Shu studied at Ying De Academy, a college for the upper-crust of society. He was a classmate of Dong Shan Cai. Before winter break in 2001, Ah Shu stood up to the F4 saying "You think everybody is afraid of you? Not me!" Dao Ming Si replied "Do you know who you're talking to?" Ah Shu was subsequently given a red card, which the F4 gave to whoever oppose or angered them. He was bullied and ostracized by the other students. Ah Shu only lasted a week, before deciding to drop out of Ying De. He briefly returned after winter break to retrieve the rest of his belongings. His professor gave him advice on his way out, advising Ah Shu to not be a "black sheep" from then on. He left without replying to him.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Ah Shu had straight black hair, which was shoulder-length. His overall features could be considered average or normal. He was seen wearing plain, comfortable clothes and last seen wearing all black, likely a sign of his downtrodden mood.

Personality and traits[]

Ah Shu had enough courage to stand up to the F4 in the first place, but not enough to continue fighting like Shan Cai for example. He was unprepared to face the bullying that came with receiving the F4's red card. When he briefly returned to Ying De, his spirit appeared to be utterly crushed. He gave off a despondent air and was completely silent during his final moments at the school, not saying goodbye to his classmates or teacher.


Ah (阿) is a prefix used in front of someone's surname or monosyllabic names to express familiarity. Otherwise, the character can mean "mountain," "waterside," "nearby," "to flatter," etc. [2][3] Shu (樹) is one of the same characters used in his manga counterpart's name. It means "tree," "to plant," or "to establish."[4]

Behind the scenes[]


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